Review: Most Reliable Front Load washer Ever: Speed Queen Front Load AFNE9BSP113TW01

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John McMahan says:

What is the best performing front load washing machine that you know of?

Howard Daley says:

Dude, cause Miele and Bosch were eating thier lunch, Miele been making fl for over 50years and stand behind thier products.

Cliff Chase says:

Always enjoy your videos and upfront commentary. In this video noticed that the washer branding says “Commercial Heavy Duty” – is this washer model meant for home use, is that the branding used on the residential products? I realize the Speed Queen has discontinued their stand alone front load washers for the residential market yet have found an AFNE9BSP115TW01 in stock at a local appliance shop (have not seen it in person), would this model be equivalent in performance/value? Thank you.

fugazi84 says:

Doh! I was looking to buy a SQ FL, but here in Canada it’s really hard. Now that they discountinued it, it will be impossible to buy…. It’s a shame

Robert Przybylowicz says:

I have this washer now but only with the rear control panel, it is 10 months old and I need a new control board in it because 8 out of 10 loads a week will not go into the high speed spin!!! I called speed queen direct and they told me that the control board that increases the speed during the final spin cycle must be failing and they gave me the part # of the board and told me to tell my repair man to order this board as a replacement!!! There are times that the machines will go off balance to the point where it starts bouncing around and slamming into my dryer without shutting down and I have to pause it myself manually, and then there are lots of times where the machine will start spinning perfectly straight but never pick up speed!!! Speed Queen told me that it should not react that way and that there is definitely something wrong with the board and that it should be replaced because it should react to a out of balanced load and shut down automatically and that the speed should increase to 1200 RPM’s when high spin is selected which it don’t… Thank God that this is covered by the warranty because it is a $500 board!!! Will be fixed on Friday so I hope this will put these problems to rest??? Have a good one all!!!

Hoang Tran says:

Do you have any experience with this machine on the second floor laundry room ?

That is my machine , the stage right before picking up to maximum speed , it vibrates and only walks a small bit , say 4 inches. The machine legs are leveled and the shipping bolts are removed. It is on the plastic drain pan.

Given that all my previous 2 washers were front loaders , the floor could have been weakened.

The machine is awesome but I don’t know how to stop the short walking . Do you any other ideas how to stop the walking ?

billy dean says:

I love the idea of a speed queen but would never buy anything from our dealer here in Savannah. I’ve been waiting for them to call me since Oct 2017 to let me know they have a front loader on hand.

joe m says:

These are now discontinued. They are no longer on the website so they may not be available for sale anywhere

Jerrod six says:

There is one downside to this washer that prevents me from considering it for purchase. It does not have an onboard heater. For my conditions I need a washer that is able to heat water and keep it hot and that requires that it have a capable heater. Wish it had one.

Peter S says:

Thank you for posting it is extremely disappointing it has been discontinued. I think they should have just produced fewer of them – I have a LG and I like it but this is a simpler machine and gives you the options you need and is right to the point! If I was able to afford it I would have bought one! Speed Queen should just get out of the home laundry business – especially with that new TL disaster that is a waste of money!

Robert Lesaca says:

What material is the spider arm made of? I hope its not aluminum like LG & sumsung that corrodes so quick.

joe m says:

They are discontinuing these. But keeping the stackable washer and dryer. The problem with those is the dryer sits on top of the washer so if your dryer vent is close to the floor which is quite common , venting the dryer that way will be a problem because it will restrict the airflow

Howard Daley says:

Once you go German fl, you never look back. Trust me, get your hands on one and you’ll see what I mean.

Daniel Le says:

$1500 is about 2X the cost of other front loaders out there..i would rather pay 1500 and sleep easier at night.


Anyways I’m sure SQ will quit Residential market in 2019…

Steve says:

Do you know anything about the FR3001WN model by chance? Was it anything similar to this? It was a 2018 model i think, they had it for such a short time and now its also gone 🙁

John Garcia says:

Do Tide Pods work OK in these front load Speed Queens?

randomrazr says:

can u still buy these

Z31Rider says:

Lorain Furniture does this washer use direct drive motor like LG ? is it a belt less washer? I’m thinking between Speed Queen, LG, and Kenmore Elite. Any suggestions?

Monika Andrzejewska says:

Adorei Adorei Adorei Adorei Adorei Adorei Adorei Adorei

Yvonne Morales says:

I have the SQ stackable in our apartment and I love it…Was looking to purchase a SQ front loader because I was moving into a house with a laundry room and they no longer make them.. What is a good front loader brand that washes well and is reliable? It is very annoying to have to purchase a new washer dryer every 3-4 years… And I really don’t want to purchase a stackable when I actually have a laundry room that fits a side by side machine in my home…

petermazbabie says:

You did a fantastic review Speed Queen should have your commission check in the mail ASAP. I agree with everything you said when you compared the LG washer cleaning performance to this keep in mind, that even the max setting on the heavy duty cycle is shorter than the normal cycle on the LG (which I to owned at one time). There is no sensing and adding a cup of water on so on with this washer which you pointed out. The commentary was great it really is a shame that the washer has been discontinued because your review would definitely push sales for them, keep up the great work!

joe scott says:

I live about an hour from Ripon Wi. I just don’t understand what SQ. Is thinking with there business model by discontinuing these high quality machines. I own a 2017 top loader that works beautifully. I see Maytag commercial reclaim Some former glory perhaps.

Howard Daley says:

My Aunt’s Bauknecht 488 ‘s would make Speed Queen, throw in the towel, (no pun intended) it would boil whites that looked like the driven snow.

Ed Ralls says:

I heard that speed queen is going to stop sales of front load machines to the residential home use in March of 2018. Is that true?

joe m says:

I’ve had mine for over a year. Great machine

wizziwash says:

check out my washing machine reviews on my channel! more appliances coming soon!

Marvin Elder says:

You sound like a salesman for Speed queen.

TheCrayCrayGirl says:

Beware of black rubber seals. They tend to go stiff after a couple years

umajunkcollector says:

So your top faves would be SQ, LG and Maytag?
Whirlpool gets cheaper quality and junky with their planned obelesence.

Bruce Solomon says:

Honestly if you had this machine and your Kitchenaid in your house you could keep your washers polished and running like a Rolls and a Bentley for as long as you’re interested in having the Rolls and Bentley of fine domestic laundry equipment. I’d have three layers of silicone car polish on them as I’m sure you do something similar. There’s nothing like that “I’m set!” feeling. I faintly remember it..

CrestwoodRocks says:

I thought this washer senses during the spin cycle

Christopher Toft says:

How about doing ketchup stain on Speed Queen front load washer.

Ed Ralls says:

What front load washer would might try to takes it place?

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