What Cleans Better? Washers with an Agitator vs No Agitator

Keith explains what the agitator does in a washing machine compared to washers with no agitator. He talks about the differences and the pros and cons of them.

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Bama Biker BBQ says:

I’ll take a front load over an agitator but will not use a non agitator machine

project Cencal says:

Bought a newer washer and dryer washer has no agitator. Horrible design. Clothes dont get clean and they stink like shit after a wash. Went back to old school agitator washer.

Beverly Kennedy says:

Well thank you for your offer but I only have room in my house for the washer I’ve got . Like I’ve said before I love it . My clothes come out clean not at all tangled . I use the bulky level for water it fills the machine up full . I’ve washed comforters with no problem what so ever. Like I said GainHE detergent smells like heaven cleans like hell do a little tweaking here and there and you have a great product still love ma washer .

Rick Myres says:

What is wrong with a video SHOWING one in action with no agitator? With no demonstration that is waste of time. Just drop that idea and go with the agitator.

nikos weird says:

In Greece we have front load washers and top load washers which are with a drum and tumble the clothes like the front load ones…. I wanted to ask somebody..
Do The top load washers with agitator wash the clothes properly??

little lady says:

Interesting. Sounds the like the features are really based on lifestyle.

Kevin D says:

Over the past couple of years, I have used all three types. The cycle time is considerably longer, but I found the front loader gave the cleanest results. The agitator and pulsator type both washed equally well, but the pulsator type caused my clothes to knot together, and I would often end up with a ball of wet washing to be untangled, especially long sleeve shirts.

Jeffrey Tidwell says:

I’ve had way too many people complain about their top loaders without an agitator. Most people said basically the same thing; you have to load your clothes just so if you want it to wash. I will keep my top loader with an agitator so I can keep loading as many clothes any way I wish.

Derek D says:

Huh. Cool, thanks.

Marilla B says:

No agitator in top loading machine only twists the clothes together … not a good choice, more trouble to untwist clothing.

Paolo Bressan says:

This is a perfect example of how manufacturers try to sell us on different technology but the truth is that pulse is utterly useless.
Like almost all the comments here the agitate type is a far better way to clean clothes. We as consumers just have to stop getting suck in by shiny things and buy the plain white top load that have basic functions and we will be rewarded with clean and sanitary clothing.
After all the guy even said he has to use a machine with an agitator or he won’t get clean clothes

Amy Sutton says:

I hate the pulsator! I miss my old agitator machine so much.

Hella Good says:

Want a REAL washing machine? Get a Speed Queen made BEFORE 2018. Problem solved.

Lyndee Day says:

Water cleans cloths, that is why the new HE machines DO NOT clean so well. WE ALL HATE THE NEW HE MACHINES!

Julian Fleming says:

Agitator very good for heavy and soiled clothes that other thing is good for clothing that’s slightly dirty and small

elias morales says:

this is a very basic explanation of the differences between the two styles with a 2 sec mention of a front loader. i’ve sold appliances for the last 5 years and this video would have been good back then but now the truth is nearly all agitator models are HE (including the units in the video”. a better video would have been explaining the difference between he and non he. most of the time people see an agitator model and think it is a “conventional” (non-he). that is the salesperson mistake for not clarifying the difference. I see more complaints and returns when the customer are not fully aware of the limitations and directions of using their new machine. btw it is not a “vibrator” it is an impeller

Canis Lupus says:

Pulsator, agitator neither works because the new washer use so little water that half of the clothing is not even submerged in water!!! New technology – shitty job! What happened to “keep it simple stupid” principle????

Ishkabibble says:

new junk !! I won’t buy a washer with a lid lock or that auto sensing crap. Trying to make a better mousetrap….

Scott Angermeier says:

They both do the same thing besides it’s mostly the water and detergent that cleans the clothes. We have a portable apt. Size washer with no agitator works good although i wish i knew it was he. Before i bought it.it only fills half way with water so we fill it the rest of the way with a hose. Midea brand. I wouldn’t want a front load washer i would worry about it leaking around the seal on the door eventually.

Karly J says:

Top loader with agitator for the win

Luis Zian says:

Front load over any washer I don’t need my clothes damaged.

Jason Greek says:

my shirts never had deodorant and sweat stains until we switched to a front load machine.

Comp Wiz2007 says:

Nah, I bought a low water use with that little disc at the bottom… Had to use a tide pod looking cleaning thing once a month or close don’t get as clean and they don’t smell as good. Got rid of that POS after a year and bought an older refurbished washing machine NOT low water use and with agitator and have much better clean clothes. The washing machine I had before going to the low water usage model lasted 22 years, I wish I would have just got the motor replaced. My friend had a low use washing machine, it lasted 3 years and he hated the thing.

MirtheN Emrys says:

So guess i am one of the few in a large crowd of people who actually like the newer ones with no agitator. I have an LG i purchased almost a year ago, and compared to the tried and true agitator machine i had before, i have had far fewer problems with this new machine far as the clothes go. i purchased the agitator ones used/refurb many years ago, and they were already 20 years old when i got them. Mechanically they were great, dont get me wrong there. Just smaller then what i wanted for my family use. Also the dryer had seem much better days. had already replaced the main motor in that, the drum was getting worn in a few places, seals were bad, so on… just needed a good bit of work. so i got a matching set of LG. The main deciding factor for me was the increase to capacity over the agitator models. Less space being use by the machine basically. I have had ZERO problems with this washer. Cleans clothes better then my old agitator model did.

Now i am not the type of person who does a lot of ‘special’ things when washing… i sort color/white/delicates/bedding… thats it. i dump the clothes in, add soap and softener(bleach for whites)… nothing else. i dont pretreat, special soak, whatever. take em out and dry em in the dryer. Not once did i have a knot of clothes come out. i can pack it full to the top, or just a few items. it senses how much water is needed so there is little waste. WIth my old machine i would forget to change the water level now and then, either end up with not enough to wash, or wasting water with too much. I also had a ton of times where clothes would get caught on the agitator, sometimes knotting around it with other things(wifes bras were notorious for this).

of course both of these are far better then how my grandmother washed my clothes when i was a teenager in the 90s… the old 2 laundry tub with the washer having the wringer on top…. that thing destroyed printed tshirts….

Sangeeth S says:


DesecratedReaper says:

You guys just need to wash your clothes more often and not let it pile up for a week or two then complain the HE machine can’t clean it propey

William Taylor says:

If you’re going to get a top loader, get the agitator. We have the pulsator and it is absolutely worthless.

Matthew Bassler says:

I have a GE washee,no agitator and the clothes come out very clean,plus with the new technology it doesn’t use much water,I definitely like it

TeacherTeacher says:

All I know is that agitators (have had one in every rental) wear your clothes out, can cause little holes, and causes pilling.

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