Haier Portable Washing Machine (HLP21N) Product Review

detailed review of the Haier Portable Washing Machine. Model HLP21N


A. M. says:

It’s only rinsing one time?

samera meera says:

so you just left the water on? never turned it off?

samera meera says:

hey everyone i bought this and love it used it 2 separate times, but did around 6 washes so far and loveee it.. i think safe to throw out the box now 😛

Mariel Rosario says:

Hi i want to know Where is the lint filter.?

teakertown says:

you seem nice. I’m also wondering where the best place is to dry clothes…anyone have any tips? thanks

Melody Flores says:

Hi , Use baking soda that helps with hard water believe it or not!An borax is good tp mix with it or npt your choice

yemi ola says:

Are you going to the live the water on for the whole washing?

leonard and merly sanchez says:

how much clothes can it handle

fantamas06 says:

I think your wife did video review too… because i saw the same machine, floor, and rubber mat, but there was a woman telling about it. 🙂 By the way, I like the hoses construction, looks durably made.

Freshnesss says:

How do I drain the stored water inside it? I have been using this for 2 years now and it’s heavier to move around. It sounds like there’s water inside it not in the place where we put clothes in, that part gets drained. But water is in inside the machine and I don’t know how to take it out. It’s making moving the machine around really hard. Can anyone please help? Thank you

Jeffrey Martin says:

Hey ReviewsTechNow, is this unit still working 3 years later?

baseballman74 says:

Awesome Machine

0ddMonk3y says:

Thank you for this video. I’m going to buy one of these washes.

Cheekygrrl says:

For the hard water worries, get yourself a 1/2 gal jug of plain white vinegar and run it through from time to time. It will dissolve any hard water build-up. Put in about 1/4 cup in a half filled tub of water and let it soak for 10 min. then run the wash cycle like normal. Maybe do this once a month to keep it from getting really bad.

mario contreras says:

Thanks for the review is very helpful I had my doubts about this washer machine but now I’m thinking to get it asap and again thanks for your review

Robert Thi says:

I can put clothes in a bucket and turn it, Cuz that’s what is doing. not much scrubbing but I’ll try it

Elizabeth Gutierrez says:

can you connect it to the out side hose

Auntie Nina Lopez says:

Got ours brand new $70.00. A dent on the side that is hidden on by the wall. Best investment everrrrr. Yes, I got the dryer too, that was full price but worth every penny.


Excellent! Thank you very much for this video manual, because in original paper manual is only wrong and different information about starting washing process… One more time – thank you! Merry Christmas!

Anaitis Fairy says:

I called tech support at haier and they told me that the error codes I had were proprietary and they wouldn’t tell me what they meant. They said to take it to a haier technician. Know that, if you get one, you are on your own.

1amm308 says:

what size is this on? can you wash sheets or a throw cover in it?

Andy Vega says:

Does it take a lot of water to operate?

Muttahar Sadiqain says:

Very insulable

geegee thomas says:


phantasm1004 says:

cool little machine! looks like it does a great job cleaning.

sidebar: you have the sexiest feet and the cutest little toes!

WoodsMan says:

Why not just get an apartment with washer and dryer hookups? My apartment came with a washer and dryer.

Chrissy Villeneuve says:

Thanks for posting this! I’ve been researching a lot of different machines but was leaning more towards this one. This video answered all my questions, I feel a lot better about going ahead and buying this one now.

unitcount503 says:

bought one for 65 dollars today of craigslist lets see how it works

Rocco Salerno says:

How long did you own it for? Want to know how long the unit will last. Thanks!

Michael Lauck says:

Hi, how’s it? I’m wondering if you ever did have any comments from your neighbor about any noise from the machine?

Auntie Nina Lopez says:

P.S. you Rock for thinking if your neighbor below. I got a rubber mat too. Great Tip.

Toni Bartling says:

I want to get one and dry over the bathtub with a fan. You don’t have a post about the dryer and was wondering if you do the same.

LiveTheLoveYouWant says:


raquel rowe says:

is this the 1.0 or 1.5?

Aida Morales says:

I have a Question Is it normal that as soon as you start washing it make a very loud noise? Because it doesn’t sound good is disturbing

unitcount503 says:

i run minw on solar all day

yoo toob says:

I see that a couple of people have already recommended White Vinegar to remove hard water deposits. The MAGIC FORMULA is BAKING SODA and WHITE VINEGAR. I used to work for an antique store and a lot of glassware came in with hard water deposits. Baking Soda & White Vinegar took it right off, no scrubbing. It does bubble, so experiment with a little at a time. As for your appliances, running the machine with white vinegar and baking soda will clear the mechanisms and waterways without corrosive effects. It’s gentle! Try it in the toilet, too: a lot of rust stains are actually just hard water deposits.

Michelle Pavlack says:

of the 3 I have seen. I like this one the best and less work. thanks for the demo

Jerry Stuber says:

had this washer/dryer set for a year now, live in a 1 bedroom apt so was a great solution, does a great job except things do tend to get tangled in the washer but we prolly load it too full sometimes, never had an issue at all that needed servicing. only thing is the wool lint filter in dryer is a pain , but we ordered extra filters im thinkin was less than 15.00 for a 3 pack from haier we just called number for service rite in front when you open the door, we use a baby hair brush to brush lint off wool filter and get 3-4 months out of 1 filter so can live with that, we found that very rarely we run the brush across the lint screen behind the filters about once every couple of months, but its never bad, we just do as preventive measure we use it on a daily basis, and sometime a couple loads a day, thinkin paid like 700 for the pair from wal-mart was here after 3 days. never have a problem with lint, dust from exhaust and we have no filter on vent. loads are usually dry after 90 min and like said prolly over load it from time to time, so no complaints, it doesn’t get as hot hot as a regular 220 volt dryer and was skeptical about buying it, but over all for price and what it is am absolutely pleased and would recommend the set to everyone, oh yeah, since it doesn’t get as hot as 220 volt my dress shirts are always wrinkled, tried drying them separate but still wrinkled so just hang them on shower rod rite from washer overnight and they’re fine, guess that’s only draw back can think of. but small price to pay considering only other option would be laundromat again would highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t have room for full size set or 220 access

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