Samsung QuickDrive WW90M645OPO Washing Machine Review

Hey guys here is a review of the my Samsung Quick Drive WW6800 washing machine this machine has been amazing so far and I would just like to say that is absolutely amazing too we have used them since 2011 and we have always had excellent service from them and we will always keep using them as they are just amazing!!!!! (Note I didn’t get this free from AO i bought this but I don’t mind as I wanted this machine) 😊 I have also put a link to this machine and a link to AO’s website! And for the washing machine fans there will be a lot more videos to come of this amazing machine so stay tuned 😉😁😄

If you want this machine use these links here if you want white or graphite

(For the Graphite one)

(For the White one)

Also here is a link to AO’s website! 🙂


Toji George says:

Amazing review of this lovely machine SuperWasherKid2002!!! However I thought you hated the addwash? Amazing machine. Pls do lots of vids?

Washer Guy 2002 says:

Very nice review josh! Interesting to hear the spin performance is amazing and better than the addwash! Please do some more vids of this machine! I’m still skeptical on these quickdrives because im not the biggest Samsung fan as after your addwash experience but im glad your happy with this. If Samsung are making decent stuff and improving that’s a turn up for da books.

craigsclocks says:

One smart washer mate.

eli55121 says:

this is way quieter than the one my sis has, i’ve seen it on daily wash 40, first 2 spins were fine but it came to the last it put my beko to sleep properly with its loudness

Washing Machine Guy says:

It’s a nice machine! However, I feel like the backplate would have more effect on the clothes if the drum was angled back a bit.

Machine Central says:

Awesome video dude!!! Glad you’re loving it. It really is a great machine.

Ron Cooke says:

Great video as i say You should do another video start from the unpacking like removing the 4 drum bolts used for the transport and the calibration you didn’t mention

cars for LIFE says:

You have the same softener as I do and love the video

Mr Brown Jack says:


Ron Cooke says:

I bought my Samsung from John Lewis Chester. They have given me 100 quid for my old machine that is 14 years old, so i got a real good deal and 5 years guarantee

Ron Cooke says:

Great help you know your way round a washing machine Samsung should pay you £5 for each machine they sell. isn’t it quiet running great machine just bought one. Perfect

CBF1 says:

21:36 I have seen videos of cuckoo clocks that also play that song.Too bad that my parents dont want me to buy another washing machine. Especially my selfish dad who only wants to pay money for stuff HE wants. Not anything that has to do with what I want, such as paying for plumbing…

Jeyhun Huseynov says:

I do not suggest spinning Samsung machines at over 800 as they are known to blow up.

LaundryKid2005 says:

Loved the vid josh

FlorenceBallardA3060 says:

This was excellent Josh! Well done for being more confident than I could be on camera haha. Does indeed seem very quiet, even at 1400rpm considering your’s is on carpet. I may consider a review and demonstration of future new machines I get when I’m in Australia!

Danny.Hamer says:

That is a very cool machine. Glad you love it ! 🙂

craigsclocks says:

One smart washer mate.

Z masters Preece says:

Amazing videos to prosecute 2002

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