Wonder Wash and Mini Spinner Review – Go Green With Your Laundry

Wonder Wash – http://amzn.to/2rNP3EI
Mini Spinner — http://amzn.to/2qMzj6I
Both! COMBO – http://amzn.to/2qe4qp1

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Mark Coleman says:

had to throw the washer away. nobody could get the lid of. threw away the dryer as it leaked

Lind95 MG says:

This thing is more work than using an old fashion scrub broad .

Angie toots says:

Thanks for the really helpful Video…I’ve been thinking of buying the washer but didn’t know if it worked..You saved me a lot of angst about throwing money away. It looks like it would fill my needs perfectly.

Stefanie Crabb says:

THANK YOU!!! I love that you did a cut to the chase demo! Also you were very thorough. Due to the lack of agitator I am assuming that these wonderful little machines are great with fabric textures of all kinds, what about fading? Do you have to use only hot water for the wonder wash to work?

Arnav Kumar says:

Good ol’ fidget spinner …

Maloy7800 says:

You want to save the planet but you recommend a plastic product made in China? A product that was made using the dirtiest processes, shipped to you over 10,000 miles by the cheapest ships burning cheapest fuel, then driven to Amazon warehouse from Los-Angeles by huge 18-wheeler trucks, then flown by Amazon to your city, then driven to you by a delivery van. I wonder what you were reading. The Gospel of Al Gore?

alvarez8282 says:


john barto says:

also if you have a good fan point it toward hanging clothes and they will dry even quicker especially in summer time

Kevin says:

How does this compare to yirego? How much for the two?

Maria Rivera says:


Billy Lzer says:

1800’s all over again

NYCBear114 says:

Thanks I’m getting one.

Peyton Newman says:

Will definitely grab me one of these! Im moving into a one bedroom apartment next month and there are no washer or dryer hookups so Im planning on just using one of these and then hanging my clothes to dry

Rickki Johns says:

“Super, super, super, good looking guy!”

ian kleinschmidt says:

Dude, a conventional washing machine can easily do 5kg of laundry at a time with far less water, i promise you. It will have cycles for different types of clothes, it will dry them and the price of energy is next to nothing. I really don’t see the point, other than advertising just another “wonder”…

ma boy says:

Help me…Which is better?This Laundry Pod(basically large salad spinner) or Wonder Wash?

Mitchell Fawcett says:

How is this with heavier garments? Jeans, dress pants, dress shirts? Thanks!

amuTVated says:

I got tired watching it.

Nisa Carla Smith says:

Jes so dam cute…thx been lookn for all my off grid options. i know tge washer wondered about the dang spin option and dryer.

Stu Art says:

too fucking lazy to wash by hand but lazy enough to wash by hand. wow.

Getfit Gar says:

Awesome gym clothes

Squatting Squirrel says:

Just got this on Amazon for under $200 bucks for both …..very good deal

Demour Rosenberger says:

thanks i was think about get these two items.

Katia Tannus says:

can you wash your bed sheets in it?

Matthew Wade says:

great video and demonstration. you got a subscriber

07ginger07 says:

Doesn’t the spin dryer need to be plugged in to electricity? I am sure it uses much less electricity then the spin dryer though. Great way to do laundry– thanks for sharing this info!

Kanari Mentos says:

good video but stupid ideal

Danielle Notaro says:

Does the dryer work on batteries?

Doug Harker says:

ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY ?? THAT SHIT IS NOT CLEAN DUMB ASS !!!!! WASH THE SHIT !!!!!!!!!!! that is bull shit 1111

Tahir Rana says:

Global warming is a Jewish hoax, just like Nukes and fake terrorist. General Pike’s Vision and Greater Israhell project, enslaving the world with the destruction of Christians washing dirty clothes by hand!!!!

Sheri Benjegerdes says:


yoo toob says:

This video popped up and I thought I’d sound off: Dear inventors: I daydream of a drum attachment for an exercise bike or regular bike with the rear wheel detached. Something for washing that will also perform a spin cycle.

I did buy a Wonder Wash, but not the spinner.

planetmango says:

Yep, right up to when you need to wash/dry sheets or towels, heavy sweatshirts, etc. Pretty limited usefulness. For $100 I can buy a used washing machine and just use cold water. Last thing I want to do is wash a few things every single day.

hulmil says:

oh please toy cloth washer no thanks..

Mamoru Daichi says:

You can literally DIY this for less

Josef Roesler says:

6 minutes, compare that. You mean to doing a full load of clothes? So you need to do your 6 minute routine at least 10 more times to get all the clothes a comparable load of laundry would hold, now you’re up to an hour just for washing. Plus you are not getting nearly the quality of wash you get with an electric machine. And you didn’t do any bulky clothes, probably because they won’t fit.

thaibu says:

A competitor product to this claims one can do your dry cleaning in it with use of a moistened pad.

Total Control says:

Time is money young man. Buy that thing and you’ll spend the rest of your life washing clothes

Catherine Albrecht says:

I own both of these products and find them to be very, very efficient. I live alone in a very small apartment and really enjoy doing laundry in this way. It’s actually rather therapeutic and satisfying to be in the privacy of my own apartment doing laundry and not having to schlep down to the dark and lonely basement. LOL. Thank you so much for making this video and for doing such a great job at explaining how everything works. All the best.

Trenzinho da Alegria says:

The Mini Spinner was cool but the Wonder Wash seemed quite primitive considering the fact that we could have an ultrasonic cleaning device for clothes (one for large amounts of clothing, not the tiny ones).

Jodie Cooper says:

Considering you can’t wash large items or very much at a time, I’ll keep my washer and dryer. I’d rather not spend all my time spinning this thing. Plus, I don’t feel like that really cleans your clothes.

Mary Lahti says:

Thank you soooo much for this demo.  It was hard to visualize to see if doable.  Much appreciated.

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