If you were wondering what the Samsung WW7500 AddWash™ was capable of , then you’re in the right place!


Avdo Dautovic says:

oh no u HAVE IT :O

2nuckinfuts says:

these Samsung’s are too damn noisy

Ornella free says:


Shuddup says:

just bought this after our 7 year old samsung washer died on us. ugh. hope this one lasts longer.

Alexander Peralta says:

Rogue sock! lol. love it

Андрей Попов says:

Samsung super !!!

geminiloves says:

can you wash king size comforters in it?
from the looks of it it looks small.

brown bobby says:

that looks expensive

Nicky Mindyourownbuisness says:

I am having problems understanding the instructions on my machine.

Emma Harper says:

I have just got one today how long is each cycle I just did cotton wash and it took two hours and if I press the quick wash button on right does is the half hour one substantial for towels

Joseph Freitas says:


alex tilson says:

The motor wont wear out as its a brushless motor, which will last for 10 years, but what guarentee will they give on the drum bearings and other componments ect,,,,, I have a hotpoint which can be paused on the wash cycle and the door can be opened to add lost items so this is not a new idea,

Becky Fariss says:

Just bought it! It is terrific. Cleans so much better than the top loader.
Thank you for the tutorial!

Kaiserlichehoheit Leo von Preußen says:

These Samsung Washers are Junk. I paid $1,850 from Best Buy in July 2016. Here I am in May 2017 and the Machine has a huge leak from underneath the Unit.
Samsung USA has horrible Customer Service and had the nerve to tell me to buy a new Machine. Thank God I have a 5 year Warranty from Best Buy as well as the No good 10 year Samsung Warranty. Waste of Money for cheap Korean Garbage.

Аркадий Паровозов says:

Samsung es ! Super !

C Jahmal says:

totally useless and unnecessary 2nd door. On my 6yr GE top loader if I have to add an item I just lift the cover “machine stops itself” and add item then close the lid “machine starts up again by itself”. If I were to ever buy this machine I doubt I would ever use that little door.

randomrazr says:

this thing isnt even avilable in the states

Sundown798 says:

Great more stuff to break

procekim says:


Mark Thomas says:

Just when i thought this invention may have made sense now i see it does not if you still have to press Pause to add thru a little door in the front then why would it take any longer to just open the front door in the same amount of time so this little door is just a gimmick that makes no sense ! SMH

vincespell says:

Like Staminaboi Thomas was saying, it’s a gimmick. If you have a top loader, you can do the same thing, just buy a top loader and you don’t have to press anything, just open it up and throw it in!!!!!!!!

Lord Bayazid says:

very useful.cloth wash properly. and electric bill also low.

Alessia Micallef says:

what does the magnifying glass underneath the option and delay end button mean please?

sinnis biker says:

am thinking of buying this as the one i have is about to go is it a good machine ??? i ask due to reading other reviews

Valley Girl says:

WW90K7605OW it says in the specs it requires a lot of depth to be in the regular space. Can this fit where my older model is?

trinidadianbeauty1 says:

Thank u so much for this video I was looking on you tube about 3 months ago for a review of this machine
I really want to buy it

Robert fullerton says:

these samsung washing machines are a good machine to buy

Anna Morgan says:


Sly Ostinato says:

AddWash? Hahaha…I love how people think this is some new, innovative invention that Samsung has come up with. For DECADES now, my washer has already had this feature – it’s called a Top-loading washer!

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