WATCH THIS Before You Buy A New Speed Queen Washer

This is a side by side comparison of the new speed queen vs. the previous generation. This test was for wash performance. Ketchup stained towel.

Review from Consumer Reports: Buy a Tee Shirt:


Daniel Thibodeau says:

extremely satisfied with my new 2018 speed queen, as good as my old Maytag, maybe even better

MrScottie68 says:

Do you know if the Speed Queen LWN432 is a good machine? Unfortunately I cannot find a AWN432 anywhere and from what I’ve been hearing the 2018 Speed Queen TR models are horrible.

C Noriega says:

Your towel looks like evidence to a crime scene

Charles Wallace says:

My thing is who the hell smears a shot glass full of ketchup on towles use a better test that is believable like some wine on a blanket or hotsause on a t-shirt or grass on some base ball pants. Cuz in 6his case I think this whole entire test was to make the 2018 speed queen fail

BroccoliQueefed says:

Speed Queen is moded again. LOL! These corporations think people are stupid.

whitey george says:

Idiot why would stain white towels with red dye is almost impossible to remove ,that needs specialist knowledge.NOBODY DOES A WASH LIKE THAT at my laundromat. THey ALWAYS CRAM THEM FULL TO MAXIMUM CAPACITY. IE TO THE TOP OF THE AGITATOR.

Scott Krause says:

As a homeowner looking to buy a new washing machine, what are my best options (assuming I’m unable to find a 2017 SQ)?

Chris says:

This guy is a idiot who lost his right to sell speed queen so now he is bashing them don’t listen to his lies and negative propaganda.

Paul Sthormes says:

Just bought the older model Speed Queen but I think even the new one is better than the junk that’s out there

Smurdle450 says:

Here’s a little tidbit. Consumer reports just rated the 2018 speed queen for stain removal, and it got a “poor”. Keep in mind that the 2017 model got a “very good” in washing performance.

Mrs. Chocolate Brown Girl says:

If you would’ve used bleach or something… it would’ve come out clean.

ginger herman says:

I have boughten a new washer every 3 yrs cuz they all have issues or break. They don’t make em like they use to. I’m so frustrated with washing machines.

craycrayboutcoupons craycrayboutcoupons says:

I purchased a 2018 TR5 Speed Queen last week and my clothes do not get clean at all and this video backs up what i thought. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to take it back to appliance store i got it from, SQ should be ashamed of themselves for putting out such a poorly built product!!!

f23948 says:

2018 Speed Queen is absolutely garbage washing machine!

toofrs1 says:

This test might be Flawed. It looks like your washing a Small/Med Load on a Large Load setting which as you mentioned the 2018 model had More water in it. Well, MORE water would allow the items to Float around more and Away from the Agitator and dissolve more of the soap which is made to do the cleaning of the clothes items. Less might be More in this case. Try it with less water and for the correct sized load and see what you get. ALSO, It appears the 17 model Agitator is of a more Aggressive style then the 18 model. Can you switch/trade those to see if that makes a difference as well? It might.

Judy L says:

Thank you. I have been looking for a 2017 very hard to find

50hellkat2 says:

Great review. I love my 2017.

Christopher Coffin says:

Glad you’ve posted this as I was going to buy a new speed queen but won’t now !

Trucker Mississippi Reject says:

My GE top loader washes better than this. And it’s got an agitator.

Völl Däpp says:

Folks please just buy a modern tumbler washer.
Its 2018, you know, not 1958 anymore.

Richard Kinch says:

What changed mechanically between 2017 and 2018 models? Sounds like the classic V-belt/transmission/AC-motor mechanism was 2017, and in 2018 they went with a serpentine belt with digital motor? Is there a horsepower difference? It wish you had included some video of the guts like in your other clips.

To be scientific, you’d have to run a baseline control of an old hag beating those towels on a rock with lye soap on the shores of the Mississippi river. Or maybe the Ohio river in your case.

Why didn’t you swap the loads an run them a second time in the opposite machines? Did that perhaps not give an equalized differential result? Hmmmm.

Anthony Stokes says:

At least you give me a good chuckle!! Keep those tin hats on!! lol

Christopher Ramjattan says:

HA this machine is a joke , honestly speaking at my trucking company that i drive for they have Speed Queen machines in their drivers laundry area that are from the late 90s that wash and dry clothes 100 times better than the new 2018 models they have now. Seriously if it works why mess with a good thing , First Whirlpool Then GE now Speed Queen what the hell. Technology doesn’t make everything better especially when it comes to washers and dryers …will miss the old workhorse machines because they claim the new stuff does it better BULLSHIT.

PAballoonists says:

Great Video! I think that across the board washers have declined in performance and certainly in quality! SQ needs to go back to the 2017 mechanism and software, that’s pretty obvious! Hopefully their longevity is still there…

Digi PixSA says:

How did you manage to trick the door lock? I just bought the 2018 since everything else on the market doesn’t add any water to the tub, I wanted to see it in action. How did you over-ride the closed door mechanism? Thanks for the great video!

bshomb says:

After seeing this video (and reading about the aftermath) and the Consumer Reports one, this company doesn’t seem to get how to do PR. They oust a champion of their brand rather than treat him like an asset. And the CR response was just dismissive. Maytag Commercial it is.

whitey george says:

You are using the wrong detergent a good detergent SHOULD REMOVE THE MARKER PEN TOO.

Michael Warner says:

How much did Maytag pay you for the videos?

Yeet Fam Dab No Chill Savage Bruh Squad Goals says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. You’re helping out a ton of people

Amber & Cale McKinney says:

on the 2017, you can hold the load size selector knob over to reset and it will fill to the other holes-full fill

scott l says:

I expected SQ to pay the Russians to jack your video to make 2018 the winner.

BLuEIVIatr1x says:

A self soiled towel for wash performance? LOL this guy is a joke. Get some AHAM wash swatches and detergent and do an actual scientific study, joker. Don’t review stuff you know nothing about.

Daniel Le says:

so why the 2017 clean better?

1NC4stroker says:

Realistically, what kind of test is 2oz of ketchup? That’s what paper towels are for. If I had a towel with that much ketchup on it, I’d throw it out. I get the idea of extreme testing, but is this really representative of normal household laundry?

Anthony Stokes says:

Who rubs ketchup into their white towels? I too sell Speed Queen and have done comparisons and found the new TR models clean my laundry just fine. I also operate a towing service and I have some highly soiled work clothes and I am very satisfied.

MrScottie68 says:

Thanks for the offer! However a small appliance center about 30 min from my house had three AWN432SP models in stock and I grabbed one on Friday.

Ante Pavelić says:

new electronic junk!!!

Lorain Furniture says:

Just in case you dont believe me. Here is Consumer Reports’ review:

Horned Toad says:

This is very disappointing. I’m so glad that I have one of the older SQ models with a transmission. If I had to buy a new top loader today, I’m sorry to say that SQ would no longer
be my first choice.

Anthony Stokes says:

I remember when Harley put alternators on their engines and I heard the same BS as all of you Conspiracy Queens are putting out on the new TR Speed Queens

Kimberley Tui says:

Your right!

Lorain Furniture says:

Here is the review from Consumer Reports:

Marvin Elder says:

What did you expect given the nature of the stain. Hard for any machine to get it perfectly clean.  Anybody who puts a stained garment to wash is going to pretreat with stain remover. You can’t always depend on the machine alone.

denise fortin says:

you are absolutly right, i have a 2017 Speed Queen with no electronics buttons and I just love it. Thanks for your video.  When I bought mine i saw the one with all the electronics buttons etc etc and I told myself…No…not for me.  So I took the old model.  Thank God i did.

Cruella Ursula says:

I am so glad that I got a 2017 9 series Speed Queen last December. I sold my 2014/15 Whirlpool Cabrio to my brother and was sad to do it. I really enjoyed my Cabrio but did not need a 5.3 cubic foot tub for a family of 3. It took a lot of trial and error to finally get it right with the Cabrio. My laundry, that is! Lol! I’m really enjoying my 9 series though.

Pyung Lee says:

Thanks for the video. I was in the market for a Speed Queen top load but I am going with a Maytag Commercial top load after watching your reviews. I wish you were in PA so I could buy from you.

Dave Harrison says:

Thanks for the video. I’m an appliance contractor in MD, and my distributor had a 2017 model returned by a customer who refused it because it had a small dent in the left rear corner. He is selling it to me for an unbelievable discount! Glad I saw this video so I could see the comparison, and make an informed decision.

Kevin Garber says:

@Lorain Furniture – thanks for posting this. If you had to buy a brand new washer today in 2018, what would it be?

RafaTech says:

New washer machines are a piece of sh!+. Delicate electronics, sensitive circuits, very weak and bad washer techniques. HE(High Efficiency) is a fake.

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