Speed Queen Washing Machine Review

There aren’t many home appliances with a cult following—except for Speed Queen.


pat cola says:

fancy electronic controls will not make a washer clean better. A good detergent, time and mechanical action is still whats needed to clean clothes properly.

I don’t need big government inposing rules on something that should not be meddled with. The way i see fit to wash my own clothes.

Richard Raucina says:

What the hell is that plumbing behind you? Do you have a nuclear power plant at home?

agiflow says:

Bought a Speed Queen w/d pair 3 years ago and not a hint of trouble. Reliable, heavy duty, and the last hold out of tried and true technology. Simple mechanical controls have all i need to get a load of clothes clean in 30 minutes. The best part is it is built in the U.S. by an american company and american workers.

Watcher3223 says:

_”Speed Queens are great if you prefer reliability over performance and features.”_

A Speed Queen will outperform so-called high efficiency machines when it comes to the job a clothes washer is meant to do.

The biggest problem with an HE machine is that they don’t use enough water to remove and hold soil for the cycle.

What that means is that you may have to repeat the washing cycle two or even three more times in order to get your laundry as clean as it would be from one cycle of a Speed Queen or of an older, more conventional clothes washer. That negates the whole point of having an HE machine in the first place, not unless you are willing to live with wearing poorly washed clothes.

The most efficient way to get the job done is to do the job right the first time.

Phan L says:

Does Speed Queen shakes or vibrates a lot when doing the final spin dry cycle?
I hate how bad it shakes with my new Maytag “he” machines.

Sagisli says:

I hate HE washing machines. I can’t wait to get rid of my relatively new machine and get a speed queen. I want a machine that actually uses water to wash my clothes and rinses out the soap residue.

Secularanarchist says:

In this clip at the end it states that these machines are great for those who prefer reliability over performance and technology. Well, having owned and washed with Speed Queen for thirty years I would say that they perform just fine. Not only to they wash well, they also do a great job of rinsing and, yes, they are durable and if something breaks it can be repaired. These washers would be far more environmentally friendly than all that high-tech disposable plastic rubbish that now passes for washing machines and usually doesn’t survive ten years of use before it ends up in landfill.

Fleet Systems Inc says:

No, no Speed Queen. They have an issue with suds coming out of the drain hose/wall plumbing the last 5 minutes of spin, after all the water is out, it will work up a froth and pump it out. This is a high speed machine that is not really meant for residential. Speed Queen has tried to cover up this issue by putting a stopper/adapter at the end of the drain hose that fits into the wall, but it only does a marginal job. Also, their upgraded model has a 3rd rinse/spin feature, couldn’t figure out why in the world, then we read the Speed Queen site that says if you have a problem with suds put fabric softener in and use the 3rd rinse/spin, so don’t tell me they don’t know. Store rep. said oh yeah, it’s your plumbing, get it snaked, another store rep. said we’ve never heard of this. They know! I WANTED this Speed Queen, but there was no way around the suds frothing up out of the drain pipe, and I bet when you try to get service they will tell you you have a plumbing issue. We made sure we had 30 days to return and we did. I can’t have suds turning into a watery mess around my drywall.

Glen W. Ford says:

Were you adding soap or fabric softener in the dispenser?

JoeyPete says:

Why did you put laundry detergent in the fabric softener dispenser? LOL

lanlguy says:

The washer in the video had electronic push buttons. These are notorious for failing due to corrosion of the contact points inside. I would reject this model on this feature alone. Give me a large mechanical switch that’s cheap and easy to replace. I’m really surprised these ‘dependable’ appliances are being advertised with these unreliable button modules.

Joshua Ginnish says:

Buy a GE if you have somebody that name Sarah or not

02sabretooth says:

50 year old archaic technology doesn’t change much. Most likely why agitator washer don’t clean as well as some new HE models. Add to the 3X wear and tear on clothes that you throw away, glad I bought a HE machine. The money I save on clothes is great now.

Tim Van hees says:

Like ti

Bob Adkins says:

Great washer, terrible review. This machine has plenty features and all the tech you need to clean your clothes very well. I can’t think or any useful features or tech this machine lacks. Do you want it to talk or something?

Frank Borrego says:

Who caress about the aesthetics, the simplicity of the unit and how easy it is to repair. Let’s talk about the most important thing, does it clean your clothes well?
Let’s talk technical! This is such a brush over review. -.-

James Berlo says:

my Speed Queen only has two old style Knobs & a Switch, looks so ordinary and plain but its a Monster , so powerful and such a unique design. when it empties its like a Firehose, gets clothes cleaner than any other.

tripjet999 says:

Not as durable as they USED to be, though. Sad.

Carl Ryan says:

I have the model shown in the video, the AWNE92. Works flawlessly and cleans great, very solidly built. The electronic controls on this model allow for an almost unlimited variation of wash and rinse cycles to suit any laundry task. This machine is very much state of the art in it’s function and can compete with any machine on the market for cleaning ability. And it’s truly built to last decades. Highly recommended.

Matthew Sullins says:

i have a maytah brovos that they say is built to last and hate it 3 months old and washer is already going out and the dryer has gotten louder i need to look into a speedqueen

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