GE’s New Washing Machines Have Everything Americans Want

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GE Appliances says it knows exactly what Americans want in a washing machine, and just spent over $100 million to build it.


Dena Wood says:

I own this washer and have been using it for two days.  I am totally satisfied and find that it is better than anything I’ve ever owned before, because it gives me more choices and unlike the other DOE approved washers, it has the ability to add gallons of more water to get those heavily soiled items clean.  We gave the washer we bought last year to the Homeless shelter.  It just doesn’t hold enough water.  Sensors stop it from adding.  This machine is well worth the money, it was reasonable and I found it cheaper at Lowes.  Free Delivery.

Randy Rodz says:

Same concept as the fisher & paykel washer

americantroy77 says:

We’ve had this washer for about 4 months and we like it but the model under this to me is better because you can still select s, m, l, XL loads. This one uses a lot of sensors to determine load size so we usually just use deep fill. We can get a lot into a load and it does a great job cleaning clothes. We had a Kenmore that just went up after 18 years so we hope we can get close to that out of this. We tried a Whirlpool top loader and wasn’t to good for us.

Tigerroux says:

Not quite – How about designing the spin cycles so they don’t shake, rattle and roll! Who wants a machine that will shake itself apart – especially when proven level on a level floor!

alejandro fernandez says:

GE washers may say made in the USA . but the guts come from all over the world . this model he is talking about . is so loud it’s not funny

oregonnich says:

The idea that it’s made in the USA is laughable, they factor the labor as part of their ‘radio’ of product made with and most of the actual machine is made in Mexico, and assembled in the USA. Still will break on you in a few years and will end up costing a fortune to fix.

[GD] TheRealArthurYT says:

The important of Washers is that ¡WASHES!. And if you use the washer gently and you do a monthly clean of The Washing Machine. I deserve you That your GE Washer last even 5,6, even 7 years!. and 7 years it’s 2,555 days

catkicked says:

you are right any good washer should have a  good tub brake that why I have a speed queen 2015 check them out had my speed queen 60 day works great

[GD] TheRealArthurYT says:

GTW680 or GTW485?

IAmNotAFunguy says:

When it comes to use of water and energy, I couldn’t care less how much is being used! The more water you use, the more clean you know your laundry is getting! That washer does still lack one feature that I need and that is a sturdy tub brake. Look how the tub shakes around and spins as he puts in the clothes. On any good washer, that should not happen!

Joe Guzman says:

I’ll never ever buy another GE washing machine it broke down in 4 months and they kept replacing parts for 40 days they didn’t fix it and they refused to give me a new one they kept changing the rules and and up buying a different brand.

Shelton Singletary says:

Buy a Speed Queen

Carlos Herrera says:

disculpe nesesito ayuda como puedo programar mi lavado

Youtuber says:


catkicked says:


Jason Arthur Taylor says:

This “review” does not say what model it is in the description. Thumbs down it is.

f23948 says:

i love it!

Ma Esther says:

When it does the wash cycle, how come it only seems to spin it a for a second then stop then spin for half a second and stop…. Over and over ? Doesn’t seem like a good wash

agiflow says:

The reason these machines shake so much is because there is no weight to them. They are featherlight…and chintzy. I know, i had a maytag bravos x.

joe m says:

I heard the ge also shakes a lot

Nominee100 says:

buy a real and good washer, stop this bullshit. buy a miele machine

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