This Washing Machine SUCKS..

This video is my Review of the IFB Front Loading Washing Machine which I used for 7+ years. In Short: It takes a lot of effort and money to keep this machine running. You will have to deal with scummy IFB service centers.

All the Receipts and Bills for the work done on the machine will be posted at this link for you to view: [Available Later].

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Ritu Chawla says:

thanks bro I am thinking to buy IFB machine. thank you so much

Gopi krishna says:

thanks for guidance

JayGameTech says:

Nice Video.
I was facing difficulty in choosing between IFB and Samsung.
I guess I will go for Samsung after watching this Video.

nayab basha says:

this is fake

Tapasvi Mor says:

Go for lg top loading I heard about good reviews about top loading. I am having Ifb front loading I won’t recommend that. In Ifb if you wash cloths in cold setting they will not be washed properly. If you wash in any other setting minimum temperature is 40 degree Celsius and minimum time is 1 hour 20 minutes. Since clothes are dipped in warm water for long time, their grace will be gone in two washes.

Ramesh Reddy says:

IFB front load washing machine company is the No.1 customer cheating, fraud & worst company…. spare parts costs are toomuch high & fraud.. this company technicians are also not qualified technicians, they are not having minimum electrical knowledge…
IFB company main concept is selling washing machine stands, covers, detergents, descaling packets, voltage cutout’s (means stabilizers) & service is the last priority… so, beware of ifb..

Sarang Varma says:

Will the top load washing machine of ifb having these problems or this problem is only for front load washing machine of ifb

Ramesh Reddy says:

IFB means “indian fraud business” company…

Ahmad Husain says:

Abe free me lely
at my home we are using ifb since 17 years it’s working like a new after 17 years

Ramesh Reddy says:

in my experience Lg front load is better in market.. Lg company spare parts also too much high cost, but service is best & faster service…

nayab basha says:

my so many relatives use this machine with good experience

Aditya Chakraborty says:

Ujwal, you SUCKS, don’t misguide, I am using IFB front load and few of my family member also use IFB products and its GREAT.
I would also like to inform you that IFB front load washing machine comes with 4 years warranty so no AMC is required, if you purchase latest products from IFB authenticated shop.

Tathastu Nayak says:

Which washing machine under 35000 is best ?

abishek abishek says:

ifb is a indian cheating brand people can go blindly with international brand like lg we using front loader without any issues

Kameshwari Murem says:

for sure the servicing part of IFB is painful especially after 1 year. my cousin is going through hell out of pain to repair the IFB Washing Machine. the Weight of IFB is too much when compared with other products. u atleast need 2 people to move it.

Subhayu Sengupta says:

I don’t know from which city you belong..But in Kolkata service is really good.For your kind information every front loaders are heavy in weight.
There are two big pieces of stone on both the sides of drum which are tied up by steel springs..It is used for balancing the machine..So plss dont try to misguide any one.

abishek abishek says:

ur new subscriber

Subhayu Sengupta says:

Thank U…Hahaha
Take Care of yours and your Ifb washing Machine.hihihi.

Atul shendge s.a.s. says:

it is not indian fraud bussiness it is india favrate brand

Subhayu Sengupta says:

Excuse me …May i know why i get hearts in my all comments??

vijay vardhan says:

whatever it may be….i will buy IFB WashingMachine…..Frankly speaking…..sediment and turbidity will be there in groundwater….that will damage any brand washing machine…..the service will also be time consuming…..if you dont have a water softner to your tank…..keep it……the inbuilt filter of any brand washing machine will neverhelp to our 1000 and above PPM scailing….hardness water…..i love IFB

sanjay sharma says:

bullshit ….i dont know it happened with you i also bought one but its good like anything since a years…badluck bro


can you suggest any washing machine the good one

Jonathan Mcgee says:

Do you live in India

Atul shendge s.a.s. says:

ifb is best machine in he world

Subhayu Sengupta says:

Excuse me.
.You have told in your video that Ifb Washing Machine is is a silly kind of comment.Every one knows that front loaders are heavy in weight.

abishek abishek says:

but in shops the sales person also insisting to buy ifb products but we know always buy lg products like front load washer,inverter ac,refrigerator,water purifier,dishwasher everything ,life is really good with lg products

Atharva Naik says:

This is the reason why I didn’t go for IFB despite their machines being cheaper than LG. No other brands except Samsung match the efficiency of an LG front load (because it has a direct drive motor). My LG is 1.5 years old now, although I didn’t buy any AMC I do a regular tub clean cycle to and always use HE detergemts in small amounts.

Wattage for my LG with both heater and motor included is 1700W.
For Bosch/Siemens it’s 2400W.
IFB is in the range of 2000-2300W.
Samsung has similar range.

Never accept salespersons’ pitch. They tried to convince me to buy a Siemens but I denied because of the high wattage and lack of inverter motor (which only Samsung and LG have).. So peeps, do your research 😉

Subhayu Sengupta says:

Excuse me i am using Ifb front load washing Machine and Dish Washer for last 5years..But there is nothing problem about service and quality of both the appliances till today.Ifb is awesome in their built..But I have LG front load washing Machine before this Ifb which was worst..There was a problem in the drum of that machine but the idiot technicians can’t able to recognise the problem which was detected by Ifb Tecnicians.Then i have decided to buy Ifb front loader and the service and wash quality both are great.

Rahul Das says:

I agree with you. This is the worst brand. Don’t go for an IFB Front Load washing machine. I am going through the same issues. I would recommend people not to buy this washing machine. Pathetic Quality & Useless Product . After Sales service is worst, Worst Experience, Crap or Bullshit Service, Too Expensive to maintain, Every time parts in this washing machine Fails. It is definitely not worth the price. Please don’t make a mistake of buying IFB Products.

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