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hey guys so one thing I forgot to mention was that the washer and spinner can be use simultaneously, so will your spinning one load you can get started on your next! 🙂 I really do love this washer and for the price it is $99.95 its great! if you guys want to get one for yourself here is the link


hope you guys enjoyed this review and ill see you guys on the next one xoxo LC 🙂
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Steven Calderon says:

good review, i have a panda brand that is about that same size i use it every week doing anywhere from 4-8 loads. have had it now for 2.5 years now and have not had any issues still working great, i also bought small dryer that is about the same size and no problems so far, but i do need to get a new filter for it. hope yours last as long as mine has but with a family you are doing way more loads than i am. This is a great item for people in apartments or RV well worth the money in my opinion.

TheOther says:

Glad it works, but it looks really ghetto. How’s it holding up?

how to craft it says:

thanx that was really helpfull! i reall want one for my room, so how would i be able to drain it?

Carmen Buono says:

Hi I have a random question… years ago I had just a small portable washer at home… n my electrical bill went up ridiculously… how’s this working for u?

Connie Maggard says:

how does it work with jeans how many can you wash at once says:

think it mutated

Jodee Loves the Lord says:

I’d like to have seen how you hooked this up to your shower head…great review though

Michelle Woods says:

Wow! When u started the spinner for a sec it sounded like a car revving up. Lol!

Eric Martin says:

Awesome review!!!! Thanks!!!

Sein Maestro says:

husband nice enough to get a drying rack.lmaoo damn what kinda guys r we used to?

Ronda Witt says:

u put a blanket in there?

Liv Costa says:

What a fantastic washer! And could the gray water could be used for toilet?

callmequeen89 says:

thank you for this review

Morgan Bev says:

so wash and rinse on the washer and dry only on the spinner?

Hobz Qe says:

Drinking game: Take a shot everytime she says, “Um.” GF’dU. Good review.

Mike Chapa says:

just curious but do you happen to know the dimensions of the machine.

Anna Winslow says:

Don’t make your shower useless! Buy a shower head diverter valve. They’re less than twenty bucks and allow you to not only keep the use of your shower but control where the water goes with one flip of the switch.

UTubeuzername84 says:

Thank you for the review!

M Kerr says:

I ordered one of these the other day and appreciate your thorough review. I read the faucet hookup was not good for this but I like your idea about removing the showerhead and hooking it up from there – I will likely be doing that too. I am in an apartment and tired of using the laundry card and going up and down to do my laundry and the cost (too expensive).
You said it doesn’t have  built in pump the one I bought says it does but it is the same brand.
Solid review and very helpful.  Thanks again!



Sort out your colors from whites
Introduce detergent to water and place cloths in washer
Begin washing clothes
Rinse out detergent dirty water and refill with clean water
Begin RINSING clothes with clean water ( Add fabric softer “Optional”)
Draw out Rinsing water
Transfer clothes to spinner & hang when ready

Hope this helps..

Its quite unsanitary to not rinse out clothes with clean water!!

Precious Wilson says:

I’ve never used a washing machine but I’m trying to get one. I’m single and very busy I need one. Question is does every washing machine come along with a spinner? I mean small ones like on this video. Please reply. Thanks

Denise Fenton says:

I have this same item exactly the same my washer don’t work it don’t turn or the dryer could anybody can help me how to fix it I brought it on eBay but don’t got the instructions to it no more

Melissa Claros says:

thanks. just got mine today. your video was very helpful!

CnoSez says:

Where do i purchase this unit from???

Em K says:

Thank you so much! This is very helpful.

zx8401ztv says:

In the uk we used to have metal ones back in the 1970’s called “Twin tub”, same idea, washing on the left and spinning/rinsing on the right :-).

thatsmydawg says:

Who cares about the laundromat! Just show me the machine! Thanks

Lori says:

Great review! I like how you hooked it up to the shower. But if I did a load in the middle of the night my neighbors would freak out and complain to the rental office. You’re lucky.

Givenchy Homme says:

Or you can just go to the laundry mat. Just saying.

a johnson says:

U did a Great Review, I’ve been looking for an inexpensive compact washer, tfs, take care… angela

Cassandra Walker says:

thank you so much for this review. It really covers everything. My only question is does it wash jeans?

Barkaka plantantona says:

Fight Club!!!

Abby Lowe says:

Wow, this should be on every new mama’s gift registry.

donna knapp says:

how is it working now that you have had it for a year?
its a contender. I would love a follow up.

pilotdiana says:

Excellent review especially since you don’t do this as a professional!!!!!

Alva Kirton says:

Phone number will like to purchase unit.289 388 9244

Alicia Sicairos says:

I want to ask if I put the clothes in the spin cycle and put water in the machine is it supposed to leak water out while pouring water in. Just want to make sure if I’m doing it right??

Rayn Female Producer says:

So, you’ve had it for over a year now. Is it still working?

Barkaka plantantona says:

This is Rich for “Extreme Cheapskates” LMFAO….

Jill Sproyer says:

Thank you!

Luis Lopez says:

umm nice video ummm I like ummm ur review ummm thanks

Fenikkusuuk says:

Great review from one wife to another… thanks!

DassahMariee says:

Thanks so much for this video, thinking of purchasing one for my apartment and think this would be perfect 🙂

Jon Bishop says:

*Great Review, I know you were nervous But you did a Great Job ! So A year later is your little Twin washer tub still performing ?*

Riham E. says:

How many gallons of water does it take plz

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