Walmart Midea washing machine washer mae50 model review

A very nice washing machine, that is rather small in size but works very well for it size. I have had it for over 1.5 years and use it on average about 2.5 times a week. Do the math, about 200 times already. Has been totally reliable and no hick ups at all. Did come with a dent on the side, most likely walmart delivery issue. Doesn’t use a center agitator just jets on the drum which have done a great job so far and allow for more clothes to be washed at a time. Very compact indeed. about 22 by 20 inches square and 39 inches tall. I would not hesitate to buy this brand again since it has provided some great service so far. Hope you enjoy your washer and the video. thanks


FSAPO says:

If you have one of those Panda/Avanti/whatever dryers that are typically a 2.6 cu ft 9 lb capacity, I recommend this washer and not the 2.1 cu ft version. You want a good difference between the size of the washer and dryer so that the clothes in the dryer can freely tumble. Don’t wanna overload it.

USA Men & Asian Women says:

I got this one, but under the name of RCA, cheap at walmart, I think one company makes it and they just stamp other brand names on it, it’s a good little washer, about 1/2 a load, mine came with the hoses and faucet adapter and drain hose but I had to buy a longer hose and drain hose to extend it because what they give you is short, about 3 feet and I don’t have it right next to the sink. It’s 2.1 cubic feet, you wouldn’t want anything smaller than that. Don’t overload it, the water doesn’t fill all the way to the top so leave 2 or 3 inches from the top of the metal rim after you lightly pack it down, but it does do a good job cleaning, I just use the default settings and that seems to be the best.
One thing is the bottom, it isn’t metal, it’s open when you get it and they give you a piece of plastic to use a cover so when you get it remember the bottom is open down there, if you put it on a roller make sure the roller hits the edges of the washer and not go inside and damage something. I’m happy with it, was $235 at walmart. You need a 3.5 cubic feet or larger dryer, if you get a smaller dryer then you won’t be able to fit the whole load in at once.
Here’s a tip, when you are done and you turn off the water, if you have a sprayer on the side of your sink, release the pressure with that first before disconnecting the hose, otherwise if you don’t then you will have to hold a towel over it when you disconnect it because it will spray all over the place, I think most kitchen sinks have those sprayers now.

Choppini says:

Always looked at the expensive All-in-One washer/dryers, but they are at least $2200-2500.. + tax. Had no idea about these incredible portable washers! I live in a condo, older building, no in-unit laundry. A few weeks ago I saw a flyer from LondonDrugs, where the RCA 1.6 cu.ft RPW160 was on sale for $300. It has exactly the same display, same buttons, same exterior, same drum like the MIDEA, it’s just named “RCA”. I can not describe how happy I am with this purchase, now my laundry is really CLEAN again and it has also the right size for my needs. The pulsator at the bottom is so much better and quieter than the agitators of these regular terrible top-loaders. This little machine provides so many different options/settings, and it sooooo quiet! I can hardly hear it when I am a few meters away. Neighbors downstairs do not hear anything. The best of all is the extreme low energy consumption. I checked my BC Hydro account after every wash , there is almost no difference in my consumption, so it might – as predicted – cost me really only between 10-15$/year energy. No additional cost for hot water, it’s included in my strata fees. I put some homemade fleece sliders under the legs, so I can slide it on the hardwood floor just the 2 feet to the sink and back again, the fleece sliders make it most likely more quiet. The little wheels on the rear bottom are useless, almost scratched my floors. Made a nice cover for the machine with a board on top. It takes just a few minutes to get everything ready for doing laundry. Afterwards I keep the washer open for a few hours, then cover up and disguise again. People hardly notice the new, small “thing” in the kitchen. Too bad that I did not discover it years ago, this new ‘toy’ makes my life so much easier. By the way, I always rather ‘under’-load than ‘over’.

Tanya Briggs says:

I am wondering about the lint issue on the clothes. I have a smaller type (non-automatic) and my biggest issue prompting me to buy another is the horrible lint on clothes issue, (that and it not being auto fill and drain). It is hopeless to wash towels with mine cause your body and hair will have lint all over which makes me just take towels to laundrymat to get rid of the lint. I do use those floating lint traps…but it doesn’t work well enough.


A very important update! washer washed but does not spin or drain? was suggested check continuity on switch and pump for being clogged or not working. I found the pump has a external filter which can be cleaned and it was clogged with lint. it is black on my model and about 2 1/4 inches in diameter with a slit that works as a handle. I just unscrewed it and removed the lint, then reinstalled it. Looks like this a good idea every few to six months. Hope this helps and thanks

Amanda Miller says:

It looks like it barely agitates the clothes

Scott Angermeier says:

we just bought a midea 2.1 cu ft washer but it only fills half way on large cycle.

ShayJohns73 says:

I have a question I just purchased my Midea washer and it’s was working fine until I done my 3rd load of clothes which was 6 bath towels. I smelled something burning like melted plastic and the machine won’t spin. I don’t have an error message either. Can you help me out?

yogitunes says:

I got one of these off CL for 50.00… machine ever….mine is labeled Magic Chef, but all built by the same company…, same control panel as this………you can get instruction manuals from their website….the 1.7 size equals a 12lb load, which is the same as many top loaders from the 60’s/70’s…..washes a queen size set of sheets with ease……and the Air Dry option is spectacular, clothes are almost dry by the time its done……a few minutes in the dryer or hang on the line, done in no time…..even mated to a full size machine, helps with smaller loads to breeze through laundry day……as a great backup if your big one breaks…..

Choppini says:

Mwahaaa, I forgot to mention, I learned the hard way that I have to turn the water off before taking the hose off the tap. Guess what happened. But only once. LOLOL

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