Panda Portable Washing Machine Review

Panda Portable Washing Machine Review

Here is a link to the Panda Washer.


jbooks888 says:

Can you tell me what is the spin speed (RPM) of the dryer? Thanks.

Jozy DLC says:

I bought one this week after watching this video I did a small test with a small load. So far I liked how it works and how clean the clothes came out but won’t know fully till I get the spin dryer to do a real load of my work clothes in a complete laundry cycle.

PS I like how quite it is, as well as it is bigger than I expected.

truckin john says:

as a truck driver i would like to know what the watts it need to run

Gina 1965 says:

Great tips. Good video.

Robert Yandt says:

Hello. .I just bought one used it today…trial run I did 3 loads. one load was too big so I broke it up. I placed it beside my sink and ended up running to with buckets full of water. So I made a place for it beside my tub..much better..can’t wait to do the next wash! ..great product!

Amen Sheani says:

mAn… Way too much talking and not much showing nothing… The Gravity is for drain only Not for Filling up… inlet If you put the hose on Tap and run water to fill it it don’t need any gravity to fill it, pressure from faucet will do the job.

peepla7 says:

Thank you….I’ve been using too much soap. Now I know why.

A McGuire says:

Thank you for your video. I just purchased a panda on amazon as a result. I cannot wait to cut my wash time down significantly. I have the wonder wash too. I’ll keep that for my jacket, sheets and light blankets.

Pamela Rising says:

Hi I loved your review! I bought the same set up and actually tried your tip with the sponges. It worked. I also stuck felt pads on each foot. This held me until I received the anti-vibration pads from Amazon. They were under $5. They work like a charm! Love the alternative spinner, gets the clothes so they are just damp. Both are used by a family Member and she washes her sheets, one full sheet with a pillow case at a time. They also fit well into the spinner. She also has a laundry pod for her delicates
All three work well in her little apartment. She doesn’t disturb anyone and it saves her money.

lillicobarb says:

You should be able to cut down the amount of powder that you are using to about a teaspoon in that size machine. Detergent manufacturers are interested in selling their product, therefore they will always tell you to use too much. My washing machine mechanic suggested that I reduce what I use in my much larger front loader. I was already only using 1/2 to 1 TBS. now, for small loads, I only use 1 tsp. & for large, v dirty loads, I use barely 1TBS. :-).

justrosie1 says:

My little spin dryer just like yours died after many years of hard work. Looking for a mini twin tub washer now. Like your review.  Also have a “wonder washer” over 10 years old still going strong.

mark layton says:

its basically just a bucket of soapy water …… instead of wasting money on this crap – just buy a cheap bucket in Walmart

Liv! Damnit says:

I found a Panda that looks similar to this one but also had a spin part. It only had one review and I cant find any other taking about it. I really need something this small that can also do a spin cycle if anyone knows anything please tell me. Thanks

Jeff Arthur says:

I don’t believe the machine will do one pair of my pants , I’m out

Nora Steel says:

Thank you so much for the info…I had no idea there were products like this!  wow!

LaTasha Ursin says:

Can you do one of the luctroluex mini portable/wall mount washer too? There are reviews on it, but they are not in English.

Bea, Honey dog and me says:

This is my fourth attempt at finding a good video on this product. 4th! And counting. Wow.

Natalie Petcoff says:

“Let ‘er rip, tater chip.” Awesome

Goodolboy One says:

Just an update here… After doing a great deal of looking, and getting other folks views on the washers, I chose to go with the Panda XPB45. It’s the larger model. I washed two pair of Levis, and two Dickies heavy duty T-Shirts at the same time, and I’m very impressed. The panda done a great job washing, When I used the spinner, It spins supper fast, and my Levies was dang near dry. I’m very satisfied with the Panda XPB45, It’s gonna be a great addition to my RV….. I want to say thanks to everyone for their input…. And a special thanks to you FullTimeinMyRv, Thank you for sharing your video with everyone…..

Robert Yandt says:

I recently bought the Spinner Washer..they make an awesome pair..a MUST buy for single people. the only thing I wash at the laundrymat in my bed sheets. Saves alot of miney!

Nurse Calls says:

Lord! People actually ranted about needing you to tell them how much soap to use in a mini portable washing unit? Answer: 1/4 or one quarter of a full cup of laundry soap. You did a very through review. Great job!

victoria gomez says:

why dont you rinse the soap off?

owen mills says:

where does the white hose the big one

Shelly Giggey says:

Thumbs up! Pretty neat :). Thanks for posting this.

bellylaughing says:

May I suggest adding a little vinegar in the rinse water to help get the soap out? Been doing it for years and the clothes do NOT smell of vinegar, but then I just use a little.

حسين حسين says:

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Victoria Hinton says:

For all the futzin’ you do with this thing, it would be just as easy to wash by hand.

geraldine cownden says:

I can not hear anything. The video is useless.

Vianey Flores says:

Donde puedo adquirir estas lavadoras aquí en México DF

face of just ice says:

I was hesitant to buy this but because of this review I bought it and I’m sooo glad I did ,its awesome I love it …and its actually a little bigger than it looks here …I would recommend it for small apartments or a studio like I have.

irvin arias says:

does this leave clothes completely dry? or do I have to hang it outside for it to keep drying? I live in a studio and have nowhere to hang clothes to dry.

The Spiritually Charged Life says:

You did an awesome job reviewing this product. In the video you had it 6 months, do you still have it and if so how is it working and did you have any issues with it in the past 3 years?

Tazzinary Del Cid says:


Graverson X says:

Try Ordro cameras. They work great.

m says:

That was such a complete review, & included tips! I live in a walk up apt.,no washers in the basement either– bummer! I’ve seen this at a friend’s place & will be getting one. The tip you gave about folding the clothes the way you did for the spinner I can see works great. My friend has one of those as well & it does bounce around a bit compared to yours, so I’ll keep that in mind & will tell her about that tip. Thanks a lot!

j3nnie99 says:

thumbs up for the sponge trick!!

Goodolboy One says:

Awesome video, Thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if that will wash a pair of jeans ? I’m a levi’s & T-Shirt kinda guy, I do have western shirts as well, and I’m betting you can get at least three of those shirts in there. Main concern is the Levi’s.. Will it take car of one pair ? My 5th wheel rv is set up for washer dryer but the cost for me is a bit to much. One of these and the little spin dryer would be great……

A McGuire says:

Update. I just used my Panda for the first time today after work I love it. I got a week’s worth of work clothes done in under 75 mins. I love it.

Gayle Crabtree says:

We’re looking into one for our van camper. The sponge is a good idea. Thanks for sharing about it. Love the “let her rip, tater chip” saying you used. 🙂

Robbin Hobdy says:

if you add too much soap , add a little bit of fabric softer, it will get rid of the soap.

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