Giantex Portable Washing Machine Unboxing Review, COSTWAY WASHING MACHINE

Giantex Portable Washing Machine Unboxing Review, COSTWAY WASHING MACHINE

Just a simple but thorough unboxing & review of this portable washing machine purchased on AMAZON PRIME.


Fill washing tub from hose inlet & spin cycle has inlet as well. Some set-ups wont be able to run a hose to the spinner. Hose just isn’t long enough for some set-ups. That’s why I rinse the clothes in the washing tub by emptying the water, rinsing & then filling tub with water second time & running for a few minutes until rinsed.
TIP: You can place the newly rinsed clothes in a laundry bucket to wait for spinner so you can reuse the clean rinse water for washing another load.

I did go to amazon & buy a hose with shower handle to permanently attach to my shower for filling the washer.



Love Cin says:

Can’t wait for mine to be delivered I’m disabled myself this will make things easier and save me money too ☺❤

creinha says:

Does the water to the washer shut off automatically when it’s full, or do you have to watch the machine and shut your water off when it’s full? Also, I live in an apartment and the lease mentions we need to watch noise level. Is this machine appropriate for an apartment?

tesoroforever says:

Its a gravity drain

mily66441 says:

How about the noise ? To much noise ?

sherry a says:

AHHHH where’s the Rinse cycle ?????

KAREN Escobar says:

My lint trap fell in anyone know what I can use instead

Pete Axel says:

I stopped by just to offer a review as I purchase this a few months ago. The machine is a little trooper. It’s value is great. I think they went Above and Beyond on the mechanical components so the washer agitator is very strong and durable the spin cycle is amazing even hang drying my clothes without Breeze inside they are all still dry within just a couple of hours. T-shirts and underwear in an hour

Juanita Rosas says:

Just got mine and I’m happy with it so far. I do have some questions on the rinse cycle.

Natalie M. says:

You saved my life with this unboxing and tutorial. I’ve had the giantex machine in my house for a almost a week without using it

Melanie Pace says:

I just got mine and I love it

Darryl Poirier says:

am I the only person on the planet to know how to properly use one of these machines. every video i have seen is wrong.

Marchelle Jordan says:

Can bed sheets be washed in there?

tay milton says:

im going buy one for mom in my kids

Jessica Thompson says:

this was so helpful and great! thanks for sharing. I opened up mine and put it together right after watching this, following your steps. the instructions that came with the washer weren’t good, so this saved my life! lol.

Mike M says:

I had one of these and it gently and thoroughly cleaned my clothes, I loved it. This particular model requires alot of manual filling and draining but i like that you can let the clothes soak and basically have alot of control over how your clothes wash. The spinner gets every drop of water out of the clothes so you just hang and the remaining dampness dries out in an hour ish which is healthier for your clothes to hang dry than to throw in a tumble dryer. I set mine up next to the bathtub like she did, elevated above the edge so it can fully drain. I had detachable shower head with long hose that i would throw into the washer tub to fill it with water. there are newer more compact models though that will wash and spin in the same tub and are fully automated with a drain pump so you dont have to bother with elevating the machine. you have less control over the wash cycles and are about $100 more expensive but if you dont want to be bothered with manual laundry they are out there. Personally, this machine is like a hand wash except the agitation is machine powered yet you still have control over time and intensity.

Puerto Rican Prepper says:

How is it working after a month and a half ?

Debbie Cootes says:

Thanks for your video. We bought one too, and we use it in our rv shower. One thing though, I think you need to do a rinse cycle in the spinner. In other words, spin once, fill spin tub and then spin again. That will get all the soap out. That’s why there are two water intakes.

tanya pearson says:

I really enjoyed your video very helpful keep doing what you do. Kudos!!!!

1617 Olivas says:

QUESTION!!!… Does it still work to this day?..? I want get one But I need no it won’t go out or break with in short time period

Ivan Sosnin says:

Wonderful video! Thank you so much, you are amazing 🙂

Dandy Lion's Vlog says:

That was a great review of an awesome product! Amazon would be proud… subbed

Lorna says:

I love mine been using it for about a month now, I put it in the tub when I use it

The Lord hears the cry of the poor Clara says:

Hi I have just bought one of these machines, ( not same make) I love it it washes better than my automatic. The downside is the cheap pipes, other than that it’s a really great and efficient little machine.

Dustin Geist says:

I’m not trying to be an asshole or a bully but You’re not disabled your fat. You were the only person that can help yourself.. it’s sad that we taxpayers have to pay for people like you that don’t have a real disability…..and this is not gonna help. Congratulations on cutting back on your exercise. You could of been walking to the laundry mat and get exercise but you choose to not leave the house and sit on the toilet while you do your laundry. I bet you have a microwave above your toilet so you can make pizza pockets while u poop……….here’s an idea. Put a fridge under your sink and hang a tv above the washer and you’ll be set……no you never have to leave the bathroom

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Have you had any problems finding strange holes in your clothes after using this machine?

lixx loveslixards says:

How much soap do you use?

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