Mini washer with spin for RV or small house. Full review offgrid van portable washing machine dryer

In this video I do full detailed review of a new addition to my campervan equipment – portable mini washing machine. Links below

Price is around $50-80. Size: 13x12x20.5 inches (33x31x52cm) but may differ.

Not exactly my washer, but very same machines on Amazon: – from BestChoice – from Costway – from BaseCamp

All that products have same functions of wash & spin as my machine. Don’t forget to check size (it may differ)

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Charlie MMAFAN says:

Ivation also makes a very similar mini washer and Spinner also.


Nice machine and a good find I would say. I think I will check one out for myself. I would also like to compliment you on your videos and work. You’ve done an excellent job on your van conversion and it really looks great!! I discovered you on a random search for van and cargo trailer conversion projects. Your work looked so good that I subscribed and started following you along in the conversion to learn more as well as going over your previous videos. I am in my case doing a cargo trailer conversion to a travel trailer. I’m doing a trailer because I want much more space than a van would offer me. My plans are to live in it for about one half of the year on a full time basis. I live in the northern U.S. Near Albany NY where the winters can get fairly cold and snowy. So for the winters I would like to go into the southern U.S. to enjoy the warmer weather conditions. Since my income is very poor to say the least. Doing a conversion was the only way I could afford to do this. What I have learned from watching you and others has been VERY helpful in my conversion. Keep up your excellent work! Respectfully JOHN

rikkiesix says:

You can use it when your at a lake and take water from there and put the dirty water in your grey water tank. Save on clean water this way


Its so cute! Love the sexy orange undies. Hehe

DSherman50 says:

An excellent demonstration!

Ramunda Warren says:

Anyone had issues where it just stopped working in between cycles?

Claire Ueda says:

Poland among the best, plus they don’t have the muhslim disease.

Hadi Suryo says:

Nice brother

Barbarik Barbaris says:

Как насчёт того, чтобы сделать русские субтитры?

Charlie MMAFAN says:

Great review man thanks for making the video but how many watts did the washer use? I saw you said the spinner uses about 140 Watts but I didn’t see how much you said the washer uses in Watts? Other than that I think you did an amazing job covering pretty much everything and I would love to get this machine myself actually but I’ve never seen it advertised anywhere, I’ve seen very similar ones but not this exact one.

Jon says:

It is a kid ‘ s toy…

Fekillix says:

Fun comparison: Your small load consumed 20L of water and 0.064kWh of electricity (NOT including heating the water). I checked the stats for my washer and for a 4kg load at 40°C it will use 45L of water and 0.6kWh. For a 8.5kg load at 60°C it will use 0.7kWh and 73L of water. I think you washed around 1kg, maybe two.

djmove2 says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to do your review. Very informative and you made me smile.

fredrik bergquist says:

The machines pricespan is with or without spin dryer. Actually you can buy it with spindryer in Sweden for about $100 including postage so that is resonable. The only difference with yours are that it has only one timer up to 15 minutes and a selection knob for stop, wash and spindry. Good test, probably going to buy it for my van!

lolazal1 says:

Also pretreat and soak difficult words for 10-30 mins in warm, soapy (liquid soap is better) water (just enough to cover clothing) alone. Then wash.

twonk116 says:

Have you started having adventures in your van now? It’s nice weather

lolazal1 says:

“It’s just random words here”. Lol, this guy is funny, but probably doesn’t know it.

rasterops1083 says:

How much is 20L out of your tank? e.g. What is the capacity of your tank and how much will it take from your carried water source?

Juliet Espinosa says:

I use my more spinning my salad greens.

Иван Крук says:

А для нее нужен чистый синус в инверторе?

Rice bowl says:

Are you Russian

timothy790110 says:

Is that wattage testers data transferable from ac to dc?

Mike Vallen says:

Have you had any mold issues ?….Are you doing anything to prevent mold from building up in the washer ?

And have you had any leaks from the machine ? .

Нияз ганеев says:

Типа малютки

Wildflower wind says:

Loved your review. Yes, I think the tshirt would have come out clean if you washed it with less clothes, warmer water, longer washing and more rinsing cycles.

cooler777i says:

Мне почему-то кажется я точно такую же видел в мвидео.

Imperfectionist Gaming says:

The corny jokes only had me laughing cause of the accent. Thumbs up dude

Jesse Lopez says:

How about blue jeans how many can you wash and dry

12Sisters 1bride says:

Little more time to wash,little more water to rinse and the light color shirt would be clean as the usa the panda machine is has 2 chambers,1 to wash other to spin.i had used on for more than a year and adjusted same 2 things,little more time to wash,little more water to rinse.i think the rinse was most important to get clothes clean.i no longer have the panda, i gave it to a friend with 5 pets and she loves it.i now use a standard washer and dryer.

Kellie Rebkowec says:

It did a great job, great video too. What was the cost?

twonk116 says:

Get adventuring. You’ve been building 2 years plus now? Meanwhile I’ve bought built and lived in a van almost 19 months now
Love your van but would love to see some Russian adventures in it

MrGenedancingmachine says:

Looks like one of those things that dry lettuce

Игорь Вербицкий says:

Ручками в двух литрах постирал и пошел)

Snowy23 says:

Great video, thank you VanTourist. I too plan on setting up a shower, with a washer when I do a van conversion.

Unise Mendez says:

How did you dry the clothes?

Sherry W says:

Thanx i definitely want a washer in my van when i convert one 🙂

Jael Owuor says:

I love this accent

Adrian Arvun says:

Someone knows if will it run on a Goal Zero Yeti 150??

Esmeralda Trevino says:

Tfs. Great review

Feroj baba says:

How much cost of this?

Максим Иринархов says:

It looks like Малютка – old-fashion soviet union washing machine… and, i guess its next generation, Белоснежка XPB3000S looks very similar to yours

CRS 777 888 says:

Cute washing machine, very handy

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