Review: Best Front Load Washer Ever? LG Front Load WM3770HWA

My review of the WM3770HWA. One of my all time favorite washers.


Lưu Ngọc Ánh says:

and lg top load

Ed Ralls says:

What make and model of front load washer would be a choice for a budget of about 650.00?

craigsclocks says:

Hey Guy, Did you get my question from a day or two ago? PS. Your forgiven for what ever your asking for forgiveness for has been done. LOL

Jose Rivas says:

Excellent review on a front load washer im in the look for a front load washer and im liking this one. My aunt has a samsung washer for 2 years and its been working very good. And the mold issue nothing why? Because i ALWAYS wipe the GASKET and leave the door CRACKED OPEN like you said follow those instruction and you will never have any issues thanks for the review on this lg .

Jimmy Kitley says:

Hey Eugene, I would first like to say that I really like your channel! I have a question, how is the load balancing/ spin on this washer? I unfortunately purchased a samsung front load washer a while back, and it almost never can balance/ spin a load. Its soooo frustrating, and my worst fear is to encounter this problem with another front loader. Right now this washer is my #1 choice for a replacement, and I just want to be certain that I don’t encounter this problem when I purchase this washer. One thing is for certain STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG. Thanks.

Terri Orf says:

Do you have any opinion on at the Electrolux 617?

SuperJeremi10 says:

On a front loader I like to do cold washed my clothes fad quicker but can i come out okay if I do all the hot washes last like whites because I do have quite a few loads that are warm to hot washes. Usually my colors jeans darks and delicates are all cold wash then towels whites sheets bedding are all warm to hot washes I have a speedqueen top loader I love it but I been wondering still if I should have got a larger capacity front loader larger bedding dog beds pillows etc the top loader does great but I wanted to decrease the amount of loads I do.

mama ty says:

I dont have mildew if I leave the door open (Samsung front loader). I have never used clean cycle (8yrs)

Mr Scowl Face says:

For the cold water too, they make tide for cold water, and method bottles say they’re safe for cold water use

craigsclocks says:

Hi Eugene, I have an 10 year old GE front load washer in need of the drum bearings replaced. I did get the bearings but do you feel that its worth the fix? Mod # WSXH208A1WW I do have the dryer as well still working. My home warranty gave me a new washer GE GFWN1600J1WW instead of fixing my old one so is one better than the other or whats your opinion?

pat cola says:

Does the built in water heater get the water very hot ? What is considered hot now ? Under 120°F?.
What makes this better than the whirlpool equivalent ? spraying nozzles ? easier to work on? Coin trap ?
Sorry for all the questions.

Lưu Ngọc Ánh says:

more clip about lg wm3770 please

Jenna Black says:

Thank you for the excellent review. Do you know how much water is added with the water plus option on your Lg washer? I am referring to the other Lg washer you mentioned. Thanks!

Turd McGurk says:

I have a Kenmore elite, whirlpool cabrio equivalent. It’s a top load HE machine. Regardless of the setting this machine just won’t get clothes clean, which seems to be an issue others have with it. Does this machine do well on heavily soiled clothing?

David Lee says:

Excellent and thorough review Eugene! Thanks for answering my question about rinsing. And I’m so happy you gave a lesson on why you shouldn’t wash in cold water or use too much soap. My mother in law has a similar LG washer (WM4370HKA) and she absolutely LOVES it. I’ve had many opportunities to use her washer myself and am very pleased with it’s performance.

Anonarchist says:

Hate those damn bellows on front loaders.

Jenny Dean says:

Thank you for saving me from the 2018 Speed Queen top loader. I will be buying this front load LG washer instead. If I lived up where you are, I would buy this machine from your store! Again, thank you so much!

Gary Karczewski says:

Thank you! The typical question is Front Loader like this or a submersible wash via the Maytag Commercial for best bang for buck and cleaning performance as well as durability. For my circumstance I am single wash clothes about every other week typically do 3 small loads based on fabric and color. I don’t really get very dirty like a construction worker.

joe m says:

Is this a really huge washer compared to the speed queen.?

Mr Scowl Face says:

Did you know detergent is not soap? It doesn’t even really kill germs. It just makes clothing very slippery and that in turn makes it very easy for dirt to be lifted out easily. They make Lysol laundry sanitizer bottles that actually kill the germs in the laundry. But you have to put it in during the rinse cycle and allow it to go for 16 minutes to Sanitize the clothing and to kill the germs

Kris McCaffrey says:

Have you ever used a Miele?

Kendon Morris says:

I have a question

bshomb says:

Have a 2011 LG similar to this one. Have been really happy with it, except for speed. Last week it developed a leak, and unfortunately it’s coming from the tub. They do have a lifetime warranty on that, but you’d be out a couple hours of labor to repair a machine at half it’s life if I’m lucky. Would like to get another LG, but $950 is a lot for 7 years of use.

Christopher Abnett says:

are you familiar with the WM2688 (2007)? it was the blue one with the LCD screen, i have a love / hate relationship with that machine. my 2688 has never broke down in the 11 years ive had it.. however i have had serious issues with stink.. no matter how much I leave the door open.. how much I clean the filters, seals, etc.. I never use cold wash.. always hot or warm..(often i use steam) i use pods, never use fabric softener in the washer..I do tub wash cycle, I clean the lower filters, the drawer area, etc.. plus it goes off balanace easy no matter what i do.. has this new washer addressed these issues? im so ready t ogo bac kto a top loader.. an old machine.. however I really like the front loader.. help me out.. Love / hate my LG.. i want to love an LG again. i always use water plus and still seems like its not fresh smelling. i run big loads in my 2688 and it doesnt seem to hurt it.

FAUguy23 says:

There is a new Samsung WW22N6850QX front load that using two Quick Drive motors that is now out in the US. Would love to see it working.

ErrorError says:

“Just great” results? Which in your experience is the best? Preferably something available new these days?

Thank you for all the amazing detailed videos! I wish I lived in Ohio, I’d buy from you in an instant.

Christopher Aimi says:

We have new model WM4370HWA and have experienced sudsy residue on rubber gasket and door? We are using little HE detergent. My previous machine was a LG front load and we did not have this problem. Appreciate any comments.

AmericaLovesRob says:

Any chance of seeing the speed wash cycle?

Bruno Pereira says:

11:40 You can´t clean something whit something dirty…like you can not clean a floor with a dirty mop … same whit the washers

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