How To: Laundry for small apartment : Merax Mini Washing Review & Demonstration

Merax Mini Washer
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In this video I review the Merax Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine and Washer Spin Cycle. This is a How To: Laundry for small apartment. It’s one nice little machine. It really gets the job done. It’s a great compact size and really strong. As long as you can hook up the water hose you’re good money. I have special Gerry gig that I display in the video. Watch and enjoy. It’s really great for anyone that wants to wash clothes but don’t have a lot of space. Please comment, like & subscribe. I have lots of other great reviews coming soon.
Peace & Blessing Gary Ajene


Rusty Andres says:

A regular washing machine DOES work like that. It washes, spins, rinses, spins.

StefLuva9966 says:

I Know That’s Right, You Go Brother With The Ghetto Ingenuity, That’s How We Make It Work!!! That’s Why I’m Gettin The One With The Built-In-Pump!!

B.A.Baracus1 says:


Angazala says:

Thank you for this video helped answer some of my questions! I have a small apartment here in OH. I just got this in the mail! Super excited to use it!

MrMcoolFace says:

a real washing machine washes, spins, rinses and spins again you fucking cuck

bobcat8 Sowhat says:

Guys with teeny houses lol

Justin Fisher says:

A regular washer does wash spin rinse spin lol but ur funny great video

Arcadia Dragon says:

We just got one…is yours still working…the only knock I’ve seen is either a defect unit on delivery or breakage from possible overuse

Adele C says:

Thank you for this video! Is that a regular rubber band, the one you used to attach the funnel to the shower head? Thanks

Stephanie A says:

I spin the soapy water outta mine cause if u fill it back up to rinse it theres still soap on the clothes that gets in the clean water so its like washing em again, it doesnt rinse the soap all off

Terry Collins says:

Thanks for sharing all the great diy tips. Just got mine today saved your video before I bought it and am watching now. That round spin thing I had no clue where it went after watching you place it on top of the clothes in the spin cycle I now have no clue why it even exists useless piece of plastic. what exactly does it do anyway. I like your taste in towels.

Nadia Orillo says:

You said thats retarded when u have to spin the first time to removed all the rest of the detergent and put it on the washer for the softer

Kenith McIntosh says:

Best review I’ve ever seen, thanks bro!


isnt it more simple to fill a pail with water…then pour the water into the washing machine?

Joe L says:

What a wonderful presentation. You clearly demonstrated and told not only how it works but answered my questions on what its. Very Important for a novice to portable washing machines. Thank you.

Having Tea With the Devil says:

If i move into a place that doesn’t have a washing machines, i am getting one of these! I’m so glad i came across these videos. I don’t mind hanging up my clothes and having them dry.

Gina Moretti says:

how do you stop that center screw from making holes in laundry ?? other than that i love this machine, please help!

Tinkerbell says:

Actually, a “normal” washing machine SPINS right after a wash. It washes, drains, spins, sprays and spins.
Then it fills up with clean water, rinses, drains and does a final spin. If you don’t spin out the soapy water,
you’re are just adding soapy clothing and fabric softener to your clean water and the soap is never fully extracted.

KCCAT5 says:

I seen those lint catchers on the home app which is actually Wish app for free just pay shipping

Kelley says:

If your landlord does not permit washing machines, why are you putting this video on YT to be seen, and possibly discovered (LOL)? I would also recommend sitting your machine up on something so that the moisture, from the draining, does not ultimately effect your machine’s motor. Some owners use egg crates, etc. FYI: Extremely hot water is not to be used in these types of washing machines. Spinners must be packed so that the clothes are balanced in the spinner. If the spinner is off balanced, you will definitely hear that loud knocking noise. I own a floor model spin dryer, and have had a lot of experience in learning how to pack one. Sounds like you are going to enjoy your new toy!!!

sumguy ncal says:

love having a mini washer, so convenient. haven’t had to use a laundry mat in a long time. machine pays for itself.

Grace Ramos says:

Thanks for the lint trap link!!! I have the same type of washer and didn’t know what to do about that darn lint!

Miriam Vega says:

I like your review thought you were amusing and informative

Britany Gray says:

yo your bathtub is dirty

xxmightyonexx says:

I use a small bucket to dump water into the washer, since it didn’t really fit my faucet either (plus it fills very slowly that way), and now I’m shopping for a new one since it’s broken.

Mr_Wizard says:

second water inlet is for adding rinse water to the spin cycle, handy for getting out suds if you use too much soap

vangoghmatisse1 says:

Nice video!

Rolling Rock says:

Hey man, I just bought this thing! It’s pretty awesome for how light it is. They aren’t playing games with that spin cycle, it sounds like it would rip your arm right off. Ultimately, I decided to take the plunge because it has a 1-year warranty. I’m happy to be your 6th sub!

Adriana G Flores says:

I’m fortunate enough to live in an apartment with washer and dryer hookups and I have a very nice front load washer and dryer set but now I really want one of these little ones . It would be perfect for very small loads .

Raychristofer says:

Good job on this bro, big respect to your new channel. stay real

TopFurret says:

I have one of these, love it. Really suggest making a filter out of a cut off pantyhose for the hose though. Runaway lint is killer on your drain.

Chomp Square says:

Great video review

steve alex says:

unless you rinse and spin your clothes will not be fully clean

MrMcoolFace says:

the water inlets are for hooking up to your sinks not main water they are both for either hot or cold, the first one is for of course filling up the main tub and the second one is for adding water to your spin cycle

xxmightyonexx says:

GREAT thorough review. Can we get measurements?

jdljm says:

Sold !! I’m going to purchase this machine. Thanks for the review !!

collette caraway says:

When it spins WHERE does the water go????

sania barb says:

You were so funny….made my day. How is it holding up? It’s very cute

Jordan Burton says:

The della portable washer is better

David Wolter says:

Beats the hell out of going to a laundrymat.

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