Electrolux EFLS617STT Washing Machine Review – New for 2016

Electrolux announced this year their new series of Laundry Appliances. Meet the new Electrolux Washing Machine, EFLS617, with SmartBoost technology. Available here: http://amzn.to/2n3EKN5

An impressive machine, let’s take a deeper look at its features and build-quality. More on our blog: http://appliancebuyersguide.com


banefirex says:

Thank you for this review, Anthony. My wife and I are looking to purchase a new washer/dryer. All your thorough detail and your clear walkthrough of the features are very helpful!

abawitx says:

Just got my machines today and man, they are fabulous. So freaking quiet that I keep walking over to them to check that they are actually running or if its already done. Which is the only “negative”, to get my lazy behind up from the couch so much cuz its playing with my mind with how silent it is. I have to mute my tv to check and even then its super muffled and quiet. But it chimes thankfully so I can hear when its done. It’s a giant upgrade of my 11 years old GE top loaders, that would destroy my clothes and leave them still smelling nasty and soapy even after additional rinse, and shakes the entire floor of my condo, I felt bad for my neighbors below. With these, complete opposite. For a normal wash and no options, it takes just about 35 -45 mins, and I love I can pause and add and even pause and add extra rinse if I wanted or other options. But absolutely love how clean my clothes are and they are so pretty to look at, very sleek and minimalist design. I kinda actually like doing laundry again.

FLT1979 says:

Just got mine today, and I noticed that every few minutes, the dryer makes a banging noise. Any idea what could be causing that?

Gabriel Rodrigues da Silva says:

Tem previsão de vim para o Brasil?

Chance Jones says:

Do these models have the direct drive motor?

FLT1979 says:

These units are horrible. I bought this set Labor Day 2016, and have had problems with them from literally the very first load. Since then, just about every part in the dryer has been replaced, and several parts, including motor/pump, in the washer have been replaced. Horrible customer service. Don’t buy Electrolux!!

italia01139 says:

Interesting how Frigidaire is own by Electrolux and I had 14 service call in 1 year. After that a Samsung for 4 years 6 wash per day not an issue.

Dum Barton says:

I was a service tech at Sears for over 10 years, and the biggest issue with these Frigidaire/Electrolux machines is that they didn’t provide an external cleanout for the drain pump which is going to eventually clog. You have a draining issue with one of these machines, it’s quite a teardown to clean out the drain. Such a terrible design! And if the dryer is stacked on top…..well it becomes a 2 man job just to clean out the damn drain. By contrast, LG and Samsung provide a cleanout that can be cleaned out in a minute by the owner. Bad design, Electrolux!

BroccoliBeefed says:

165 minutes to do a load of clothes???? Are you freaking kidding me? That’s over 2.5 hours!

Brandon Ho says:

Is there a stacking kit for these?

Alex Valentine says:

hi there, is the colour of the units in the video is titanium? for some reasons they look blueish in the video and not dark grey like the pictures i saw on their main website, thanks!

no_name says:

Would you choose this washer over Maytag MHW8200FW or MHW5500FW ?

Babak Taherian says:

Hi, Thanks for your nice video. Does the machine have any vibration? My mom had a set installed today which has a little vibration during the wash cycle. Just not sure if it is normal or it needs better leveling. Thanks

Frank Catalano says:

wow. Nice speel but mine broke on day 1. Listen for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcZv5VKSvpk In fairness, might have been an install form Warehouse Discount Appliance in Southern California. Didn’t have part to complete Dryer install and going on two weeks.

Jeffrey L says:

Is the washer harsh on the clothing?  I would like to buy these units but was concerned about the fray test that Consumer Reports rated the fabric wear as “fair.”

Bryan Stewart says:

I bought them. they are great but the beeping at the end of the dryer cycle is annoying. it beeps forever. is there anyway to stop the beeping. I have looked everywhere with no answer

pigeonwalks says:

I’m having trouble finding the ‘prewash’ option 🙁 There’s a prewash chamber and I put the “oxy whitening powder’ in it, in hopes of using it with my whites…noticed the powder is still sitting in the “prewash’ chamber….how do I turn on that option? Is there somewhere else I should be putting the oxy powder instead?

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