Giantex washing machine review

A quick review of Giantex small apartment washing machine.


Laura Perez says:

You are missing parts, you have to connect a hose to the sink focet to fill the machine, where is the hose and the adapter

Liliana Castrellon says:

Does anyone know the black thing at the bottom that makes it spin to wash when I opened mine up it was loose and was chewed up a little

spirals 73 says:

I wouldn’t mind using buckets if I had to. The advantages over hand washing are automatic agitation and auto-drain. When I hand wash I end up with water all over the place. I found this washer on ebay used for $120. I’m about to order it. I do think I’ll keep my Nina Soft Spin dryer for the few times I hand wash a couple of items.

ShockCollarsforDogs says:

That’s some pretty weak agitation.

Highlanderprime says:

I purchased this unit. It washes and spins the clothes well for that class size. However, two major issues compelled me to return it.
A) The unit, to me is not quiet. The intermittent motor pulsing noise is loud and hard to escape. Throughout the process, the laboring motor can be heard. To be fair, the spin cycle actually is not as loud as the wash cycle.
B) The clincher, this unit falsely advertises everywhere that it’s 1.6 cubic feet. The tub cylinder measures 12 inches deep by 12 inches in diameter. Compared to a cubic foot, that’s less than one cubic feet considering that the cubic foot has a foot radius on eight corners.
I went to an appliance showroom and saw a 1 cubic foot automatic washer compared to one that’s 1.6 cubic feet. The size differential is quite substantial.
So as much as this unit may function well during the wash and spin cycle, it is not quiet. And the company advertising it as a 1.6 cubic feet washer is misleading the customers who may find that description a motivation to purchase the unit.

Laura Perez says:

Also watch this video and write to this lady how did she do it. Giantex Portable Compact Full Automatic Laundry 1.6 Cu ft

wiiztec says:

Do you know if the barrel is supposed to be loose in relation to the shell of the machine?

Laura Perez says:

You need to buy an adapter from amazon. I found This: Danco 10521 Snap Coupling, Brass $11.89 watch this video to learn to how to connect it

Killmy925 says:

When i start the process (any of the 4..soak, wash, rinse etc), all the machine does is vibrate/buzz while the corresponding light flashes (??). Does anyone know how to fix this? I cannot find any solution to this problem online. The manual is poorly written, and I even tried to ask this same question on Amazon (where I bought this machine). No help at all!

creinha says:

I just order one a few days ago. I’m sorry, but I’m confused. After you fill with water, you turn on the machine and then set it to wash? Then, after the wash cycle, does it automatically drain? After the drain, you shut it off and fill with water for the rinse/spin, then turn it back on and indicate rinse/spin? Did I get that right? I’m asking because I couldn’t get the aerator off my kitchen faucet so I’m sure I’ll be using a bucket too. 🙁

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