Samsung Activewash 5.0 Washer with Built In Sink Honest Review

Samsung – Activewash 5.0 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer – Black Stainless Steel

Why I gave this washer a 6/10

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Awsome Sauce says:

Is this also the model that’s WiFi capable? so you can control it from your phone?

Saniya Anta says:

Where does power detergent goes ?

Crystal Lynn says:

I find it quite interesting how so many people will buy new electronic products/machinery and attempt to use it without reading the users manual. The majority of these reviews could have been answered or resolved if people would read first. WTBS, I have this model. My model is not on the recall list as the issues were corrected prior to me purchasing it. This washer is extremely quiet. There’s no vibrations and my clothes come out clean. The dryer dries my clothes really and I love the light inside of it. Lastly, it can easily handle two king sized comforters without any issues. For those complaining that there’s not enough water to sufficiently wash your clothes or your clothes come out partially dry, you can easily add more water to your wash if you need to. Read your manual!

Edward Smith says:

I have these machines. How are these energy saving machines when it takes so long to wash and so long to dry? It takes all day and night now to wash the families clothes. My older machines were just all day.

Danielle Pair says:

I hate em lol straight up….i wash one comforter and I get the “ur” flashing and i have to manually spread the clothes out so as not to trip the sensor again. I had to break down to my mother & tell her I hate em after she spent a pretty Penny on em. Glad to see I’m not the only one who misses the tried & true washers and dryers from back in the day.

J Fike says:

How well does it wash clothes if soiled like child playing in dirt etc…?

Amber Cortez says:

How do I get it hooked up to the app?

Melissa Rand says:

I just got this set on clearance at Lowe’s for $300 each so I can’t really complain.

Jimmy Clemons says:

Kept it up love your videos

Helen Rice says:

The reason why it doesnt let you do certain settings is because it is trying not to damage your clothes

Angelita Aleman says:

My washer is not working properly, it doesn’t spine and the clothes ends up wet

chopstixdiva says:

Thanks for the review!!! One thing that I don’t like is the depth of the basin – I’m extremely short, so it is very hard for me to reach the bottom. Great review, I do love this washer!

Michael Alan says:

Thanks for your review. I just bought this set and love it so far. Like you, I do dislike the inability to have detailed control over the cycles.

mwelsh64 says:

I bought the WA52M8650AV/A4 model for $599. I hate this machine. I took the add a garment tray out. USELESS! Most of the time it does not put enough water in. It weighs the clothes before it add water. You can hit the water button on the side to add water to the machine before you start it for more weight. The agitation on this machine sucks! I just washed some small blankets, 4’x5′. The one I put on top was still on top when it started to drain for the rinse. Save some money and buy a cheap machine with the tower agitator in the middle. At least your clothes will be clean.

Justice Carter says:

Im about to buy one but not sure if its recalled why do they still sell them. Im having issues/problems finding a washer/dryer for my king size bed set

jeylful says:

Good review! Thanks!

Big Joe says:

Thanks for the review. Yes,the wash seems to take an over an hour or so to complete. Is this normal? Did the speed cycle do a good job on getting your laundry clean ? Thank you.

Rebecca Levy says:

Fabric softener requires an extra rinse and spin

Pam Joyce says:

Great Review. I have this washer and dryer set also. I received an error code UR. While on the spinn cycle. Do you happen to know what this code is for?

jaden says:


31usanguyen says:

I watch through from the top cover looking down the washer. I don’t see it move fast. Just spin very slow. Not so sure my clothes are washed clean. I have similar model. My have a turning knob for selecting a cycle. Your and mine the same function. Do you think your clothes wash clean?

Sherry Miles says:

Thanks for such a thorough review. I just looked at this set yesterday and I’m narrowing my choices. Very helpful!

Crouton Sandels says:

I only watched it because I forgot how to start it

Val Awinnie says:

Hi… do you happen to know how to let the water run with the top open?

Vinnytsia says:

People, don’t ever buy Samsung washers.

jill kaiser says:

I have this same washer/Dryer set.  I had it delivered and the next day the dryer made noise and the store brought me a replacement.  The following week the washer was recalled and they sent a tech out to fix it.  as soon as the set was out of warranty the dryer began to squeak and I had to pay a lot to have a tech come out and replace the belt.  The dryer does not dry very well either.  Don’t buy this set.  Its crap

Bruce Boyd says:

Are you able to use popular detergents aka Tide/Gain etc with this washer?

مَلَګ قِلَبِيِّ وِحٌيِّأّتّيِّ أّحٌمَدِ says:

مَمَګنِ عٌربِيِّ

Sallie Durette says:

I’m wondering if my machine isn’t working properly on the sink feature. It only puts out cold water. I like the idea of this feature and would like to watch it, but I would need hot water to spot most stains.

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