Miele W Classic WDA110 Review | The Best Washing Machine?

We take the WDA 110/111/100/101 for a spin in this is a review and demonstration of the number one washing machine brand: Miele, and it’s premier entry level washing machine, the Miele WDA110.

Note: The WDA110 is the Australian sold version of the WDA100. The difference between the WDA 110 and WDA 111 is that the 110 has a chrome finish to the door.

In this review we go over where we purchased the Miele from, how the installation went. How quiet the device is to use. How it handles whites, colours and if it passes the impress my friends test?

We purchased the washing machine from Harvey Norman, which is the PC World of Australia. Delivery cost $50 on top and was arranged for the following workday. Installation took 7 minutes, and the installers were friendly and explained how to use the machine. Note, that the machine was brought in using a wheel and barrow which left some tire marks on the floor. It was easily washed, but be prepared for it.

The initial loading phase and the end phase were the noisiest portions of the wash. 99% of the wash was relatively quiet, very quiet in fact.

The machine handled whites very well and they came out soft and clean.

The machine handled colours well too, but please note that it will not stop non-colour fast colours from bleeding into whites. So it is recommended to always split your colours and whites.

I love the Miele luxury brand, it impressed my friends who came over and said ‘oooo, you have a Miele’ 😎

Love it. 5/5

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Graham Clifford says:

She look cute

Shazy khan says:

Ware is your boush

bogdannb b says:

Just a tip 🙂 Do not put liquid before wash. After you press start, wait till it starts filling through mainwash compartment then pour liquid in. If you put the liquid before the cycle is started 50% of detergent you used goes directly in pump and doesnt get used 🙂 And btw, use powder for whites, its better 🙂
P.S High spin speeds does not use more electricity, so go for 1400 and dont worry 🙂

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