My LG mini washing machine collection review

Hello guys I’m going to do a video my collection If you enjoy this video please like subscribe and favourite 😊😊


jquest43 says:


SuperWasherKid2002 says:

Guys my best recommendation for anyone that wants one of these keep looking on eBay 🙂

Tra Giang says:

Glad you enjoyed it so hard to find the right thing and lg to get the best of all the way I am a huge

Robert love4 says:

Worst review ever , he says “I’m not gonna turn them on because I don’t have enough plugs ?” What a stupid review

Fan o Man says:

could you find me one on ebay cause i want one

LordenTree says:

where do you get this big one with front load?


Where do u get this at

malar vizhi says:

I want it plz

Gta gaming says:


Josh Mottram says:

is it a toy?

Nevets Nosnirc says:

I see the small one is really only for demonstrating the technology not for actual use, it says it on the back!

machine a laver says:

very Nice machines.
can you make some vidéo on a full wash with these washer please

Константин С says:

гдэ ты купилlg

Washer House says:

Does the front load balance? Why couldn’t you put a tablet like Ariel tablets with gel you can clean the jets but it won’t clog because gel isn’t a powder it’s a liquid so if you put it in 1 pod then the Jets will come out clean and there you go


Give me the link to get one

Sherry Adjei says:

all the good stuff is always outside of the usa

Jorge Wemyss Nava says:

Can you send me a complete especification about the transformer please?

Papas Papas says:

Give my this covery web

Angelica Cline says:

You are a little shmuck

coolbro comedy says:

if i was looking to get one of the top loaders where would i get it

Derick Rivas says:

I Always see LG Mini Washers, I like this 2 washers

JBL BOY says:

I can not find this article I write ( lg turbowash miniature) BUT I CAN NOT FIND

Ronnie P /80's horrorfan says:

Do you actually wash stuff in those or are they just salesman models

Ignacio Joannon says:

Do you know about the Daewoo MINI Washing Machine DWD-M301WP? I’m looking for comments from somebody with experience in it.

Nemesis Rodriguez says:

were did he buy it

Lie Feral says:

bicarbonate of soda is a natural safe detergent, especially for this type of machine. Google it.

nusrut Bussawon says:

Do they have water inlet?

Slightly Happy says:

HONEY! I’ve shrunk the washing machines!

Татьяна Белоус says:

Где ты нашел это стиральные машины LG

Matheus Costa says:

i wanna is!

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