Wonder Washer Washing Machine Review By SashaMoniqueTalks

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kimye65 says:

Hi Sasha! Great review! That’s a cute washing machine and it cleans so well. I never saw it before. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

Rosie Rose says:

oh my goodness, that is just the cutest washing machine I had ever seen! I want one lol. Good review Sasha. Take care, Rosie

Its A Sweet Life Unicorn says:

These little washing machines you find are so cute

Eric Martin says:

Hello and thanks for the great and informative review. Have you tried rinsing the clothes in the machine with clean water and no detergent? Thanks

slimchelle says:

thanks I e mailed u back

Cruella Ursula says:

That load needs more water! I have one and I know that you can’t fill it with too moch water. I would’ve done either one less garment in there or have added a little more water.

slimchelle says:

Check your e mail

pony plushies says:

I can’t here you!

Sally Button says:

Hi my lovely, how are you? Hope your new year is going well, can’t believe it’s February already. I. Ok apart from a nasty infection by the side of my big toe, I’m trying to treat it by using salt water & vinegar soaks, the doctor will be the last resort lol. I absolutely love this little washer gadget, reminds me of an over-sized liquidiser. I always said to myself if I’m ever in a tiny one room apartment I would get a sink top washer just for the novelty tbh. I would probably get one that spins as sometimes it’s tough to get washing dry, especially in the winter. Very cold in my part of the UK at the moment with gusting winds, going to be even colder next week apparently with probably more snow, hope your weather is better. Take care my friend X

Eric Martin says:

Great review, thanks! I’m thinking of getting it.

slimchelle says:

Check your e mail again when u have time

QueenBee. Breezy22Vlog Diary says:

Great review

jaykay18 says:

That’s really cool! I’ve seen very small washing machines like that before, but never have I seen them actually stop and switch direction like that. Looks like it cleans really well. And I have that detergent!

vabreeze says:

Hi Sasha! This was a great review. I had never seen a portable washing machine before. I would LOVE to have one just for washing my bras, panty hose and knee-hi’s– things I HATE to wash by hand! I may be in the market for such a purchase. Thanks!

slimchelle says:

I’ve just e mailed you to tell you something else sis

Michelle Moua says:

Will it was heavy clothes such as jeans, towels or jackets?

slimchelle says:

That’s too cute never saw one like that before it still looks nice for two years old yep does looks like a toy, giving likes and dislike no spin , so bascilly its good for baby clothes ,under clothes and socks ,not pants unless its one pair at a time I could have that I’ll be all night washing clothes nice review tfs

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