Off-Grid Tiny House Appliance Review: Avalon Bay Portable Washing Machine + Portable Spin Dryer

We washed, we dried, we got a workout! As usual, we had way too much fun reviewing the Avalon Bay Portable Washing Machine and Portable Spin Dryer (or is it just a giant salad spinner). Could make a great off-grid clothes washer/dryer option for you. Watch and see!
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💦Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washing Machine:
💨Avalon Bay EcoSpin Portable Clothes Dryer:

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Jan Lloren says:

Ooh! The dryer! Thanks for giving them away. =)

Stupidcatlover says:

I like this dont stop

K Gifford says:

Sadly doesn’t seem to help much with grassy debris stuck to socks lol. Might be cool to build a flip down table top to connect to exterior of tiny house, and install a clipping base to attach the spinner to. Easier to handle the off balanced spinner

Tina Alicia says:

With all the work for washing, i would just fill my kitchen sink and swoosh the clothes around in it and then drain water and then just run water to rinse.

Carla says:

Too much faffing around

Tyler Johnson says:

Ive wanted to buy one of the eco wash for while! Id love to win it!

Katelyn Hoisington says:

That dryer looks great for delicates

Wilber Peebody says:

how many loads did you have to do to complete your huge basket of laundry? I think I’ll pass on this one too.

Jenny Roe says:

“oh… I got the lid on too tight…! Urg!” Lol! That’s a work out for sure!

carol dressic says:

I hand wash clothes often. The washer would make it so much easier for me. I have arthritis in my left hand from an injury and subsequent surgery . The spin dryer would be a Godsend for any of us who can’t quite squeeze all the water out of the clothes. Send one my way lol. And if I’m not using it for laundry, I can always use a salad.
Give us more demo videos.

Nancy Moe says:

I would like to win either one.

Janet Smedley says:

We have a washer like the one you used here. Haven’t used it that often yet. I really really want a spin dryer because ringing clothes out by hand is not fun! My hands hurt so badly after only 2 or 3 loads, but I do 4 adult t-shirts at a time, too. So, if you have not given that spin dryer away, count me in!!! Love freebies.

James Cochran says:

Seemed like a lot of work for a few amount of cloths.

Michelle Jett says:

Enter me for the tiny washer spin dryer or the tiny washing machine… I love watching your Channel…

Rose says:

I have this “portable washer/spinner Called an ecospin in Australia, and i had much more water than you did and a lot more clothes in it, and it washed and rinsed beautifully! you have to remember that the water rises in the machine when you are rotating the spindle so therefore it is reaching your items on top, no need to take any clothes out! you could have washed even more than you had, I did!!

Fu Dog Whisperer says:

There is a product to do laundry where you can use your foot to power it…….

LADONNA S. says:

They make sinks with wash boards built in now. Easier and can do more faster. Big big sinks with wash boards… Love them!

NorthShoreMoana says:

Lol, you guys were fun to watch. I’ve not seen those before! Those would be great!

Dawn Baker says:

Think I would use the spinner but never had much luck with that kind of washer. I use a mini washer that has a spinner and fits in the shower. True it’s electric but to do ALL the laundry, I’d be willing to use battery power.

Corey Layne says:

I would LOVE these for my off grid shipping container cabin. PICK ME PICK ME ❤️

Chris Pauley says:

I have the wonder wash brand of washer which is basically the same and I do like to use it for small loads. The spin dryer looks like a great addition for getting the extra water out! Thanks for the review. I’m going to consider that purchase.

SpookySpice says:

Hey ya’ll I just so you in Colorado springs! Wassup

Maria Emblem Grulla says:

It should also be available here in the Philippines

John Ilko says:

Those look great to me. I really like the idea of the washer, and the dryer would be good if we have another couple in for a salad dinner. Actually, i think the dryer would be the one most used in in case of cleaning up on water spills. Sign me up.

Ed Zeppelin says:

cute shidd. but NONE of these “tiny house” sites EVER mention that you have to PUT it somewhere. And have H2O and septic or sewer hookup. Never talk about it. TH? A FAD.

The Curious Ginger says:

I feel both would be better if you could hook them up to a bike.

Susie Leniart says:

Those are both pretty cool!

C. Shenk says:

You two are hilarious! And that looks like actual work, and for only one above average man outfit? I am way too lazy for all that! =)

emily blanton says:

Would like either one!

spacerecordingsound says:

I’m interested in the spin dryer but the washer would also be appreciated for back up plan. I also use bucket with air plunger for hand washables, weekly. My electric washer breaks down often in a very small but not tiny house. Thx for fun, detailed review. Subscribed!

Marina V says:

Great video review…thanks!

Adventures of Maggie, Winston and pals! says:

You know you will have much cleaner clothes if you buy yourself a plastic barrel turning composted. You can plug the few air holes and then just tumble away. The ribs inside the composter help move the clothes instead of centrical force just plastering them against the sides. You can do way more in it.

Suzy Phillips says:

Really cool video. I downsized to a small wardrobe and typically try to get laundry done every other day, sometimes daily. I wash in the sink. I hand agitate and soak, wring, rinse once, wring again, then use a salad spinner for anything that will fit. That setup looks a lot more practical for what I’m doing!

james randall says:

Looks like a good workout!

Harley Lover says:

Love “I feel above average” & “we ARE professionals”. It really is great to have your insights into these products.

Robin says:

After learning and living progressively tinier and simpler, that washer and dryer are worthless wastes of plastic compared to a bit of planned DIY. First, a bucket soak in soapy water washes clothes well by itself = a simple bucket. The labour intense part is wringing things out before hanging on the line, so a cheap, plastic cranked spinner is not really helpful, but a DIY drill powered mini dryer made from a bucket with holes within a bucket, resting at a slight tilt on two wooden rollers, one powered by cordless drill spin dries reliably, effortlessly and well. Simply spin for 20 seconds, dump the water from the bottom of the outer bucket, repeat and hang your fresh, clean laundry. Parts DIY made = two wooden rollers and a holey bucket. Sorry to squash product reviews, but fuck industry.

peaceful inspirations says:

I was just looking at one of the spin dryers today and just found your channel. I would love to win the spin dryer. Still need to go to laundramat for towels sheets and blue jeans. thanks

Stacy Clark says:

Thank you for the demonstration!

Charlie Alexander says:

Great Demo. Love your life style, Wish I was younger and Know what I know now…lol

Dale Betz says:

You two a great! the spin dryer looks interesting to me.Are guys going to the big mass fest at the end of the month?


I use a 5 gallon bucket and a plunger, and I use a commercial mop bucket with the mop squeezer during rinse. I find if I spin, squeeze etc between rinses, I use a lot less water. Also learned when I fill bucket, add soap and water, plunge a few (maybe 5 or ten times) and let the “machine” just sit there for 5 or ten minutes, then come back and plunge a few more times before rinsing, I get a clean wash without all that physical labor.

Alicia L says:

too much work for too little results

Tina Alicia says:

I would get the dryer. That is much better than ringing out clothes.

Javaman92 says:

I used a washer like this one, a Wonderwash, for over 15 years. There are some tricks to make it a lot more efficient and easier also. First, use less soap than they tell you. Soap just has to break the surface tension, if you have suds, you have all the soap you need. Second and most important, fill that washer up with clothes. Don’t pack them but fill it to the top. Lastly, spin it a bit faster than they say, you will tell when you have a good balance between the agitation and the effort you need to put into it. If you do it this way it can be done with one hand. You will get more done easier if you give this a try.
I have an electric spinner that works fine. I hand wrung things for the first few years. That was a bit of a chore but it did work. I would suggest you hand wring out everything before you put it in any spinner, no sense putting all that water in there and weight.

I hope you try these things, any questions please feel free to ask.

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