Panda Compact Washing Machine Review After 6 Months

I bought my daughter the Panda Portable Washing Machine 6 months ago for her tiny apartment. The Panda compact washing machine portable washing machine works great. It is easy to fill and simple to operate. The Panda washing machine fits in small spaces, and allows you the convenience to do your laundry without carrying heavy laundry to the laundry room or laundromat. The Panda washer works great, and has held up beautifully with lots of use. We use the Panda compact double tub washing machine for everything from jeans to towels, and even wash queen size sheets. The Panda washer holds way more clothing than I thought, and does a fabulous job of cleaning and spinning until nearly dry. It is convenient, and quick. Wash a few things or a lot, you fill it to the level you choose. Wash timer to 15 minutes, spin to five. I even just let things soak. You control everything. If you live in a small space and hate going to the laundry, get a Panda Compact Washing Machine!



Panda Compact Washing Machine


Tammy Cooper says:

Oops maybe

Tammy Cooper says:

I’m getting the 8 to 9 pound one but many not this one holds lots

Mitchell Henderson says:

Do you plug it into an outlet or how does it get its power? Thanks!

Cheeky Lass says:

My roommate and I want to get somethin that will fit in a NYC apartment ahaha, I think we just found it!!!!

finn harrison says:

Where is the space saver from?!

Chris Flegg says:

Totally random question here, but where do you have your toilet paper?! Good review by the way! 

Tata Heard says:

Do you have to use the spin cycle if you have a portable dryer

Beautifully S says:

do the machine shack on the floor or make any noise I live in a Duplex home upstairs and don’t want my neighbors below to hear loud disturbing noise?

Ernestine Tiggs says:

Do it leak.

Anna Arma says:

can u]yo rinse the clothing in the spinner? I see what looks like an outlet for water at the top right corner.

T.M. Black says:

Thank you for creating this post. I’ve been looking for an apartment sized washer and dryer that wouldn’t break the bank and would still get the job done.  I’m SO sick of going to the laundromat every week.  It’s just my daughter and I here and, I would gladly do a little bit of laundry ever night verses going to the laundromat once a week.  I’ve also seen reviews for the Panda Compact dryer and, I think I’m going to invest in one of each.  In the long run I know it will pay for itself in just a couple of months.

Shay Anderson says:

great review im sold on getting one

Tina P says:

Thank you for this little review.  I have been looking for a portable washing machine because I won’t have hookups for conventional one in my apartment.  I looked at the mini panda but was worried about having to ring out the clothes and the amount of drying time that it would take.  This Is exactly what I’m looking for.  Can you tell me where you purchased this?  Thank you.

Abraham Camacho says:

what about the hose for the water? Can i add a longer one? what kind of hose does it come with?

jasan509 says:

I have the panda but I’m having a tough time with lint and static clothes. Any advise? Thanks

I say says:

Even if it has big room that doesn’t mean to top it up with 5 jeans ne time. The spinning thing which is running in the bottom can not stand such heavy weight and it will stop working one day. Clothes like jeans in the water gains more weight. It’s too heavy for the machine to take 5 jeans or towels one time.

Christie Mclay says:

I assume you don’t need frantic softener? If so, when do you use it? I seen videos of people washing their clothes from the panda but I don’t see using any franc softener..

Akamai Leilani says:

thank you so much for this video. I’ve been struggling hard to decide if I should get the Panda or another brand (that doesn’t have a drain pump but costs less). you’ve really helped make my decision easier!

Lynn Jarrett says:

Hoe do you finish drying your clothes?

Lisa Austin says:

i have been searching everywhere to solve my problem with it. the little tab inside the washer snags my clothes and even puts holes in some of them! you can hear it snag and then the agitator just thuds under the clothes rather than spinning them. i’m not happy. i just want to know how to fix it!

Tasha Harris -Tashaluvsyou says:

ty ty ty 🙂

Zhan ZS says:

How much did you pay for it?

Katherine Compton says:

Where do I go to get one, please.

StrawberryQwik says:

Nice video; great info. Thanks

Yes You says:

Can it work both side …wash and spin. Together at same time: one side washing and the other side spinning?Have you done this?
Or only one side at a time?

Ria Campbell says:

Oh gosh I want one! Question though, what would you say the footprint is on the electric bill?

Katherine Compton says:

Compared to a regular sized washer, how many loads does it take to make up the same amount of laundry for a regular load?  And thank you for your help!

Old Soul Indigo says:

How do you get the soap out of the clothes once it’s finished washing?

Weemus Studio says:

This is great and we love your website! What’s the best or your preferred way to support it. Thanks AG!

Jennifer Kohl says:

When I tried the machine for the first time, I saw a lot of lint and was discouraged but the second time I used it, I saw hardly no lint at all. I love the machine. To fill the machine with water, I use a hand held shower hose which makes it easier than using a pail from the tub. It washes really well. Awesome!!!

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