Washing Machine Buying Guide – MAYTAG MVWB765FW

A quick rundown on the MAYTAG MVWB765FW. Currently this is the largest washing machine with a dual action agitator.


Curtis Lee says:

its not direct drive…its belt drive

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

Nice fit and finish on that machine

Joan Hammond says:

SPEED QUEEN is ONLY machine that will allow you to do Deep Fill and select water temp. MAYTAG IS JUNK.

Sean H says:

JD, thank you for the review. I’m in the market for a new Maytag as my 20-year-old washer bit the dust today. I may just pick this up.

Anthony Capone says:

i like the washer. But all my undershirts get stuck around the agitator and so do towels. What is the problem. should I call maytag. it is only 3 months old.

JoeyPete says:

I just bought this set! Can’t wait to try it

petermazbabie says:

The washer looks great but although it says Maytag so you pay a little more, it’s actually 100% Whirlpool junk. Get a Speed Queen much better overhaul washer.

Ryan Demorest says:

Found it at Lowes Labor Day open box for $319. Score! Very happy so far washing newborn outfits with dreft, bedding, towels and my clothes. No issues after about 12 loads so far.

joe m says:

How hot does it heat the water?

f23948 says:

i love it!

tp thompsop says:

“Deep fill option. That’s going to negate that problem that *MOST PEOPLE HAVE* today with the washer not filling up with enough water”.

Uhhhh. The Deep fill option is NOT a fix for stupid software, misguided management, and idiots in sales and marketing. HEY MAYTAG!!!! Just give me a manual fill level option because obviously you don’t have a clue as to how to do it automatically. Your load sensor is crap and your water fill algorithm is dogshit. I can monitor the wash cycle through the transparent lid (fortunately). The cloths wiggle around but never get agitated and never get cleaned. They’re luck if they even get wet!!!! This is not rocket fucking science!! Just add water! Screw the water-efficiency rating and whoever pulled it out of their retentive anal cave.

My guess is that maytag’s “fix” will be to go back to a non-transparent lid. They figure “Sheesh. We went and let the dumb-ass customer see how crappy a job we do, and they just complain. We’ll fix ’em”

Joan Hammond says:

TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE Machine. Does NOT Deep Fill as described in Use & Care Guide. Does NOT RINSE soap from clothing. DON’T buy this machine. Soap clogs in dispenser.

Chris Tatum says:

4 washed and my won’t work . And of course Maytag customer service isn’t open on the weekend . Maybe a wash board and a ringer would be better . Not happy with this machine at all .

Wesley Ditchko says:

I can’t wait till this washer arrives tomorrow. This is my first top loader too.  I hope it lasts a long time. My old epic series front loader from maytag just died at age 11. Due to it won’t stop leaking. Even with the power off it just drips and fills the tub up with water

mark40511 says:

The hoses on my Duet front load are same age as the washer 12.5 yrs old. But I reach around and turn the hot/cold faucets off when I’m done doing laundry.

yambo59 says:

Looks ok, sure hope its better than most of the new HE machines, this is not the Maytag of yesterday quality wise.  Sadly appliances in general specifically washers have taken a steep dive in build quality in the last ten years or so.  I remember when Maytags used to last 20+ years, doubt any of them will last that long today.  Heres hoping yours give long and effective service.

Joan Hammond says:

Maytag cannot get this machine to work!! Won’t Deep Fill, Agitator fins not below water line. Oxi will not dispense during wash cycle. Maytag claims it is working AS DESIGNED.

Peter Macander says:


bshingledecker says:

Just bought at Home Depot. 900 for the SET with a veterans discount.  The matching dryer is a 7 cu ft .  Ill report back soon with a review.  Wont be delivered for a week. I am replacing a Maytag pair I bought in DEC 1987.  Yes. 87.  Clyde Ohio is 100 miles down the road from me too.  I hope this will perform as well as the last one.

RauhlDoesWork says:

Does this washer fill up all the way? We have one, however it’s not filling up like the previous washer we’ve had

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