Maytag top load Washing Machine review

Review of Maytag Top loader with agitator. Show how washing machine performs with small, medium and large loads. See different water level high efficiency vs deep fill. Top load washer.
Model Number MVWB765FW2


agiflow says:

Hello. Nic machine. Maytag just released a bigger version of this @ 6.0 cu.ft.

My only reservation with these machines is the rather small fins on the base of the agitator. Seems to be too small with these gigantic tubs. Not enough oomph for the really big loads it would seem and bulky items.

I had a Maytag wash plate version of this nearly 6 years ago and it didn’t last but 2 years.

Cleaned well enough but the electronics were no good and the thing vibrated excessively spinning even with no clothes in it. The machine itself was the lightest washer I’ve ever owned.

petermazbabie says:

Great review and very good assessment of this machine. Seems to have difficulty with large loads if they were heavily soiled.

T Capone says:

Still JUNK. Any washer with a computer, HE, etc. is crap compared to pre-2008 washers that were built TRIED & TRUE analog all the way and built like tanks with a mechanical timer. If your clothes don’t submerge under water and you have no turnover, your clothes are not getting clean. SLOSHING clothes = useless.

Luis Alvarez says:

Those agitators are not old school, old schools are dual action. These machine work well if u use them properly and use a good detergent like persil or tide and use the right amount. Great review btw

Will's Adventures says:

Something ironic is in the beginning you say you bought it because you’ve got a larger family then towards the end you say it’s best for medium to small loads. I personally don’t care for these machines just because of how the agitator is. They only went halfway on it. The top corkscrew should only spin in once direction on ucbing the clothes down to the washplate but instead they made it all one peice so it doesn’t provide good rollover. When showing that large load you can clearly see it pull clothes under then push them right up. I feel if they truly implemented the center post style agitator and made it a 2 peice assembly this machine would perform a ton better on heavy and or large loads.

Mario Reviews says:

Great video, if I wanted a top loaf washer with an agitator it would be a maytag soon if I get my own house

CruellaUrsula says:

What you have there is not an agitator. It is an agipeller. An impeller with a center post. The problem with thee auger being fixed, instead of being dual action, is that it causes the load to just bob up and down instead of rolling over. Impellers cause the load to bloom. Which means, that the load rolls over from the center, out! A traditional agitator has fins on the bottom wash plate. Whether flex fins or fixed. Traditional agitators cause the load to roll over towards the center. If your agipeller was a dual action agipeller, that spiraled upward, it would have an amazing roll over.

Sharon Barrett says:

Just bought this machine today gets delivered next week.

wwenewyork says:

You needa add more soap my friend! And also change your detergent to Gain or Persil!

Curtis Lee says:

Do normal..not deep fill.

ScantPear 809896 says:

When that breaks down, get a used one that fills up with water these use more water because the tub is too large the old ones are just perfect

Bruce Solomon says:

Those socks that disappear in the washer come back to you as lids for Tupperware containers that you don’t have.

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