Let’s Wash in the Panda! Review of Panda Portable Washing Machine.

The panda is perfect for apartment living when you want to wash your clothes in the comfort of your own home. Here’s my review of this machine. This washes up to 15 pounds of clothing. PAN615SG. Below is a link to all the portable washers on Amazon. Unfortunately the Panda is no longer available on there, but stay tuned for another washer vid!


Debbie Martin says:

I noticed your machine is on the floor..Are you afraid the machine will leak..On mine the seal broke on the draining pump on day 3 of owning the washer..But i always set the washer in the tub on 2 egg creates. So the extra water leak on drain does not bother me..Still washing just fine..

Kelley says:

On your next video, you might want to slow down on the movement of your camera. If you go back and watch your video on YT, you will see it for yourself. Now it was nice to see something on the large Panda. My 18 yr. old Heier 10 lb. washing machine has just about reached its limits, I am looking to replace it with a dual tube washer.

RainbowTea says:

Has it still held up?

alberto92585 says:

I found out that cutting the foam flower part off the lint catcher putting it in at water level and tying it to a string attached to a suction cup on the outside of the washer works way better. Try it you’ll be amazed. Nice video though!

Super plus says:

Clean or change your lint catcher. It seems to be stressing the machine

Kay Cee says:

It will rinse a lot better if u spin after washing. Then return to tub to rinse. Extra effort but better results.

Robert Thomas says:

Hi, Your supposed to spin the wash water out before the rinse. Has it held up for you? Best Wishes

Suzanne Furman says:

You should spin it then do rinse then spin again

Adeline Nicholas says:

I put a screen in my bathtub drain. Catches the lint.

Alex Beatty says:

I think you should re-add the originating filter cut back on some of your lint traps, use more water in your loads. You will find cleaning performance is better. I also find liquid more effective but to each their own.

Michael Hudecek says:

Hi this is the second time watching your video! There are no videos of the panda 19 pounder. Just yours and 1 or 2 other people’s. I would like to buy this model but there is a hold on it for some reason. Can you tell me please how much you paid for the unit and how long ago you bought it??!! Thank you so much for your video and any info you can give me. I hope they keep making this larger panda model! Michael

Mi Ci says:

Hi, have u noticed a jump in your electric bill since using this machine? Thanks for sharing.

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