Portable Washing Machine: Save ‘Loads’ of Money!

Here is a link to this machine: Link: http://a.co/d/4V11QmS
*****This video explains why an inexpensive portable washing machine is good for the pocket book and good for the environment. This channel highlights my tips and tricks for living well and abundantly (and even joyfully) while having to stick to an extreme budget

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Chavon Matthews says:

This is so neat! Thank you for sharing this great idea.

Gabriel White says:

Wait 2 & a half months to pay that off,, wait what my kid got coins in her room she can pay for that with a quickness

elecity says:

Omg wish I knew this existed when I didn’t have a washerdryer

Panchita Bell says:

Nice ,thanks for sharing.

mor lahav says:

e a s y b a k e w a s h e r

Jillian Worrell says:

My mom recommended this for me since I moved into my first place. Thanks for showing how simple this! This is perfect for small loads and I’m definitely getting this now !

Amanda Shepherd says:

I have one. And i love it! I use borax with detergent to use even less soap. It also helps the laundry dry without being stiff. Vinegar is great as a softener or to remove things like smoke from fabric.

Spice Rice says:

Looks like a boob cleaner

kissuo3o says:

Back in the day they used to sell something similar to this except it was much bulkier and we foot crank it… it did not have a dryer side… you would just put the clothes in and foot crank it so it would spin dry with just air… now i have a washer dryer but whenever I feel the need to workout I wash some pet toys in it… ha ha

david chappel says:

Where do u buy this

Diana Lee says:

This would be awesome for delicates !!!!

Oh Alexis says:

I saw this on Ig, now on here! My FBI agent is working hard

Rodrigo says:

Here in Brazil those small washing machines made of plastic are very popular, it’s been like that for ages actually, but I’ve never saw one so portable before.

Quinn ' says:

When I seen it on Instagram I looked like a Barbie & ken toy and I thought a bigger one would be better . NOW seeing your video Ima wondering if me & my husband should invest in a “portable washer”

Nehemiah Francis says:

This is what the people of Cuba use to wash their clothes.

Arlo Tropic says:

Gonna be washing all day

Kautiepye247 says:

Interesting contraption. Definitely not for everyone though.

Gao Joua Vang says:

This is great. Where I live its $6 to wash your clothes then another $6 to dry. So I’d be saving a lot of money. Especially since I don’t have to pay the water or electricity bill in my apartment it’s all included.

MsToxicToaster says:

….. I like tiny stuff… I wanttttt

Beronica Frias says:

I am a single mother of one kid. An in a budget an going to the laundry was a struggle with my son. I bought one of this mini machines an OMG!!! LOVE IT. SAVES ME TIME AN MONEY AM I DON’T WAIST ALOT OF WATER AN SOAP.!!! SPIN DRIES PERFECT.. JUST HANG IT AN LET DRY…AWESOME.

Carl Lafleur says:

Looks like you have to hold it during the spin cycle

BasicallyBrentt says:

Ugh how did this become an essential oil ad

Rainy Rojas says:

I bet you musty bitch

Anna Dawson says:

Welp, im getting one.

Suzy 20 says:

It’s called semi-automatic/manual washing machine, where it has separate tub for washing/rinsing and spin function. In Asia, this is very common until now, but not as popular as in the 90’s, especially now people prefer the automatic one (one tub only).

Alphaslaro69 says:

Depression is not a joke,lady.

Princesslatera Andrez says:

Dose it leak from the bottom?

kara moats says:


Quityne Rodrigo says:

May i know the brand and wattage? A little bigger of this is good..here in ph we call it twin tub washing… u can put hose on those so u dont have to carry pails of water…. i use 6kg of washer with 6.5dryer it was way bigger,.. this one is cute… may i know the wattage of this washer?

Kash C says:

But you can get washer machine or dryer for 68 bye

Chicken sandwich says:

i thought this was a joke at first. it looked like a toy.

LenVrijhof says:

1:32 two? hilarious.

JoeEastern says:

I need one! Thanks for the tips

YETI JUST ATE A DOG with shit and piss says:

This looks so cool

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