Haier 2.3 cu. ft. HLP28E Compact Washing Machine Review Portable Washer

We put easy movers under each corner to make it easier to slide around the Kitchen.


Matthew Ford says:

Try tying your Drain hose to the Water Intake hose with a “Bungee Cord” elastic tie down, for the assurance that it won’t go anywhere when you’re not looking.

Tim Baugh says:

Whites coloureds, lights and sarks all in one wash,,,,glad you don’t do my laundry


I have Haier’s smaller unit and love how it cleans. Issue I have is that after 6 months of daily use the buttons stop working. Have you had this issue?

Fabs B says:

Hi Coleman, I want to ask you a question. I purchased Haier 2.1 cu ft since 2.3 has been discontinued. They both seem to have similar features. I saw your video that you only connected cold water connection. when I called Haier customer service, they said the machine is made for both hot and cold and should be connected to both. Does it really matter? Would it make a difference if I don’t connect thd hot water? I really don’t want to go through the return process because to have two different connection set up, it’s gonna cost me $150 Apartment Alteration fee plus a plumbing cost. what do you say?

Gabriela Martinez says:

Great feedback video, thanks…

flipbodian781 says:

I bought this washer and after the wash my clothes has a lot of lint. Does this happen to anyone. I wash it so many times and it’s still there.

Azhar Khan says:

Plz don’t promot it is a cheap bramd

freda Girl says:

did you notice a difference in your light bill or water bill ? I am am wondering if it effects those two for the better or worse.. please let me know

Raymond Smathers says:

Have the same make and model, love it. Zero issuess!

Coleman Riggs says:

Lol thanks

Susan Smith says:

Thanks for the video. I’m thinking of getting one. This is very helpful

Scarpion Girl says:

There is only one inlet for soap where and wen do I add fabric softener

Jamie Coleman says:

when ur done washing and u remove the drainer is there water coming from the bottom

anmbanmbanmb says:

And do you also have a portable dryer? Is it ventless?

Marisa Basso says:

Just hit play? Lol. A washer that plays music.

Marisa Basso says:

Do clothes smell clean?

Lisa Schoen says:

Easy movers… great idea!!! (No wheels… problem solved!!!)

Walter jazzstar says:

how to reset haier???

Pedro Pedroso says:

I bought this shit… broke in 1 wk. Made in China says it all!

Mahlak Mohamad says:

اعجبتني هل تباع في المغرب وكم ثمنها

Crickethia Waters says:

What can you do if it say d0.help

flipbodian781 says:

Did anyone have luck finding this machine. I really want one so bad

Yaitza Concepción Pagán says:

Tengo la Haier HLPW028BXW, necesito saber si en el ciclo de enjuague (rinse) llena agua para poder hecha el suavizado (softener), ya que mi modelo lo que hace es tirarle agua por encima a la ropa mientras exprime (spin)

Coleman Riggs says:

Thanks for the info Beryl. I will be selling mine soon when we move into our new home.

Kimberley Tui says:

After the female hook up get a Y spliter n it works ok. Still got to control temp from sink. So fill hot or warm then turn off hot water after wash fill.

Jazzie Red says:

I bought me one when I lived in an apartment, and I loved it. I moved into a house for about 5 years that had a washer and dryer so I sold it. Then I moved back into an apartment, and I bought another one. I would not live without a Haier washing machine if I lived in an apartment. No laundry mats, and it saves me big on both time and money.

vishal thind says:

another haier video with more information

Rachel Schwartz says:

you could tie a pantie hose around the hose and tie it to the tap, this will help and catch any waste also

Joseph Jackson Sr. says:

I notice this washer is made for everyday use,Durability in Sylish with a touch of Class,i bought the Magic Chef 2.1cu ft. from Walmart thats smaller but with less of what Moster u have!If money was’nt tight this would’ve been my first pick.Thanks for the video,it really shine some light on your smart purchase.Keep-up the Great video’s.

Guy Disney says:

Just purchased mine and this video helped me choose this great buy

VividLik3Rainbow says:

Could you fit larger items like 1 comforter for a load?

Robert Thomas says:

Doe’s the washer have a stronger washing action on heavy duty compared to normal. I don,t just want extra minutes without the stronger swishing of the clothes. Thanks

Jen Bosse says:

thanks so much for this video!!! This is the perfect portable washing machine for washing cloth diapers…. works so much better than the laundry mat

Marisa Basso says:

Can you lift this and put in walk in shower or is it too heavy? How long are hoses and plug?

Amir Bhader says:

my machine Hiyar 6 kg problem E4 I change water level but can’t please wait so lotion? thank you I am technition

Anony Mouse says:

Most portables have the quick connect as far as I know.

Fabs B says:

Oh, thank you very much. This review helped me so much. I just received Haier 2.1 Cu Ft and was disappointed to see the two connections for hot and cold water. I wasn’t even sure if the drain would work with kitchen sink, since it is bigger than 1 cu ft. And I was about to call Home Depot for return but after seeing your video, am so relieved. I was worried that if I continue to use only one water connection, it may not spoil my machine in the long run. Thank you!
P.S. Mine came with an adapter, so am so relieved 🙂

Huriell Araujo says:

Olá, eu sou brasileiro e gostaria de comprar uma lavadora como essa, será que você poderia me passar o link da loja online oficial desta lavadora, ou algum outro site confiável?

popokigirl says:

Love the comment : “Just hit play” lol. I thought it was START! Nice video.

LoveMeSilly says:

Can you manually fill the machine w/water instead of dealing with the house and adapters?

freda Girl says:

do feel this washer effects your water and electric bill. .

Fabs B says:

Hi Coleman, my machine somehow doesn’t run the “Rinse and Spin” only option. I am unable to adjust the right amount of soap so end up with lots of suds so when I try to run the “Rinse and Spin only option, it somehow doesn’t spin fully. first it doesn’t take water fir the first five minutes of the R&S only option and then it taken water but doesn’t spin it completely and after the cycle is done, the clothes come out soaking wet. But in the first full cycle it spins okay, which means it can spin but the timing of R&S option is not working right. Any idea?

Roachy says:

With the memory function does this detect how much water to fill in each wash because mine is reading to low almost every time. It is a fuzzy logic and read it should detect the weight but mine is hopeless. Thanks for your video.

rho lees says:

Many thanks for the review. Please repost or add any problems you have or notice in the description should they occur. Hopefully not, but machines are only as good as their design.

Jamie Coleman says:

when ur done washing and u remove the drainer is there water coming from the bottom

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