The Laundry Pod Review & Wash Demonstration! Great For Wool / Silk / Delicates!

I was given this laundry pod as a gift. I probably wouldn’t have purchased one of these myself. But, now that I’ve tried a few washes through it, I’ve decided it is very useful. I always hand wash my merino wool and silk, and this makes washing a bit easier and also spin dries my clothes!


Khione says:

I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way, but when you say, “Look at all the suds in there, it’ll get all over everything and get clean”. Please know, it’s not the suds that clean, and a lot of bubbles is actually a chemical used that produces a lot of bubbles, not an actual cleaning factor. You don’t actually need a lot of bubbles to clean well. But many people wrongly associate “more bubbles” = “better cleaning”, when it isn’t. But that is what the commercial soap/detergent companies have programmed us to think. Again, not trying to be rude, I just wanted to point that out so that you knew.

Sven says:

Don’t waste the water after you washed; flush the toilet with it.

fantamas06 says:

Power safe! 🙂 and good for young people to exercise their muscles.

MrMiggy66 says:

Do they have bigger sizes?

johnmonk66 says:

nice review, but the egg washer is electric and does all that for you, automatically, so I tink I will stay with the electric one

Laura Charles says:

I have been looking for a review for the laundry pod and came across your thank you i am on my way to purchase, you have done a great job on the review

abghere says:

Where to purchase this cool machine?

Sandra Buckett says:

What is the size of the BASKET inside? please

John Carper says:

do you still have your razorback musk and southern painted turtle?

M. Henderson says:

Too much work…talking too…Geez!

RoboTekno says:

Nice review. I only have a couple wool items, but this is pretty cool. Nice to know you can do laundry when the power is out too 🙂

Reina Blanca says:

I want to get it, just curious about size. I want to wash my karate uniform. Uniform is pretty thick & heavy. I can do top & pants separately. But I want to know if it still works for my thick uniform.
Thanks . 🙂

DonDark says:

shocking that you need less laundry detergent in a tiny container compared to a washing machine with 10 times the capacity 😀

Chris Bonnie Simpson says:

Hi fav youtuber I ever wish I was your hedgehog

April London says:

I have a twin tub washer and spin tub dryer i just washed a nylon type bra and it was shredding on the edges i had to pull it off. After watching this i think it be perfect to wash panties and bra’s even my nities as their usually thin material so thanks for the video i appreciate it. I hope their not to expensive.

daniel vicedo says:

lettuces are jealous, but I like it!

DonziGT230 says:

That isn’t gonna do squat for cleaning clothes, and suds mean nearly nothing for cleaning power.

Team2100 Liteskin says:

do u still got reptiles

Holly Zuckerman says:

I enjoyed your review. I have recently seen a few manual clothes washers online & this one seems like a good option. Thank you for explaining thoroughly about the Laundry Pod.

Linda W says:

How does this work for jeans or sweats? Also, is it cold water only?

Citizen 1 says:

YouTube reviewers need to link..less yapping about your day, family, dog, trip, hobbies, etc. Show tell link or I’m done…

i Tools says:


Tilas8 says:

If I got this how would I wash my bed clothes and towels? Or would I still need to go to the laundromat?

Brian Coley says:

Bright idea, also buy the plunger washer. Remove the spinner from the tub and basically use it as a bucket for heavy items like jeans or overalls that would be too heavy when wet for the spinner.

I would wash, spin, rinse, spin.

SuperRaeth says:

That looks really great. I use a plastic plunger style washer but I have to manually squeeze out the water like you do when hand washing. I really like the spin drying function a lot. Thanks for the great video!

Sapiosexual Man says:

Thanks man! I saw this product on sale and I was not sure if this is worth buying. Your video helped me reach the decision! 🙂

Linda W says:

I got the Laundry Pod. I had the problem with the machine move on the counter. I went by the local dollar store and got a rubber door mat for $3. It’s big enough for the machine to rest on and reduces the moving a lot.

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