Whirlpool Cabrio Washer review

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Second job says:

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Amanda Phillips says:

I have this washer I’m not pleased

terbows says:

I am an engineer and will NOT purchase a Whirlpool washer again.   I purchased the Cabrio set and the washer lid is extremely poorly designed.   The tension is too severe against the hinge and the glass top causing the plastic surrounding lid to crack.   This in turn will worsen and cause the safety lock to not engage…..thus, you will not be able to run the machine.   Whirlpool is not standing behind this engineer flaw and wants customers to pay $250-$300 to replace the lid.   It will only crack again, in time.   Thus, very disappointed in Whirlpool….shame on them for not standing behind a design flaw.

butterification says:

what’s up with the blue gloves when doing laundry?

Second job says:

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doublel05 says:

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Rodney Jones says:

lovely products

Second job says:


Second job says:

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Second job says:

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Jason Zook says:

We built our house 5 years ago and bought all whirlpool gold”shit” appliances. Waher, dryer, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and fridge. What a mistake!!! Never ever in my life will I own a Whirlpool or subsidiary of this company again. Within 4 years the drawer on the fridge broke and the handle/front of it fell off. The stove constantly has to be reset by the breaker or unplugging it every time we need to use it. The clothes washer has knocked a hole in the wall Due to the transmission failing and causing an out of balance. As well as the main circuit board software failing and not performing the cycles properly. It forgets the final spin cycle half the time. For the price of these units I would expect that they last more than 4 years. I still have a working 15 year old washer in my shop to wash rags with. It does not move, shake or make the noise this new He washing machine does. Beware the whirlpool website makes it appear that the warranty will cover drive components for 5 years, but they do not! One year period! DO NOT BUY!!!


I purchased this exact machine and I HATE it. I don’t know why I went back to a top loader. This is garbage. After 1.5 years, I’m DONE!!! I will be purchasing something new on Black Friday next week.
I will try to sell this machine for a low price

Filthy Criminal says:

I love this washer everyones just hating on it cause the water doesn’t go higher than their clothes, well duhh HE washers don’t use a lot of water. As long as it washes your clothes good you’re fine, which it does.

joe hernandez says:

Hmmmm. Glad you are enjoying your washer because our same machine is a piece of sh%@! I would not wish this piece of junk on anyone. Clothes get watted up even with small loads. Not all the time, but it happens enough that I would not recommend this washer to anyone.

Second job says:


Second job says:

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beebee says:

I purchased the Cabrio washer and dryer a year ago and really wish i hadn’t.

First off no matter what setting you have it on the water will never ever rise above your cloths, even on deep settings. The only cloths that get agitated are the items directly on the bottom. Infact alot of times there are some clothing items that dont even get wet at all.

I’ve watched an entire cycle and all the washer does is pour soapy water on your cloths. Then it makes this horrible spinning sound ,it sounds like someones car is stuck and they keep pumping the gas in hopes to catch traction.

So you site there looking at your cloths half submerged in water quivering not getting clean at all. The only thing the washer does well is spinning the water out of the cloths, probably because most of the cloths barley get wet to begin with.

If you have kids than these washers deffinately are not for you. The Cabrio wont even remove the lightest stain and often leaves lint and soap residue all over your cloths especially on solid black cloths.

An example of how bad the Cabrio washer washes cloths is, i wear glasses and often use my shirt to wipe the lenses clean. I can no longer get my lenses clean with my shirts….you know why?

Because the Cabrio washer is so shitty it the oils from my body stay in the cloths even after washing them, i kid you not. Trying to clean my lenses actually makes them dirtier. My kids play soccer and i literally have to use the spray hose and spray crap out them to get the dirt out because the Cabrio washer suck that bad.

Take my advise and get a washer that is old school with a agitator in the middle or a washer that is side loading and tumbles the cloths like a dryer, those work best because ive found out the soap gets pounded into the cloaths and actually CLEANS THEM !!!

The only person i would advise getting a Cabrio washer That particular model… is young professionals who’s cloths are harldly soiled and like having linty dark cloths.

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