My Review Of The Eco Spin Manual Washing Machine!

Do you have to go out to wash your clothes? This is a simple solution for those Broke Aristocrats who are tired of going to the coin laundry mat.
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Broke Aristocrats says:

Very easy to spin. Try and spin it very slowly. You should not spin the wash quickly. Do not add more than 1 TBL of laundry soap, and be sure to spin it with water and soap for a few seconds prior to loading to avoid soap stains on clothing.

Joe Botz says:

Great name for a channel

Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

This is great.  Thanks so much

Kaisa Kyläkoski says:

Greetings from Finland. So many things I didn’t understand. 2 tablespoons to that amount of water and laundry? When I still had a washing machine, that’s about what I used for a regular load. And 2-3 loads per week for a single person? Well, maybe I had about that way back when. Now I try wash as much as I can with a Scrubba bag as washing a load here in Helsinki costs 6 euros. Drying is 4 euros so I mostly carry everything home wet and airdry.

My Frugal Raggy Life says:

I like that, I think it would save electricity.
In UK it costs a lot more to use a Launderette (laundremat ?) it costs £4 for a small load and £6 for a large, and £1 per session in a dryer, and it takes 2-3.
I have my own washing machine but it is the cost of the electricity that concerns me.
Not sure how tht translates to USD but it is a lot more than you pay.

Rose says:

you didn’t show how many items went into the washer. I would like to see what each load will take

Erin Gigi says:

You can likely use a few drops of liquid dish soap to wash it.
I add vinegar to my last rinse.
Not ringing by hand is great.
How difficult is it to spin?

Charlie MMAFAN says:

How does this Eco Spin washer and spinner compare to the Laundry Pod which is basically almost the same thing but I believe the laundry pod came out first but what’s really the difference between the 2 and which one do you believe is better and why?

Ibislife says:

That was a nice tip. I just came home after spending a long weekend at my brothers cabin by the sea. It was such a nice weather, so we ended up staying a couple of days longer. Just packed for the weekend, so I handwashed some t-shirts and underwear, would be nice to have one of those at the cabin. Until then, I might bring the salad spinner, for very small loads, that will do fine too I guess!

Shaka Cooper says:

I am watching this little spinner washing machine and I Want One!! Thanks for the great and helpful video!

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