Review of the Costway Portable 17.6 lb Washing Machine!

Eric puts the Costway Mini Tub Portable Clothers Washer to the test – with a little help from David and Jenna of course!

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Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner, Blue & White

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off grid out west red neck says:

I was just looking at the same one lol on Amazon lol I want to buy one. , do you think its worth the money ?

Sharon G says:


C Fitzgerald. says:

That’s a neat little machine. This is a tool that will be a treasure for you when your traveling

Thinking of Others says:

~~ GREAT VIDEO MY FRIENDS~~~I am always thinking of OTHERS and what a interesting idea for a gift…..Different people in different situations would have a great use for this …note ; I do understand it is a small load….SO please understand because of your video someone will be gifted a way to better their life….Like always my LORD will show me who is in need…..ERIC I pray for your health and mind when your not on the videos ,,,I know you understand my friend………GOD’S JOY~~~

Sherry Ryan says:

I had one of the old models back in the 80s. I will tell you, you will have to do laundry every day to keep up. I can give you a good tip. I washed a load then took them out of washer and wrang them out by hand when it was draining, then I would filled it back up with water and put them back in. I always ran my rinse the full 15 minutes. Then wring out by hand as it drained and did a rinse a second time. with the spinner the less you put in the better. I found it actually got the clothes dryer that way so less time hanging. Good luck. It was great for a young couple with a baby and very little money. Not too sure I would want to have to do laundry like this for a family as large as yours. God bless

Mur Young says:

Oh..I didn’t mention it but I spin the soapy water out before doing the rinsing. I rinse twice. One without softener and the last one using my homemade fabric softener..Mmm smells so good

Mechille says:

I think one of your issues might have been that you didn’t let all the water run out completely each time before refilling again.  Next time you might try that also.  🙂

Mur Young says:

I live in a small condo and don’t like spending my money to wash and dry in our facility. I too, make my own laundry supplies. I own an Avalon Bay Eco Washer. It Is a pressurized hand crank unit which I love! I also own a Nina Soft spin dryer which is wonderful. I just hang my completed laundry on hangers in the shower and hour later can just hang them on the closet. The way they hang, the wrinkles just fall out.. I just just love my system.

50 shades of green says:

my nan use a twin tub washing machine for years it was only retired from use because she moved into a bungalow with had its own washer and dryer built in

Audrey Thomas says:

(1)You should actually find a table or something to sit the washer on so that it is a little higher than the drain hose and also so it is not actually sitting down in the water as it is draining out. (2) There is a fill line inside the washer above the filter. (3) Wash the clothes then as the was water is draining place the clothes in the spinning side to spin that dirty water out then place the back into the washer for a rinse cycle. Then spin a second time, maybe even rinse n spin 2 times just like a regular washer. I absolutely love mine too. I actually got a piece of plywood the width of the bath tub so I could sit it there and it’s above the drain hose which allows gravity to work in your favor.

Pat Miller says:

I agree you got the kids too dirty and you should of rinsed off the clothes before putting in washing machine . Not a good test for a washing machine . The white will come out grey don’t be surprised .

Dixie Fields says:

Glad you seem to like it thus far! We are very grateful for ours, and enjoy using it. We always just hang our clothes on the clothesline (I realize it will depend on where you are staying), and if there is a nice breeze, it helps to eliminate some of the wrinkles. ☺ I used homemade laundry soap for quite some time (and we had some trouble with the extra suds the first time we used our washer), but now I use a magnetic laundry system and LOVE it! It works, saves time, as it elminates the need for the rinse cycle (and the need to make laundry detergent), and helps keep my clothes free from chemicals! With your educational background, I’m sure you’d appreciate the science behind it.
Here’s a link to the website:

Kendra Houston says:

Of you wouldn’t use all that much soap and for me I don’t plan on getting that dirty

Kris K says:

I just ordered this washer from Amazon,, can’t wait to get it..

Linda Webb says:

Eric, did you say that most washers have pork in them?????? I’m not wearing my hearing aids today, so correct me if I’m wrong or please explain if I heard you correctly. Thanks!

Petra Blum says:

and the noise is not to loud either on this mashine.

Rtsy Frtsy says:

Beautiful black dirt you got there. Lucky. I’m on clay and sand. If I want to plant anything I have to dig a deep hole and add better soil and fertilizer.

Itazuke Dee says:

trying to understand how someone with such a big family would find this washer sufficient ??

Becky Wolfe says:

I think you need to spin the clothing between wash and rinse just like regular machines

Jo Ellen Broetzmann says:

I thought I commented but it’s gone, so apologize if I’m repeating. Another thing that would work that Mom had to do as a kid for barn clothes when it was too cold to use the wringer washer was fill the tub, add soap and use a (clean unused for original use) plunger to plunge the clothes. Then let sit to soak and replunge. Then pull plug and walk away for clothes to drain a while then rinse the same way. The only thing bad is that clothes that are wrung out instead of electric dryer always need ironing to look good. Putting bit of white vinegar in rinse takes out residues too. And a few good shakes outside when damp will have a little bit of smoothing effect too. In my youth, Mom used pants stretchers on Dad’s clothes so they were easier to iron. Maybe you could find on ebay? There are really nice indoor clothes lines that fold up like an umbrella. I have seen them on QVC.

Mark Bellows says:

I have seen the reviews for these units and I agree that you should have rinsed the heavy dirt off (kids and all 🙂 ) to get the ‘chunks’ off, then wash the clothes. And less soap – you are using less than a third of the water you would normally use if you fill it to 3/4 full.

I would be interested in seeing your review after a month on the road with it!

Michele Struck says:

I am interested in how it would work on sheets and mattress pads..blankets..etc..

Cheryl Shenkle says:

If you hung really dirty clothes out to dry a bit first, shook off the loose dirt, then washed them it would probably work much better. Also, maybe rinse all clothes by hand first?

WhirledPeasFursure says:

hey, no fair, you made doing the laundry fun by getting dirty first… and wow, did they get muddy, lol…. thanks,, good demo

Dee Powell says:

If you have a small fan you can put in the bathroom to move air to dry faster.

Deborah Kelly says:

I would probably use a little sturdy plastic table to put the washing machine on inside the shower so that the cord is not so close to the water as it is located on the back bottom.

Shirley says:

You need to soak the clothes before you wash them when they are that muddy. After wash you put them in the spinner to get as much soapy water out of them. You then fill the wash tub with clean water to rinse the clothes. If you like you could add just a teaspoon of fabric softer in the rinse water. For safety you should never put the washer right into a bathrub.

Chris Goddard says:

Had one of those after my second child was born 45 years ago. You need to fill rinse all the way. We had no running water so I had to draw the water from the well by hand for four people. Actually worked pretty well

Maryanna Medford says:

Check out Our Little Homestead. She has a natural stain remover/ pre treater that she uses. It has Zote soap,washing soda and borax in it. Works wonders!!!

darangemaster1 says:

youre gonna have more problems getting the mud off their feet and hands than anything else

Melissa Jones says:

Your only supposed to add about 2-3 tbl soap and spin out between wash and rinse. I just bought one for my motorhome. Most people don’t let kids get that dirty. Lol But can happen. They do have little dryers also. The work alot like old hair dryers and dry quickly.

L. M Lowe says:

I believe the type of dirt and the excessive amount of it is the reason there was still some residue left on the clothes from the first wash. I would have rinsed the clothes in a sink or tub first before I tried to wash them.

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