Hoover Dynamic Next Washing Machine Review & Demonstration

Dynamic Next model DXOA 610HCW/1-80

In this video I explain the various features and functions of this Hoover automatic washing machine, followed by a demonstration of the washer in action.

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NumaticVacuum says:

3 hours and 51 minuets for one wash! That is incredulous!

Washing Machine Channel says:

Very good machine that is. 18:13 Why is this Washer hasn’t removed any of the Oil stains really annoying ?

eli55121 says:

if you want a washer that needs ages to balance, i’d go for granny’s LG, it can take up to 45mins to get the job done, this can take to a max of 5mins and either cancel or reduce(700rpm i think), i kinda like this machine and agree to the fact that the pump is noisy, thanks for the vid Roger

elvis polk salad 1974 says:

Brill upload I have a candy smart touch which is ok not the best

Derek Blaney says:

I’ve got this washer and I love it!! The one touch is great you can download new programs for it and you can also do things such as a drum clean and also it can do a check up too to make sure everything is running smoothly and also tells you all the program that you have used and how long it’s been used for in total since the day you got it

Chris Downer says:

Hi, could you tell me what washing powder you used in this? Thanks.

Shazy khan says:

My aunties got this one its rubish it dose take ages to wash one load she uses daily wash 60 1 hour takes sum times 2 hours to do one cycle

Terry Jourdain says:

That’s my main gripe about my front loading machine..unless I select a few certain cycles the loads will take over 2 hours. The pants get very creased even on low speed.

Paul Hojda says:

I have a cheap Bosch washing machine and I can relate about how annoying it is to see the machine constantly trying to ballance the load. And the most annoying thing is when it gets the load balanced the first time, yet still it decides it could do better, so then it rebalances…and makes things worse

TechnoMulen says:

funny so many settings for a thing that can only rotate..

Train Dude says:

Oh ok

Nick-2203 says:

I had a very similar Hoover 10kg dynamic next washing machine. I experienced the same issues with the spin cycle. I also had a number reliability problems with the machine. Having a brand new machine break down more than once within the first 3 months of ownership is simply unacceptable.
I was so disappointed with the machine that I decided to sell it and replace it with another brand of washing machine.

Steve Jones says:

This seems to have an inverter motor, like an LG, so its not got the usual loud whine that the cheaper models of Hoover washer make from their old fashioned brushed universal motors.
I think the cheap quality build, using the lightest and thinnest metals in the casing, and very cheap quality suspension, means the machine would not tolerate unbalanced spins, like the machines of old, which spun even the most unbalanced loads with no damage, so these machines have to ensure the load is as balanced as possible, to give the weak drum supports and casing a chance of not being damaged.
Just out of interest, where is this machine made? I have the Dynamic Mega tumble dryer, and thats made in Turkey, but I wondered where the washing machines were made.

Deb says:

Now the good old twin tubs were the best, the washing just didnt seem to take that long at all. But I do love my Bosch front loader.

otterlover95 says:

I like your cassette shirt. You always do an exceptional job of demonstrating, Roger. Such a good Presenter.
There certainly seems to be more cycle selections than we have in the U.S., though I’m not sure they are any more helpful. I don’t see a Soak cycle. Also no “clean washer” cycle. I like the added aqua feature and pre-wash option. When they do a “Jocks, Leather goods, and Sex toy” cycle, I will be VERY interested in the sequence.
lol, instead of just thrusting all the clothes into the drum, you pick through them showing us your “dirties”. lol. Wha, what’s that Roger? Oh that’s right, the UK is one of those countries that hasn’t yet adopted the use of toilet tissue.(?) lol

Rienexan says:

I can’t wait for that Miele video, how did the motor change go??

happyflowers1212 says:

I was planning to buy this or the 12kg version of it. Thanks for the info.

Helen Partington says:

Nice looking machine but will stick with my 14 year old Miele easier to use your videos are fab

Oliver Rosik says:


Bob Jonathon says:

That Craig washer chap will probably go nuts when he sees this video out

Bruce Solomon says:

Your AEG is a far better washer.

Jamie Evans says:

Our Indesit is fairly sensitive to unbalanced loads it’s very annoying sometimes

scania 4 life says:

Looks amazing

Glyn Roberts says:

I think shark should start making washing machines, but this still looks better than the one in your holiday cottage. Anyway, how often do you go to the gym? .

Train Dude says:

I never knew hoover still made washing machine

Surrey Transport And Trains says:

Is the Indesit coming up next and also when is the leasurewise portawash vid coming?

Jamie Evans says:

Do you keep the door closed after the wash ours started to smell after leaving the door closed and resulted in us getting a new washer because the smell would not go away we tried everything

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