Samsung Active Wash Washer + Dryer Review w/ Rinse Sink Demo

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Deryk Lane says:

Don’t wanna be a buzz kill…. but there was a lot of Samsung top loaders recalled because the lid could come off on the spin cycle, there’s a lot of YouTube videos so I would advise you to check your model,

Cadon Barton says:

I have a SAMSUNG top loader similar to this but alot worse. It doesn’t clean the cloths like samsung says it does. I follow all manufacturers recommendations, and even put in smaller loads, it won’t clean. The dryer doesn’t dry well, it take about an hour and thirty minutes to dry, and to get a decent clean, I set the washer to heavy duty for an hour and ten-twenty minute wash. I also use a WHIRLPOOL front load washing machine from 2004 and it take 30-40 minutes to wash and 30 minutes to dry in the matching dryer. I love the front loaders and will continue to use them. I am wanting to upgrade to the LG front load washers and I was hoping you could share to me some key pointers from your front loading set. I know about the door seal and smell.

Walter Da Silva says:

have you try gain laundry soap

Joyce Fortunato says:

I love Samsung, anything I have ever bought from Samsung has been a dependable product. I love the top loaders as opposed to the front loaders. This is a beautiful set and I would have picked the same exact color, I just think it looks so high end. I am 5’4″ so I would probably need a step stool too lol! Tfs! this set is definitely worth looking for in the future, just beautiful LeeAnne. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you in your next video!!!! Hugs xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amanda's Daily Dish says:

I want a top loader sooo bad. I hate my front loader. Hoping to sell my house soon so I can get new appliances… lol

Carla Pati says:

how is the water level? some of the high efficient washer machines output little water which i don’t like because it doesn’t wash good enough.

Kathie Roye says:

I have this same set too. I do love them. I also have to use a stepstool to get the wash out lol! The only issue we had was with the dryer. It had the dryer wheels go bad and caused the belt to break. This thankfully happened right before the year warranty was up.

Just Us Jenkins says:

Glad to sse my dream set is amazing!!! Great video!!

Taylor LaVerdiere says:

But do you think the front loaders tumble and spin the clothes better then just say shaking them like the top loader? Does the detergent spread out if its up right washing? Thank you!!

Anita Davis says:

Just purchased. I cannot wait to get them.

chandler907 says:

I’ve never been so jealous! The things we appreciate as moms/house wives! I love person too. I absolutely love the smell of the green pods that they make (not the fresh linen scent, the other one) and the original liquid is just the definition of a clean smell!

Lakisha E says:

I love my top loader!

Liz Pearson says:

Your dryer is electric? I went through the link and it said electric. I also ask because that’s what we need. As I mentioned – we will be doing a master bathroom/laundry room renovation and need an electric dryer. I think I found my set! Lol

Trinh D says:

Thank you for the review! I’m moving in September to our new place and looking for a washer and dryer. Was debating between the LG and the Samsung but I think I’ll definitely get the Samsung now.

BarbaraL Lowell says:

Thank you so much. I bought these because my w/d are in my bedroom and I was replacing a black set which now are hard to find (white set would be an eyesore) This had half horrible reviews and half great reviews. It was delivered yesterday and I wish I had seen this because I would not have been so scared of the bad reviews. Its so beautiful after I saw it everything else looked so less stylish, which means a lot to me, visible that it is. Thanx so much for your vote of confidence. BTW I did read that someone short like me uses tongs to removed the lowest laundry. I noticed you just threw clothes in, everyone says to line around the perimeter, and that things get tangled, have dry spots, don’t come clean. I will experiment today. Blessings to you.

SunDari Toye says:

They are so pretty & they get the job done! Yes that washer is very deep

Jeff Dunemann says:

I just bought these units. The problem I am having is with the dryer. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

I put the dryer on the steam wrinkle away setting and the dryer fills with water. not just a little but a lot 4 shirts drenched in water then a towel or two to finish cleaning up. [ HELP ]

I have only had the units for 3 days.


Chasity Nixon says:

Just bought this today. Cant wait to put it to use

Walter Da Silva says:

it clean good as persil dose

Sheila says:

haha… I have the same washer and, can not reach the bottom !!!
Should have come with a disclaimer not for short people !!! 😛

Ashley Nicole Stiles says:

Do you still love these? Looking for a new washer and dryer and our current dryer is without an agitator recently and I hate that cuz it doesn’t seem to wash well and it so says to still fill the clothes in a circle as if there were an agitator but they don’t stay put. Does this dryer do a good job even without an agitator? Can you just toss the clothes in any which way?

Crystal Horton says:

When we were in the market for a new set, I had my eyes on this exact set but my hubby wasn’t comfortable with the brand, bc he heard a lot of peoples sets were catching fire. I know everything gets better with time lol. I love how quiet it is:)

Chanel Ginger says:

I just bought mine about a week ago and I really really love them I have the same set you do everything is so good about it loved my washer and dryer the best one of had so far

c Los says:

Awesome video! I’m looking at this set and hopefully buying it tomorrow!

Tiffany Johnson says:

I have a similar set of washer and dryer. I finally ended up buying myself a long pair of tongs to scoop up the laundry out of the washer! LOL. But seriously, that was the best thing I ever did because now it’s no problem.
Thanks for the great video!

cathy kroll says:

Thanks, nice set!

Angels Haven says:

I had one of these types of washers and the issue i continued to have was that it ALWAYS wld roll under an item and wrap it around all the other items. If u can understand what i mean. This wld stretch items and offset the weight preventing spinning out water and preventing proper washing of everything. It said i cld wash my king size comforters, blankets, sheets, etc but just 1 blanket alone wld still roll under all the way around. I used it for all of 2mo and it just didnt perform. I had issue w every single load i washed. This was when these types of machines 1st hit the market so they hv probably been improved in functionality since i had mine. I wld hv to actually see them performing before i wld consider them again. Also, mine was Maytag not Samsung. LOL u mentioned the washer walk. lol My front load is nortorious for doing this with larger or heavier loads.

Elizabeth Myers says:

Can you change the jet water between hot/cold?

Stacy Daniel says:

That’s a really nice set. We bought a really nice LG set in the graphite color for the new house. I love it. I also had the same issue with being too short for the large, deep washer barrel. I use a grabber tool to reach items I can’t reach. Easy fix! I really do like your washer/dryer set. Glad you are enjoying it!

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