GE 4.6 Washer 2018 Review


ThatGirly Smiley says:

I just got this like 2 months ago now it’s a code saying sen51n9 and I can’t find that code no where on the internet and it’s really pissing me off I even tried resting it and it’s still not working

Koda Wolfy says:

What a POS my 30 year old Ge is WAY better than this modern Junk

HotMessExpress5 says:

Mine works beautifully.. and fills up more without putting the deep fill option something must be wrong with yours ..

Randy Hankins says:

My deep filll won’t work either. That’s why I watch this video and that seems to be the main problem of it. But you really should edit your very long story but good information in the less

Kwoods says:

I have the same one I’ve found that it’s best too not use the stain removal guide and when your doing sheets use the sheets mode

Ronnie Bradley says:

The best GE washing machines were the Filter Flo’s made from the late 1960’s to the 1980’s.

kevin Leeparker says:

thanks for info….im going to try fix my u.s.a made one old but strong…ran like a champ for over 15 years….i think i need new gear transmission now….thank you visiting niece for destroying my old faithful….hahahahaha kids now days….just do double load…y they fill it so pack that gear mess up….. by the way i expect this new g.e one to be strong…but motor seem weaker than my old one that agitate….thanks video for my decision now….

T Capone says:

and besides the lack of water, the quality of the gearing is nothing more than a 1/4″ bolt holding everything together. Unlike the 1″ solid bar steel axle and real transmission of old school washers LOL.

Raven Garnet says:

I was having the exact same issue. I was about to call GE and have someone come and look at it. Good thing I didn’t because I figured it out myself. My drain is in the floor and my hose was suppose to be 30 inch Above the base of the washer. So I rigged it up and now it is filling the way it is suppose to. I was hardley getting any water in the drum at first and notice it was filling and draining at the same time. So I moved my hose and now it works PERFECT!! I don’t have to mess with the deep fill!

Ethan Hinds says:

Don’t hold deep fill like that for so long

Abdelkader Elbachir says:

Just get the Amana washer for your self you’ll be impressed buy what this cheap one can give you is the closest thing to your old grandma washer, is very basic and do what’s it supposed to do it got no fancy controls no flashy displays just the basic knobs that you grow up with end let us not talk about the price it’s the cheapest washer out there I got mine for 5 years now and it’s still going strong never let me down and my loads are always coming out fresh and clean the reviews online are little bit shaky and yes this thing is very cheap and smells like China but bleave me with just a little bit of care this ting will last you longer that you may think and also this washer is very generic which means that the spare parts are very available !!!!

Thomas Morgan says:

My washer was doing the same thing with low water, and then I realized that the guy who installed it forgot to turn on the hot water valve so it only used the measured cold water. Once I turned on the hot water, it worked well. Holding your finger on the Deep Fill button will make the water deep.

N/a N/A says:

weirdest part of wtching technology evolve is when you get a shiny brand new turd of a product. new technology that evolves backward ennefecient.

Florida Railfanningkid says:

Get a old speed queen

mn_sirens says:

They just don’t make appliances like they used to. We used to have an HE machine as well, albeit a Whirlpool instead of a GE, and I hated it. I ended up returning the HE machine and purchasing a used Whirlpool direct drive from the early 2000’s. The word “used” tends to scare people away, but it’s a small price to pay for actually getting clean laundry.

Simone Martini says:

If you want old school dial get a roper. New machine work different get use to it it will take time

Michelle Bouse says:

It says in the manual on Page 11 “The Stain Removal Guide feature allows you to indicate what stains are on the garments in your load. This feature
incorporates a patent pending treatment method. An initial water fill is performed at a temperature tailored to the stain type
selected and to an amount which enables a concentrated cleaning step. A stain scrubbing period, followed by an active
soak, is conducted to effectively treat the stain. Then additional water is added to the selected temperature and the wash
phase is conducted for the cycle selected” which means— a small amount of water is added and then it agitates to get the stain out, then it soaks, then it fills to the level chosen. Also, it says in the manual that for bedding you should use BULKY setting which will do Deep Fill and Deep Rinse. The extra time is added to the wash cycle because of the fact that there was a stain setting chosen and it needs to do the small amount of water/agitation/soak cycle then wash.

Marion Gasse says:

The thing we must know, it’s that the water is the principal thing that cleans clothes. The soap contributes for a little part only. So no water, no real cleaning. Ridiculous.

Hamza Hassan says:

Strange. My deep fill works. But you got a high efficiency washer. They use less water and less energy. Before getting washer, make sure it’s not high efficiency. And watch videos of the washer to see how it washes the clothes.

Tactical Skeeboi says:

I lol’d at how frustrated she was with the water basin in the bottom. Thank you for that. The real question here is what is better; front load or top load? Because I’m in the market for one of these WiFi connected washing machines to save me time throughout my week.

A L says:

I loved this machine! Until it stopped draining and spinning yesterday… which was 385 after we purchased it and 20 days beyond the warranty. I can’t find any videos on how to open the machine to take a look at the pump – which I assume might be clogged! All of them have GE washing machines that have a removable front panel, but this machine doesn’t. I’m so frustrated…

Glenn Mcgollie says:

Mine has gotten to the point that when it comes to the spin & drain cycle it stops, I can shake it violently it will continue, when the next spin cycle comes up same thing

Spencer Wilton says:

Top loaders belong in museums not homes. Obsolete in Europe since the 1970’s. Front loaders wash better, use less water, less electricity, damage clothes less, spin much more efficiently, stack easily, take up less space, can have a worktop above, don’t need an inefficient hot fill, have more accurate temperature control, can do a genuine boil wash. The list goes on and on. America needs to move on, it’s not 1950 anymore.

Rob says:

It went into Sensing mode and then told me to Go to the laundromat instead- wtf? New machines are complete garbage don’t waste your money .

Alex MP says:

my shit is not working, i dont get any kind of response, even though i unplugged and plugged back in, idk wtf is going on.

jorge pastrana says:

My washer is not dispensing the softener and it’s brand new! Any advice?

Helen Rice says:

Actually the water sloshing is water in a balance ring at the top. its completely sealed and it helps so balance the machine during spin.

N/a N/A says:

wtf is the point with “water saving” machines. it just wastes water by having to wash twice or three times because : dirty clothes will perist. and wastefull electricity, wasted time, wasted soap. one place gov gets in the way.

Howard Daley says:

Spencer Wilton. I agree with you, frontloaders are the way to go. If possible buy German.

hippie doll says:

Progress in washing machine technology…
Doncha just love it!?
But seriously, I’m so sorry that you didn’t fix your old washer too, and that you have to deal with this modern crap of a washer

ernanv24 says:

I’m having the same problem deep fill is already on but it’s not enough water…. We bought this so we can wash our king size comforter it’s not capable at all because the it doesn’t fill up the water enough…

Florida Railfanningkid says:

Get a speed queen

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