Review Pt 1 – We Chose to Buy the LG Front Load Washer and Dryer!

Thinking about a new washer and dryer? Consider the LG Washer and Dryer front loader machines. I hope to help make your research easy and pain free- it can be a big decision. Enjoy the video…

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Anton V. says:

Awesome video!!
Here is a washing machine video response 🙂

Tarek Taher says:

How are the washer and dryer so far? Any issues.. And the cleaning is good on them?

Turhan Riddick says:

she’s hot

02sabretooth says:

Washer will last about 18 months to 4 years before the spider in back will fail. Known issue on all front loaders. Glad you got the extended warranty.

entertainment channel says:

nice video and nice explination….About lg washing machine

xz8 xz8 says:

Would be very helpful if you post the reference and model.

Shannon Greenwell says:

❤our LG front load washer and dryer!!

Mike Mike says:

Dear god your beautiful… please say your husband is black

CrazyBonez3 says:

Thanks for posting the review. We just got the LG WM9000HVA model with the sidekick and I’m really hoping it works out well. These look just like my Kennmore Elites we just had replaced. They lasted 12 years but we did need a few parts replaced here and there. I believe LG makes Kennmore so here’s hoping you get the same great results. Best wishes! Oh, and that laundry room would be an absolute dream with the right remodel.

Naseem Rahman says:

was it $643 with the pedestal?

CrazyBonez3 says:

P.S. WASH WASH WASH your front loader. The build up will be bad and can damage it if you do not wash your washer. Sounds crazy but its a must with front loaders. They will smell as well if you don’t. Also, always keep door ajar in order for it not to build mildew in the door rubber seal. Lastly, no matter how large, 2 tablespoons should be the max detergent used despite what the bottle says. And it cant be cheap product. They are bad for the washer. Anyhoo, that’s my advice from trial and error and plenty plenty of research. Detergent ruins these machines. (ironically)

SuperMannyMann says:

Are those 4.3 size? they’re HUGE!! I’m waiting on mine but mines are 4.5……so this means they’re gona be that big???

slimchelle says:

hi congrats on your new washer and dryer  your hair is cute

Alex Williams says:

Thanks for the video! Please update this video after 6 years, as LG/Samsung/Whirlpool front-loaders are built the same way, with a aluminum drum spider which is designed to fail after 5-6 years, Planned Obsolescence.

Another example here:

The key is, buy the lowest end model you can knowing it will fail after 5-6 years.

JustMe says:

Your hair is always on point!!

Kym C says:

I bought these last June. I LOVE them, I do wipe,out the rim on the washer and glass on the door as well as empty the detergent drawer when I’m done.


Great video ,wow you said letters from when you and your hubby was teenagers wow that’s weird but cool God bless u y’all

blakaeg says:

Hi from the UK. I find it interesting how Americans have their front loaders on pedestals. We don’t have these available for our washing machines and they have never been available here. They look good for storage of laundry and detergents etc.

James Agans says:

I feel sorry for you Tracie. Everything LG makes is shit. I had a front loader LG it literally walked around the room. I called them and they said it had to be located on a concrete floor. I told the woman “Technician” that our laundry room is on the second floor of a frame constructed house. My 55 inch LG Plasma went up due to cheap ass Chinese Capacitors and stupid engineering that did not properly cool the components. My grandsons phone bricked in a month, and he is very careful with his things. Every LG phone has this problem because of their stupid ball grid assembly attachment of the processor. SOlder is not a good conductor because it suffers from thermal shock VERY BAD ENGINEERING. I built platforms out of 2 x 10’s and 3/4 inch plywood for my washer and dryer screwed and glued together and screwed to floor joists. Very Solid. two cost about 30 bucks. Kenmore is made by Whirlpool they are good.

You should use things for a while before you issue a review Tracie.

Oh Rustoleum is trademark for a paint manufacturer. I guess you meant forming oil from manufacturing.

Eddison Johnson says:

I can’t get it to fully dry my clothes

paul mendrina says:

Just received ours today!! Same set. we paid 599.99 for each of them from PC Richards. We love it!!!

john duynh says:

Nice review miss tracie. I just bought myself an lg pair as well.

Sissy Esters says:

You are school sweet hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. You laundry room looks like mine. Nice.

Noah Taroli says:


Rob Whiff says:

what model washer dryer os this and how has it held up?

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