Very good washing machine review

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Blackowtz says:


ScreenNameMissing says:

AH! YES!! XD I recognized the voice but could not remember which video it was from! XD Thanks for putting that info card link in! XD Lovely blast from the past. hahaha

Also… if you still have that wig and classes… I’d love an update video from him! …is he still living with his parents? More reviews would be great! haha

John Lara says:

Toster review

Brianna Wright says:

I need more of these videos!

SheldonPlaysMc says:

Awesome and funny video Cory!!!! 🙂

Eric Burg says:


AllwaysNeverRandom says:

you look like “where’s waldo” going to a poetry slam

Ronn says:

The ending was so real. 😛

John Lara says:


A Degenerate says:

Imovie effects r 2 legot

Merri Morningstar says:


Christian Thorson says:

The sad part is that this is better then any of my videos.

Danny Danny says:

Who came here from 4/16 Vlog?

Melissa Hash says:

Cory, you’re absolutely awesome!

Judy Flynn says:

Hella funny! Loved it!

SmilesForMiles Babe says:

This was so hilarious XD I love watching your videos because they always make me laugh and when I’m having a bad day, I just think, “Hey, let’s watch Cory’s videos!” Also, about your fighting neighbors…..

Camron King says:

haha I sent in those glasses xD

SheldonPlaysMc says:

Cory I’m thinking a name for him is Zeek the Geek, Billy or something like that. 🙂

TechDan says:

Make more of these videos

Mindlissnova says:


JoeyLeddzDippin94 says:

Cory make more videos with this character, I laughed my ass off!

Karrot Kake says:

I’ve been subscribed since 2009, how did I miss this?

Kain Joyner says:

OMG that was too funny

Allie Hockney says:

Please don’t do more its really weird

SamurottofMinnesota says:

It’s one of the future doctors! He’s not British…?

Ryan Berkowitz says:

oh hey it’s spenny

GingerBred MANN says:


1337million says:

It’s scary how much you look like my uncle in this lmao

John Lara says:

Band new


hahaha I love this

Luke Bonney says:

I feel bad who ever watched this video who hasn’t seen your channel at all

amie a says:

rofl never saw this.

metallitech says:


vasodys says:

How did I miss this video??? This is AWESOME!!!!!! More videos with this character!

CARLEY Jones says:

This is your a.d.d side isnt it?(no offence)

Jakebacon0 Sullivan says:


Stormee Fancher says:

I sometimes worry about adout ir mental state

Davin Harris says:

“Title Text Here” LMAO

Janred says:

Reminds me of that weird guy unboxing a Katana…
Was a Hanwei Practical I think.

Lynda Hammond says:

Interesting look. This character could work if you find making fun of the retarded pleasurable… Not cool, dude.

Sonja Spencer says:

I LOVE this character!!! LOL

Questhero101 says:

I hate it when people add a “because” explanation like it’s a high school essay. IT’S YOUTUBE!

stitch darkria says:

Pleas make more of this pleas its so funny

EntertainmentHub69 says:

Where can I get one?

John Lara says:

Do dryer

verq says:

Lol but i kinda fell bad for you 🙁

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