My Life Changing Portable Washing Machine!! (Della)

OMG no more laundromat…my own personal laundry room in my LA apartment. See where I store it and how it works!!

Della Portable Washing Machine (048-gm-48216) – .


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Jibaro Malo says:


broccolihart71 says:

I live over by Highland Park BTW..and will be buying this or something similar. I hate going to the laundrymat.

James Crabb says:

I really like this little washer. So far I have washed 52 loads of clothes and it works as good today as on the first load. One thing, don’t overload it on wash or spin cycle. I usually don’t go more than 10 pounds of clothes in it. You can tell it turns slower at that point so treat it well and I believe it will last a long time. I treat it as a half size washer and with a little thought and care it seems to be pretty tough.  Good Luck

Anonymous Reviews says:

Hi, you don’t need to keep emptying and filling to do the rinse. Once your clothes have been washed once you put the water inlet to the spiner and turn the water supply on and turn the spinner on that’s why it’s there because it rinses the clothes and then turn the water of and allow it to spin

Yvonne Buckley says:

Best demo on these washers yet! Just ordered one as my regular washer needs to be replaced but in the meantime this will do the job. Btw, love the green and pale yellow vintage tile!!! Too bad about the cracked tiled floor but those might be hard to replace. Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Marcus Brutus says:

Did you know that you can take your shower head off, find a hose with  attachment to your shower at your local hardware store and use it in your shower instead of taking it out all the time. Yes it would drain in your shower also.

Kishinuma Ayumi says:

…. I’m confused, isn’t this just… a regular washing machine? I mean it’s common to find, is it not? Or is it a different case in America perhaps? or perhaps it’s a different case in big cities?

Alicia Samaniego says:

I loved mine. Make sure you use the HE detergent. It won’t suds alot.

Peter Cambey says:

Great , cool vid cheers!

Teneia Jordan says:

Your bathroom is super cute girl thanks for showing us I just ordered mine should be here Tomorrow I’m like soo excited

Dj Cosby says:

I got to get this

broccolihart71 says:

Love your camera, love your style, love your bathroom, hate L.A. water…yuck !!

sharonpoetry says:

It’s known as the twin tub washing machine, most families in the Caribbean own one, I grew up using one

BornToRunBarefoot says:

I saw hundreds of these in Japan.

Jennifer Lawson says:

Thank you so much for doing a video on this washer. I’m thinking about how to reuse my washer water with my simply klean ball to feed a garden. Maybe I can do it with my washer but this portable washer makes it clear how to. P.s. To anyone reading, the soap is good for keeping away bugs and deer out of your garden.

Katnet1 says:

Ok, I am getting one!! I live in a small apartment but i do have a nice sized bathroom. This would save me especially on my bad lupus days. I hate carrying all that laundry to the laundry room, this would help me so much!!

Taylor says:

You are fun,.. love your Video…

Jay Olack says:

So centrifugal force in the spinner extracts the water right.. so to me it seems silly to smush the sheet to the bottom of the spinner.

Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. says:

October 10, 2018 – NOT AVAILABLE!

Mary Baskerville says:

Hi! I brought the same washing machine after watching your video and the spinner stopped working a few weeks after I received it. Can you plz do a update on your washing machine. If you have any information on how to fix my problem.

sbeckbeck33 says:

I have been debating about getting one of these for over six months, and thank you so much for your video, I have decided to get one for
My apartment. Your video was very informative and gave me some ideas for this and I appreciate youKeep it up,thank you!

PaisleyPermaculture says:

Very helpful! I’ve been looking to get one for my daughter. She just moved into her first place and has been washing most of her clothes by hand to save money.

Charlie B says:

Like this very much! Great little machine.

Rebecca C Ramirez says:

I want one!!!!

Gary Yu says:

Thank you for reviewing on of our washing machine a few months ago, would you like to try our new products?

Erica Fuller says:

You got a amazing deal … I ordered the grey one on Amazon last night for $150. I can’t wait… I am tired of the Laundry Mat.

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