The Awesome-est Haier HLP21N Portable Washer Review Ever

The greatest real time unboxing video review ever of the Haier HLP21N portable washing machine. Available from lots of places. We got it from for $198:


Dominique Dredden says:

You must have too much clothes in the washer

Service dogs r grate says:

Why did you decide to get this instead of a regular washer

Brianna Walls says:

I have read so many reviews today and this video definitely helped with my decision ! Thanks guys

wtb61 says:

That seemed like a large load for such a small washer.

Keshawn Harkoo says:

I love his mum’s voice (if that is his mum)

CharlieTV CharlieBigFoot1 says:

good review here

Vinnycunt says:

thank you for this video. buying one soon for the family.

Frances says:

good video, nice wash machine

S. Deane Malaney says:

Mine spins twice before it even starts the rinse cycle. Is that normal?

Paulino Garza says:

Lol Big isn’t always better seracha you. Lol

Betty Valencia says:

Best review ever! Cute couple

Service dogs r grate says:

I’ve seen mini dryers if you might want to look into getting one it would work great for baby stuff they’re very tiny about the size of a microwave

Gary says:

The lady sounds a bit Aussie like she has lived in America long enough to pick up the accent I’m from Melbourne Australia

Yolanda Matthews says:

lol…cute video. Reminds me of Everybody loves Raymond

Wotiluv says:

The wife is annoying

Vanessa Shaw says:

I have one pf the older models. The one that has one side for washing and other for spinning. I loved it until the spin side started making that loud vibrating noise six months after I purchased it. Now the spin side doesn’t work at all. I wanted to get it repaired but the company was of no help at all. Once you buy’re on your own. Aside from that and the flimsy lint catcher was fun while it lasted.

Di Dxpeo says:

You made the right decision to buy it, this brand is pretty durable.

19leeryan says:

Get the woman doing something like, hold the camera. Sink scene was hard to watch.

Yolanda Matthews says:

All upright washers get clothes tangled.

Sandy Brown says:

This is the best mini washer.

Robert Melendes says:

You guys are funny and display the spousal dialogue well. STOP SLAMMING THE LID! LOL (the thing is probably broke by now…) Haha…jk, Hope the baby is doing well! Congrats.

MrFunk says:

Not so awesome a review. Probably worst than the other ones I’ve seen. Thanks for posting never the less.

techrickyross says:

it looks like a washer from japan

Alexander Rivera says:

That dry cycle is way too loud. My magic chef makes no noise even on full.

Igor Panjaba says:

Hi! You buying connector for input water separate or has connector with washer machine? Tanks

00000051042 says:

hi, I am wondering did it make your water bill much higher monthly? I cannot decide to get it because of this question.

Donald Hood says:

Wow, you guys are so lucky getting this for $198. I just paid over $450. for the same thing here in Canada

Vicki Goodman says:

You two are adorable!!! Great job on the video. You explained everything quite well. Covered important points. All done, with humor. I’ve already fallen in love with you two and want a follow-up video with the new baby. As a matter of fact, I think you two are right up there with Chip and Joanna Gaines. But, one-up, maybe, because your wife has a beautiful accent. I love you both! Cheers!!!

Robert Melendes says:

Does the water stop filling by itself even when the water is still “ON” on the tap?

Robin Luther says:

I have this machine now but I had the same issue with the spinner on my twin-tub (same function, different set-up). If it is over-full or out of balance it will knock. Sometimes the centrifugal force will settle the clothes but often enough I had to open the lid and redistribute or take a few pieces out of my twin tub (wet=heavy). It says right on the description how much weight you can put in it and I haven’t made the same mistake with this machine but I don’t know too many people who literally weigh their clothes before they add them to the machine.

ferehabibi says:

Do they have something where it’s a washer and dryer machine? I couldn’t find any of those except for the cheap ones like from Walmart but I don’t want one of those.

Donna Nash says:

I agree. best video ever

mathew marsh says:

Hi you two, I’m just wondering does your washer still work after all this time?

mary maryam says:

Hwm80-12699nzp I need its washing process its usage

Johnny 209 says:

Where did you get the adapter the one that screws onto the sink

Cat Song says:

Omg, these people are idiots. It’s not hard to read directions.

coditaca says:

hi there! dunno if this is still an active comment thread but worth a shot to ask a question! i have a less-than-great portable washer and the Haier looks like it’d be a better quality upgrade. My major issue with mine is that the clothes come out with a ton on caked-on lint. Do you have the same problem with the Haier? Thanks!

Vicki Goodman says:

LOL!! I just realized your video is not new and after reading other reviews I realized you are loved not just by me but by many! LOL. And, in one of the reviews your baby was nine months old. Congratulations!! I’m a fan. ❤

nb112953 says:

Your load is uneven. Open it and redistribute your load.

Deb Cobern says:

New laundry detergents are made NOT to make suds for the High Efficiency washers.

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