REVIEW: Does the $300 Washer Actually Work? Amana NTW4516FW and Conservator VAW3584GW

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Bill says:

Perhaps a good washer for a cabin or beach house.

Chelsea Awah says:

How do I turn it off?

S LT says:

Thanks for this thorough video. Question: I like to first fill the tub, then add detergent or bleach, let everything mix evenly, and then add my clothes in (I just push the clothes in gently). Is this possible with this washer?

Washerlad 2014 says:

Now id like to see a comparison between this and the 2018 Speed Queen washer! 🙂

BroccoliQueefed says:

Amana my foot. That’s a WHIRLPOOL. Whirlpool has become a brand name hog

ACER 7560 says:

I’ve had this washer and dryer going on 2 years this summer. I’ve never had a single problem with the dryer. This washer is a lot better than some of the crap that’s out now especially the new speed queens. The biggest downer on this washer for me is that I don’t believe the auto sensing I’ve never seen it partially fill the washer, regardless of the size it has always filled the tub. The washing action is pretty good. Ive noticed a lot of people saying this washer will break down and not to fill it up well I’ve always have full loads and I wash 2 times a week and it’s never had problems so idk what to believe on this one it’s definitely not the best but for people like me that just want a basic washer like they should be then this is the best for your money.

scott l says:

Does this the the exact same wash action as the cheaps of Amana,Roper, WP, Kenmore?

Bruce Solomon says:

Your Kitchenaid could turn a queen size comforter too.

RCM says:

I had the Roper version of this at a place I clean (housekeeper) it lasted about 3 years then the control board failed. But it did do a great job

Katherine Jones says:

My Amana washer does not fill to cover the clothes, has no way to pause. I would say DO NOT PURCHASE. Older washers are much better. New ones will not allow choices on part of owner and do no clean!!!!~

Gary Clark says:

I have a roper and it washes great. Has lasted longer than any washer we’ve owned. Our Maytag lasted 3 years. The fisher paycal 3 years. 10 years for this roper with no repairs.

Anthony Stokes says:

Sure a $300 washer can clean your clothes, but will it work for 25 years? Better get a Speed Queen! oh you can’t sell Speed Queen any more can you!! lol

Shepherd Wolf VGCPE, UTTPH & AKKTK says:


Tiffany Goforth says:

I had crosley washer and it last 5 years and it a was a cheep washer but sadly it took finally took out and I got me a new and my dryer is Amana and it five years old and it still going.

Daniel Le says:

i rather get this than the new high efficiency top loaders.

Cathy Saunders says:

Great video, Lorain Furniture. It would have been slightly better if you had the small load fill up with the auto sensing so we could see how well the auto sensing works. That has been a complaint with many washers…that the auto sensing doesn’t fill the tub enough for the clothes. The sound of the spin cycle would have been good to hear since noise is also a huge problem that people are not happy about. I really liked how you explained about certain parts being poor quality. Showing the queen comforter was awesome since that was a big concern of mine. That was the one thing I’ve had to do at the laundromat all these years since my washer was a little too small for it. Also, is there a better “well-made” washer that you would recommend that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Quality of everything made today is certainly not like it used to be. My washer of 30+ years just died two months ago…and I bought it used so I don’t know how long the previous owners had it. I only paid $100 for it and only had to replace the drain hose a year ago. Nothing else in all the years I had it. Thanks for your honest reviews. Much appreciated.

Völl Däpp says:

Folks, whats going on here? Why do Americans stick to this 1940’s “Agitator” design? We have 2018 now and tumbler machines are around since like 60 years now. I mean european-style frontloader tumbler whasher (I believe in the US they are called “High Efficiency Washer”) use less water, less energy, dry the laundry with up to 1400 RPM (less energy n the dryer needed) have higher laundry capacity, and don’t tear the laundry.

Until now I thought the reason might be that the “traditional agitator whasher” is much cheaper then the typical european-style frontloader tumbler whasher . But 300$ ? That is not even cheap for a cheap machine, if you know what I mean. You can purchase on Amazon Germany BOSCH tumbler machines from 350€, thats inclusive tax.
Cheap noname frontloader tumbler whasher can can be about 250€ inc tax.

So again: Whats going on?

Peter Sibilski says:

I’m in the process of buying this based on your videos. Thanks for all the videos!
Do you know what the part number is if you wanted to add a fabric softener?

Bruce Solomon says:

Bahaha. Even the original Whirlpool belt drives were known for dancing and hopping around on three legs. I keep saying that if Whirlpool upgraded some components on this machine and got the water level at the golden mean of efficient but ample on the first fill it could be a quality machine that they could sell in huge quantities for many more years. I’d jump at the chance if they’d upgrade the components and add a prewash cylce as they did Whirlpools did. In my opinion even back years ago, the Whirlpools were better at washing than other machines. I’d like to see them equipped with the curved bottom tub but in stainless across the line and not the flat bottom tub on the Maytag version. However a 4.2 capacity would be great. Finally there is one other feature that was always rare among washers that I’d like to see as well. A feature that was only available on upper level Dependable Carevand also on the better FilterFlo GEnmachines was the ability to run a full llegnth regular wash cylcle with gentle agitation for bed linens, table cloths and light colored knitsvand wools.
Until the last generation of Speed Queens, Speed Queen never washed as well as Whirlpool’s direct drives but were always known as he most durable washers. Maytag’s cleaned very well but even the last Dependble Care and Atlantis washers were subpar at lint removal compared to the WP direct drives. That leaves fabric care. The Whirlpool dd could be rather harsh but the Kitchenaid had the right speed. I don’t think that the agitation on the VMW could ever be accused of over beating clothing so that’s out of the way.

Neo 008 says:

from what i heard, ALL front load units need replaced every five years

frank ping says:

The water level seems not sensing at all, for the few cloth load I see a lot of water, all these machines work like this?

edward lyons says:

I have a ge hydro wave it might rip clothes but shit It dose a good job on clothes but when I but in a California king comforter and a queen comforter it cleaned it so well and bedding it dose great because I have huge blankets and sheets

craigsclocks says:

If money wasn’t a problem and you need a new washer what would it be? That top pick.

riverice7 says:

Miami Home Depot $420

Smurdle450 says:

Can you upload the overload tests?

Kirk Douglas says:

whirlpool wtw4816fw top load washer full

bg147 says:

I bought a pair of Ropers back in 20008 for less than $500 with delivery. I had multiple discounts but my point is they work well. They are Whirlpools.

bogus696996 says:

I’m curious to know what would you consider a really good washer in 2018 in the 500-800 dollar range? Something that fills with water and gets clothes clean? I’m looking right now and will buy something tomorrow or saturday

Ryan says:

What was the best washing machine you’ve ever tested? I’m curious as to what I might buy.

Reactionary says:

What are the “more expensive Whirlpool and Kenmore versions of this same machine?”

Carlos Clayton says:

We have a Admiral same platform however is spins faster. However, three year’s is a long time to me. I mean by that time who knows where your money could be by then.

scott l says:

Why $400 now? Trump tariffs?

Eric jones says:

It still looks weak compared to washers made 10 years ago.

Bruce Solomon says:

At that price you should sell a ton of them. A pair for the price of one average machine!

Peter S says:

Thank you for posting – it is a lot of washer for $300 – you can get a full tub of water and it moves the clothes and cleans well. Certainly better than that new speed queen at a fraction of the cost difference! sad but this has become a very disposable world!

ZZ ZZ says:

dont let speed queen hear you about this review or they may get mad again lol
nice review but would like to know about noise levels
My KitchenAid took a hard break after 23 years yes 23 years , they dont make them like they used to

Jeremiah Fix says:

Whirlpool, made a mistake? :]

Brittany Moneymaker says:

I have an Amana dryer and so far it’s great!

bogus696996 says:

bought one today (Amana version)based on your review. 399.00. wish me luck!!! Ill let you know in a few weeks/months how its going. Its a lot quieter than my maytag atlantis top load matv634aww

Bruce Solomon says:

Con serve a tore.

C Franzosa says:

Searching for washer and dryer. I met a guy that said SQ has great spin drum that doesn’t go off balance. Its pricey!!! I have Whirlpool washer that lasted almost 18 years, now conked out (I fixed it myself four times over the year and had to hire a guy to replace the agitator part cuz my son in law put too much load and it went off balance that got the metal piece grinded off and I can’t fix it myself by pulling out from the bottom to replace). I really want to get new Whirlpool. I saw Amana and am not sure if its good. I was surprised that SQ doesn’t clean as well as Amana like you stated.

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