The Best Washers and Dryers of 2015

Our complete list of 2015 washer and dryer awards:

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Front-loading or top-loading? Performance or value? We’ve got all the picks for the best of 2015.


Lordphoton99 Linforthewin says:

your review is full of crap, SpeedQueen is the Best top load washer , it takes 35 mins per load and the can handel off balance loads without the drum banging the crap out of the washer all the HE machine with all these lights and gagets don’t come close to a SpeedQueen, a simple affective heavy duty washer that would last for years

Lordphoton99 Linforthewin says:

take a look at the SpeedQueen vs the competition.

John Gallo says:

Speed Queen built strong ! gets the job Done !

Yajing Li says:

Why the online reviews of these recommended items are not so good? Even lower than 4.0 of 5.0?

Turkmen Balasi says:


Daniel Z says:

Top loads clean not front loads

Parveen Thethy says:

can someone please tell me which tumble dryer is best: vented or condenser? Is this correct that the condenser takes lot more time to dry clothes than the vented one?

catkicked says:

you are so right speedqueen is the best love mine

Andrew Miller says:

in the uk the best washer and dryer is the beko wm6112w washing machine and the beko dc7110w condenser tumble dryer x


Whatever brand you buy make sure you take out the extended warranty.

Irishman1776 says:

Ask an appliance repairman in the US who makes the best washing machine. If he’s familiar with the brand and he’s honest, he’s going to tell you Speed Queen.

Bumberflip *IEJ7654321* says:

Thanks for this guide! Now I know what to get my Mom when we get a new washer.

joe m says:

What makes the top load he washer ge gtw680bsjws better than other top load he washers? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?

AC Guevara says:

Sponsored by Ge?

catkicked says:

were is speedqueen washers


front loaders are junk

Frank Borrego says:

Fact, the Kenmore 25132 is the same machine as the Whirlpool WTW5000DW and the Maytag MVWX655DW. They’re loud, belt driven like the GE GTW680BSJWS. These units have a belt that through time wears down, idler pulleys and overall more mechanical moving parts. If you want a Kenmore go with the 26132 unit with the DIrect Drive Motor and easy to reach 4.8 cu ft tub. You’ll be much more impressed by how quiet it operates and how well it cleans.

Joshua Ginnish says:

1:00 here’s an example what there supposed to be a GE washer when getting a new washer get a GE if you have somebody that name Sarah that lives in your house or apartment

Ken Kubler says:

just bought a new GE top load washer one of the more expensive pieces of junk I ever bought!

Daniel Z says:

Top load cleans better and has bigger space idiot

Marvin Nelson says:

lg makes that kenmore

IAmNotAFunguy says:

Incorrect. The best (and only good) washers and dryers available are Speed Queen! For a little more money you are trading less water an energy for laundry that is twice as clean in half the time! Plus the machines are made 100% in America and engineered to last for 20 years.

Mark Hoffman says:

He lost me when he said the best clean is a front load washer. NOT!
People like myself are going back to top loads with an agitator.
Truthfully, after the government put the HE on washers they all are crap.
give me back the old dependable Whirlpools and GEs of the 70s. Ya, they used lots of water to make your cloths extra clean. They lasted for over 30 years. (now that’s better for the environment! )

Rexy Smith says:

i know its 2 years later but I have the Kenmore one and it’s just AWFUL . It Takes around 1:30h to clean one medium load (and at the one rinse setting). It makes Reallly Loud bagging noise(I personally don’t care) but our washer is in the basement and we can ear it super clear from upstairs … so That would probably be a major issue for lots of people. But those things wouldn’t be to big of a deal if it would actually clean the clothes !!! I do everything as per the manual instructions but my dark clothes keep coming out with Soap marks everywhere. And yes I use the right type of soap. Also there is no way to control the level of water(suppose to auto sense but still I would like the option) or to make your clothes soak for the night exemple. There is also no fabric softener dispenser. so you would have to be there at the middle of the laundry cycle to go drop a Dawn fabric softener ball thing? who the F*** have time for that ? So if anyone see this and is to buy this washer save yourself the trouble it doesn’t worth it even if they are cheap… Nikos2310602342 says:

all models are dtrwsm tw or thrpw100w or ffgghh tw with cousine technologie WTF SHIT IS THIS OF marketing WTF RELAY i buy with 500 eu my (BAUKNECHT Waschmaschine Super Eco 8415, A+++, 8 kg, 1400 U/Min) VERY NICE VERY NICE and im not provider of the company

HowsaBowsaYowsa says:

If you don’t have speed queen on the list then this list is worthless bullcrap.

IAmGunzNoob says:

I was so excited to look up blomberg… BUT HOLY FUCK $1.5K!? I’M POOR ASF.. XD

Systolic120mmHg says:

y’all patriotic americans and your lame speed queen BS

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