Washing Machine GE Model GTW330ASK4WW Review | TERRIBLE Product!

Not pleased!!!! I purchased the GE Model GTW330ASK4WW Washing Machine this month. This review shows my first uses with this machine and why I called Lowe’s to check it. When the service people came out to inspect the washing machine, they told me it was defective and that I needed a swap out. Nine days later, Lowe’s delivered a second machine from the same line and model number. That video will deploy tomorrow.

For specs on this GE Model GTW330ASK4WW washing machine, go here: https://amzn.to/2FGqK6O

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My faithful Kenmore washing machine was 14 years old and stopped emptying water during the spin cycle. See my video asking for help: https://youtu.be/rC4ClUlKI_4

I attempted to repair the Kenmore washing machine series 80; the video may be seen here on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/3oTZLQbiFN4

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TRE57 Production says:

Thank u for your service lol

Míele SoftTronic says:

if you’re an appliance fanatic, or collector, like myself, with eight washer dryer combo’s, an autowasher and tumble dryer, then yes it’s compulsory to be able to check on the machine/load.

But then again, all my machines are freestandin’ frontloaders, ah wouldnae be caught dead with a toploader, twintub or integrated machine, as they don’t fit my requirements or likes.

With regards to load first or detergent/softener first, that’s why autowashers or washer dryers have rinse cycles, and most have the option of an extra rinse option, or in the case of some top of the range models an upto five or so extra rinses on top of the integrated rinses within the selectable cycles. It sounds like you”d’ve been better off with a reliable frontloader.

I would never wash bed or bath linen on anything lower than 50°C.

The noise of the machine in your vid is the pump running, I’d say the drainpipe to your outlet/standpipe is too low, therefore it’s siphoning the water straight out, as fast as it fills.

If you keep hold of this GE, try using the deep rinse option, see if that improves the level.

If you need help, there are plenty like me who can give further advice if you need it.

My recommendation, is buy a frontloader, they will give you what you need, without compromisin’ on wash performance even though they use less H2O than a toploader.

JayReal 504Muzik says:

Thanks for putting this video up, they really need to take this completely off of the market!

TRE57 Production says:

I was going to say there’s not enough water as soon as I heard that

WaldenSpawn says:

GE stock is WAY down so…they ain’t what they used to be. Sad, it was a great company in the past.

TRE57 Production says:

I always put the detergent in the machine first

MrWoodhoarder says:

I have to admit, I found it really funny right before you unplugged it, but after watching the whole video, I think I would’ve been tempted to take a hammer to it. I hope you find the answers in the manual to get it working right. Nothing worse than buying something, only to find it fails at the most basic task. Wish you luck.

TRE57 Production says:

That’s still a pretty fancy washer

TRE57 Production says:

And I wash all clothes in cold water. But my sheets and towels I wash hot

Steve Duval says:

Unfortunately they do sound like that, and they don’t use a lot of water. These are supposed to be high-efficiency machines. I think they are trading high-efficiency for the noise. There are a lot of YouTube video reviews on these kind of machines. I have a Maytag and it’s just as loud.

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