Hands-on Review: 2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model: WF50K7500AV)

This is a hands-on review of the 2016 Samsung Front-Loading Clothes Washer (Model #WF50K7500AV) which is the top-of-the-line washing machine this year for Samsung. This video review has a walk-through of many of the innovative features like AddWash, Internet Connectivity, the huge capacity, multiple settings and much more.

There is also a video review of the matching 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) which is here: https://youtu.be/1I881G3vN3U

Written reviews of both the Samsung Washer & Dryer are on http://www.HighTechDad.com:

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washing central says:

it’s the same as a British Samsung but just a lot bigger and more high quality

Shuddup says:

Just bought this a few weeks ago to replace our 7 year old Samsung washer. I hope this one last longer than that. This is not cheap!

Rebekah Segura says:

No don’t buy this

Cornelis Spronk says:

On a similar machine, I just replaced my drum support which has failed, due to corrosion. We have been using the machine for about 4 years. Expect another failure in 4 years. I do not understand why Samsung uses such poor metal that corrodes so badly.

Outside of this serious weakness, the machine seems quite nicely built. Had I not done the job myself, it would have been an expensive repair.

Yurik n Lily Sakalosh says:

Where do I get the USB thingy so I could connect it to my phone? What is it called?

Андрей Попов says:

super !

Richard Raucina says:

Before you buy this piece of shit, see all the videos of the main support structure that is designed to fail in 3 to 5 years. You want your f’ing washing machine to have a internet connection? Then you deserve to own this junk. Samsungs top loaders are exploding and breaking people jaws. Then their Shitsung phone starts their pants on fire. Wake up and buy a Speed Queen top loader that you can give to your kids in 20 years. Avoid like the plague. I think we should pull our troops from South Korea for payback.

tru rae says:

Hi HighTechDad,

Do you think you could do a video on installing the smart adapter in the compartment on top of the machine and connecting to my phone? I love mY washer and it is super awesome. Bought theadapter but it seems I installed it wrong. Just clueless in regard to what to do. Please do a video, I am more of a visual learner and would greatly appreciate your help.

Rebekah Segura says:

Maytag is good on warranty

Gloria Robles says:

we just got ours delivered yesterday but have yet to use it. I’m a little worried i was looking up videos on samsung h.e washers and many complain of very low water during wash. do you have this problem? i also have the 2016 samsung, however i do not have the add a garment. door.

Robin Red says:

miel washing machine . what is happennig can not talk to any one

Oscar munguia says:

why shaking to much when is draining the water?

DanAndBekka Rodgers says:

We were going to get an LG, but they are going downhill from what I read. This one looks great! And it’s only $800 at Home Depot and Lowes thru the first week of January 2017.

cheyenne v says:

just received my set…clothes are still wet after an hrs of drying..opened the door and clothes felt jot but we’re still wet, what am I doing wrong.

BroccoliBeefed says:

Use plant based detergent

felix moral says:

great review thank you .. what is the capacity 5.0 or 5.8?

italia01139 says:

Careful on using liquid detergents only. They will corrode the aluminum spider. Also leave teh door open and no mold will ever happen.

Angela Hurwitz says:

Can you see the clothes/is there a light on while the washer is running? The door seems too dark to see inside while it is working.

yambo59 says:

does all kinds of fancy things, wait till he finds out it doesn’t wash clothes all that well grows mold like a pitrie dish and only lasts like 2 – 3 years.

Perfect_ Fit says:

I hope you calibrated your washer before use.

Ezz Mac says:

I will be returning mine (WF50K7500AV) after only one week and 9 loads of laundry. I noticed that it failed to perform a complete wash cycle on a bathroom area rug 21″X 32″ about an inch thick. It struggled to go into the spin cycle due to imbalance of the soaking wet rug. Also, the PowerFoam feature is not impressive, as well as the wash jet and water level.

James Clark says:

it’s a shiny piece of SHIT! do yourself a favor and buy a speed Queen

Vinh Ly says:

Hi, I just got this Samsung front load two weeks now, been experiencing with vibration and machine tend to move or lightly rock during wash. I have level and put in antivibration pads for the legs which was advised by the service tech, he said, this is normal for these machines. very frustrated, please advise.

SoCalif MBA says:

Very nice review hightechdad!

We just got this exact same set-up with the gas dryer and they work great! I had to order the USB adapters online because our retailer didn’t have any. They should be here soon.

After doing a lot of research online, my husband and I both [independently] decided on this Samsung Add Wash 5.0 cu ft & 7.5 cu ft gas dryer when our 10 year old Kenmore Elite HE 4t 4.3 cu ft washer suddenly died last week (the motor control unit died)…we got the dreaded F70 display.

We were going to buy the part and fix it ourselves but after weighing spending $300 for the part (that includes a core charge to send our dead control unit in), we decided we wanted to try another brand.

The Kenmore set was “okay” but since we were able to get brand new Samsungs that are not only bigger and have more features, but cost us less overall (with a local retail sale & utility rebates of $125 for the pair) than our old Kenmores cost 10 years ago.

So far, we really like both of these units.

One note:
The first few times I ran the washer with a small to medium load of laundry, the machine would be quite loud when it spun out (yes, the shipping bolts were removed).
It wasn’t the smooth, rather quiet spin cycle I’ve seen the machine run when empty. I can’t put my finger on the sound, but it was more than the smooth wurrrrrr sound it should be.
If I ran it the spin cycle with no laundry in it, it was fine.

I was going to do the calibration as described in the manual, but first ran the self cleaning feature to see if by chance there might be some debris somewhere in the tub, because it almost sounded like something might be lightly rubbing. Anyway, after I ran the self cleaning cycle, it has been fine. I checked the filter in the front bottom door and nothing was there (I was expecting a coin or something to have fallen to the filter.)

Our set is up on pedestals too, which from past experience, does add a little extra noise to our small laundry room.

Dum Barton says:

I was a Sears Service tech for 10 1/2 years. Sure, your new Samsung front loader looks great what with all the fancy lights and cycles on it. You will be lucky if you get 4-5 years out of this machine.

yambo59 says:

5 CU FT.  but two quarts of water….

italia01139 says:

Why are the installed the wrong way? The door open against each other, making it harder to load and and unload.

PureTrippyHD says:

Hey I also have the same washer. Do you know if there is a light inside because mine I can’t find or turn on the lights in side the washer

Mario Morales says:

Hello, Im about to purchase a samsung front load washer, I just wanted to ask you about the machine since you published this video, how is it working, still great? would you recommend it? Thank you

Luis M says:

Don’t over fill the liquid detergent. they run more effective on even lower. also the suds caused by the liquid detergent is what causes mold due to not enough water.

PureTrippyHD says:

How do you turn on the light in the washer?

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