Panda Compact Washing Machine 1 Year Review

Over one year ago I bought the Panda Compact Washing Machine for my daughter who lives in a small apartment. She has used it about 300 times in the last year, and I have used it when I visit her. The Panda Washing Machine is sturdy, made well, and performs with no problems. The Panda Compact Washing Machine hoses have lasted, the washing machine mechanisms all work, the entire Panda Washing Machine still looks like new. If you are looking for a dependable compact washing machine that will continue to perform for you, try the Panda Compact Washing Machine. Say goodbye to the laundromat. I think the Panda Compact Washing Machine will keep going for a long time! If you are looking for a washing machine for an apartment, dorm, motor home, RV, or any small space, check out the Panda Washing Machine. Watch how to use the Panda Compact Washing Machine and see the features of the hoses, plug and wash tubs. You can see more videos and read about the Panda Compact Washing Machine at my website



Panda Compact Washing Machine


kelvin rivera Lopez says:

DOES it waste much energy?, after reading all the good reviews I just purchased it (it should arrive in 1 week) is it energy efficient? I was thinking of using only the washer until i see the first energy bill, so the next bill ill use to see howw much it consumes.

Amy Case says:

I just purchased the Panda after doing a lot of research. It will be delivered this Saturday and I am so looking forward to using it for the first time! I live in a 377 sq ft apartment and the small size will be perfect. Thank you for your videos they have really reassured me that I have made a good choice.

Carol R says:

Never mind. I did some more viewing and Googling and found my answers. In case others need to know. the inlet on the spinner side is so you can add water there and turn the spinning into a proper rinse/spin cycle. And no, you don’t have to remove wet laundry before draining. Can’t wait to try out the machine!

Larry Baumgardner says:

I live in a travel trailer and going to the laundry mat just disgusts me, so i have spent a year doing the bathtub stomp & rinsing with the shower.  its not so bad but wringing out pants and towels are a pain by myself.  so I have spent 3 days watching videos and reading reviews.  this seems to simply be the best for my needs and heavy duty enough to stand up to my needs but portable enough I can move from the kitchen to use and the shower stall for storing, but able to lift out of the shower stall when I shower,,,handy/compact/sturdy & mobile with a spin cycle..  you have sold me. I ordered mine tonight,,,no more bathtub stomp and wringing out pants by hand,,, yay me

MrJayOkane says:

What a great review. Thank you, This or one like this is perfect for my tiny place. You’re so informative that you sold it to me lol.

TheStPierre says:

Just bought one used once on Craigslist for $40. Can’t wait. Hope is works out for our lifestyle.

mav geo says:

Thanks for your video! encouraged me to purchase this item. Keep making videos your great!

James Kazuma says:

How did you not get any leaks? I had mine hanging on my spout over the counter and the counter cut it and got it leaking. I also saw your 6 month video and did the drain hose ever fall off? I tried hanging it and it just shoots out so it falls on the floor and gets my wood floors soaked. Mine has also leaked on the bottom and now it’s messed up the wiring and wont drain anymore….I’m ordering a new one and am gonna try to baby my new one better but hopefully I don’t get any issues on the next one gonna order the bigger 10lb one

maryjomatey says:

What model is this panda?? What are the dimensions ??

Camille Moreau says:

Your videos helped me to decide to buy a Panda. Thanks for taking the time to make these reviews.

Peggy Johnson says:

Hi AlaskaGranny. Can you tell me how to remove the agitator on the bottom of the panda washer? My machine is not draining well and I think it’s clogged. Has anyone else been able to remove the bottom agitator to clean it out? I’d really like to know. Thanks!


I have an avanti portable automatic washing machine

B. S. productions says:

Thanks for your video tutorials and endorsement of the Panda. The laundry facilities in my apartment building are inadequate, and the Panda is a good solution to the problem. I just got mine a few days ago, and by the time it arrived I had watched all your videos on the product, which taught me how to use it correctly from the outset. Thanks!

Julie Sheehy says:

Hi Alaska Granny(although you look too young to be a ‘granny’). I’m trying to decide which Panda combo to get. Live in small apt. What is difference between Panda combo model # XPB36 and the abit smaller version model # PAN30? Is the first one ‘auto-pump’ drain and the second smaller version ‘drain by gravity'( so it has to be set up on something to drain by gravity? Also what is amperage of the two. And does one need the ‘floating lint filter’ as suggested by some. Thank you soooo much for your wonderful videos! Very helpful…now just need to decide which one?  It looks like the XPB36 might be easier to use?

Nanny Boo says:

Which model number is this? N/M I was able to read in a close-up, it’s the XPB36. I’m trying to decide between this one and the larger XPB45. This one is easier to lift but the other is higher capacity. Wondering about washing sheets. Thanks.

Tiredfeathers Thomas says:

Thank you for sharing.

Lonnie Clemens says:

Thank you for the demonstration!

Vcafr0 says:

Mine still works too! It’ll be a year in the spring when I bought it. One tiny little problem is the drain hose cant drain upright anymore. I don’t know if hairs got stuck in there or what so I have to put it low for it to drain….. and my puppy bit 2 small holes in the hose but I sealed the hose with clear caulk and it stops the leak

Dubs says:

The thing is though, if one side goes out, you lose half the functionality. I think my biggest issue is that I cannot see inside the unit, how would you know all the water had evaporated (especially in the spin basket) to keep mold/hard water buildup from happening?

sharron calvin-ayers says:

Thank you Alaska Granny, I just placed my order.

Janette Esther says:

very nice review. Thanks.

Paul Humphrey says:

Thank you for your video. My daughter is considering a compact washer for her apartment. This one is on Amazon.

Mary M says:

Thanks so much for making this video. I think I’ve finaly found he portable washer I’ve been looking for. After watching counless videos & reading reviews, I’ve about given up because no one writes reviews on the products after they’ve been using for a time so you don’t know if the product lasts or not. Thanks again 🙂

Tina Stephens says:

I just bought mine it is being delivered Thursday 10/29/15 your post is what sold me on it… I am so excited to get it…

Alyssa Petriccione says:

How do you wash this out? I have one as well and It gets really dirty and gross. I usually do a load without clothes for the washer, which helps. But for the dryer, its really gross and dirty and I cant get under the spinner to clean underneath that. Is there a way to clean that out?

standing bear says:

thank you! i know the Good Lord is helping me with this problem of mine: Lyme disease… makes me SOOO tired. for a long time i have washed clothes with a hand crank WonderWash and an old 1890’s wringer i restored the rollers on. but there are many times when i’m just SO tired, more mentally than physically. i need to wash clothes but i just can’t do it. i don’t want a huge washer in case i need to move and to save money. i always look for customer reviews for things i’m interested in buying. i had an inclination to investigate this particular brand i saw on ebay. i came here after i saw this model. found yer vids right away. then i searched ebay and as far as i can see the cheapest one from a seller came up at the top of the results. it will be around $148 with shipping. i looked for one cheaper but the first listing was the cheapest. thank you Jehovah! and thank you for posting this vid AlaskaGranny. VERY nice to know that a seemingly cheap “toy looking” lil elec washer will hold up so well for so long. one might think them to break down after a few months right? as soon as i get my disability check on the first i’m TOTALLY ordering one. clothes are piling up and i need to wash BAD! ugh! thanks again and God bless you! have a great day! subscribed to yer channel.

Cara Mia says:

Is this machine made in Japan?

Jesenia Velazquez says:

Is this good for a family of 4 ? 2 babies and 2 adults thinking of getting one for my apartment

Tiffany Williams says:

do u have any tips on keepingb the hose clean

JoLuffiroSauce says:

THank you for your informative review~ very helpful! I will definitely use this for my upcoming move~

Fidel Alvarez says:

Hey AlaskaGranny I noticed that this video was made in 2014 and well wevare in 2016 now so does your Panda Washer still work?

Gabriela Martinez says:

yes I will definitely let you know when I purchase my mini panda washer, thank you…

Gil G says:

Thanks for sharing! You don’t look like a granny! 😉  BTW. I just purchased the larger size Panda washer and love it. I also purchased the Panda dryer which works on 110v.  Both are saving me a ton of bucks. Thanks again!

Gabriela Martinez says:

Thank you so much for your feedback on the panda mini washing machine, I no now I will b purchasing one myself, I originally bought a smaller mini washing machine and it only lasted a couple of months so I was very upset about it but lesson learned lol I will do more research before I purchase anything again, thanks once again for feedback that really helped out alot…

Cheekygrrl says:

Did you install wheels or put this machine on a dolly for ease of moving? I store my XPB45 in my BR and have to drag it down the hallway to the kitchen to use it. I shoulda got the wheel dolly when I ordered the machine from amazon. I got mine in July ’16 and I love that little thing, but I HATE dragging it back and forth, to/from the kitchen to wash!

munna k says:

I just have to say that you are a very lovely looking granny. I can only hope I age as well as you…

Missy Kay says:

thanks granny – you are so lovely

Carol R says:

Thanks for the great demo. I have already purchased one of these, and it just arrived today. Do you know what it inlet hole on the spinner side is for? Also, do you take the wet laundry out before draining?

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