LG Direct Drive TrueSteam Washing Machine Review

My review of the LG Direct Drive TrueSteam Washing Machine F14U1JBS / F12U1JBS – read more here: http://wp.me/p4fba2-4Kv


Shosh M says:

can you washing the big blanket like koin says in your washing machine says 10 K

Jo Rose H says:

does it dry the clothes 100%?

Dave RACHMAN Kennardi says:

please spin it with door open

Ickle Pickle says:

Oh wow, this machine looks awesome! Kaz

kerry louise norris says:

Love the look of the stain care function. x

Hotpoint Joe 1600 RPM says:

Please do not do requests for Craig Davidson, as he always asks me for requests and as you can see my LG is similar to yours and has the same features. He never gets back once uploaded. So just be aware. Thanks.

sarah jad says:

Best review ever!!! Thank you my dear

Angela Bethea says:

I would love this washing machine! Absolutely awesome. xx

Corinne C says:

omg. washing machine goals. My washing is awful and proper bounces about on the spin cycle!

Sarfaraz Ali says:

tell me plz.. what is speed 14

Luke C says:

Can u do a speed 14 cycle with a 1400 spin?

MummyTravels says:

Really thorough review- useful to see

Míele SoftTronic says:

I might give the washer dryer version of this a try, if Ii fancy a change in my appliance line-up.
Currently use an AEG Lavamat Turbo L87696WD.

But I’m tempted by this, as I’m a touch control machine type lad.
My only quibble, against this, or the washer dryer version, is they’re only 1400RPM spin, wheteas the Lavamat’s 1600RPM.

But the extra 1.5KG’d come in even more use than the 09KG of the Lavamat.

Btw, the detergent dispenser has 03 compartments, nothing to do with load size:

Long compartment, left, (referenced as “big load”) that’s for the Main Wash phase detergent.
Short front compartment (referenced “small load”) that’s for the Prewash phase detergent.
The back short compartment behind the Prewash compartment, is for fabric softener/conditioner.

riberliy says:

Your other washing machine was an LG

Luca Rossi says:

Still working?

Mellissa Williams says:

I’m a big fan of LG anyway. The machine is kind of sexy 😉 That’s brilliant that you can weight the washing too, and super safe with the child lock facility

Twirlywoos A says:

Amazing review thanks for showing the noise at the highest spin cycle. Beats all this other AO endorsed/sponsored crap on youtube.

Lee Lee says:

where can I buy this machine?

Sarah Ebner says:

Great detailed review – good to see how it actually works and if it will suit a big family.

Zena’s Suitcase says:

This would be a life saver in our house. We have so much washing to deal with

Artist Explores The World says:

” a mom’s work is never done” *kid screams* haha. Looks like quite the nice washing machine! Really nice review. 🙂

Joanne Baskett says:

Great review thank you 🙂 I just searched up the model number on the videos top ticker tape FH4A8FDH8N and it doesn’t bring up this machine I would love to know where to buy/source as I cannot find it anywhere.. any help would be greatly appreciated TIA

CC M says:

There is a huge gap between the drum and seal, bug enough to get all your fingers in allowing buttons and objects to enter the inner drum causing rattling forever. Apparrently the only fix is to dismantle the whole machine.
Read this: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2551399

mark fontaine says:

wait till the drum falls out which what happened on my one :/

Behind The Scent says:

That is one good looking washing machine (never thought I’d be saying that LOL). Really useful and detailed review 🙂 x

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