Do not buy Samsung front load washer machines

this video will inform you of the reason why you should not buy a Samsung front load washer. due to Samsung’s continued use of an inferior metal to house the main drive shaft to the drum.

I called the Customer service and was told that it was out of warrantee. the washer is listed as a 10 year warrantee. well that warrantee is just on the motor which can be replaced in about 5 min. how ever this defect, you have to disassemble the machine all the way down to the final parts to get to the defective part that they have kept using for over 15 years.


tilly0191 says:

Holy crap lol I buy a new washing machine every 2 years or so, 6-10years < is this average?

hotzpacho says:

so what front load washing machine do you suggest????

Ethan Hamsters says:

I smell bs.

Lou Santos Sr. says:

This part you speak of is suppose to act like a fly wheel to save energy they all have them and Hi alkaline cheap soaps cause rot.

Samstrex says:

“Warantee” in description

Kyle2kxx says:

Yeah, it’s the same when watercooling PCs.. DO NOT MIX METALS! However for a washer, 15 year life span is decent nonetheless 🙂

royalbookshopper says:

I made the mistake of getting a front-loading LG washer and dryer. However, I did not get rid of my old top-loading washer, moved it into my basement, along with the old dryer. Result? No matter what I do (I use almost no detergent), the front loader does an inferior job compared to my old top-loader. Things get tangled and mangled and what a PITA! As for the dryer (and because have I have four indoor-only cats) I need a dryer that’s really good at defuzzing what comes out of the washer. The LG dryer is lousy, so I hump the wet laundry downstairs and toss it into my old dryer, and voila! Dry clothes with the kitty hair all neatly caught in the lint trap (and I clean both dryers and the vents meticulously every year, take them apart, vacuum inside, get all the linty bits, etc.). The LG washer stinks of mold (and looking at the inside of the Samsung above, I now understand why I can’t get the moldy smell out, so it looks like I’ll be dissecting my washer in the next couple of months … grrr ….) and although I follow the instructions (drum cleaning, blah blah blah), unless the door is always wide open, it stinks. Furthermore, the friend who sold me the LG set used stinky commercial detergents, and those toxic dryer sheets, and the rubber gaskets on both machines still stink (three years later) of all that toxic chemical-laden commercial crap. I’m thinking the rocks on the riverbank aren’t looking so bad these days!

Jonathan Zarazua says:

I hated changing this piece on my washer and dryer but it was work the fix

Vas Samoylov says:

Recently ran into the same issue with a Samsung front load washer. Purchased it brand new in 2012.

Thecrazeecow says:

My samsung front load just thumps and bumps and scares the dog

Christine Nishimura says:

Thanks Phil. Do you have a manufacturer you recommend over Samsung?

River Huntingdon says:

It’s called planned obsolesence. They want the thing to fail. Catastrophically. That way you’ll go out and buy a new, even shittier one. Electrolysis is what you see, the effect similar to that used in electric batteries.

Shark with freakin' Lazer Beam says:

Guy in Video “ Do NOT buy Samsung washer “
Me ….. goes to store BUYS Samsung washer . Thug Life

IAmNotAFunguy says:

When this machine breaks down for good (it’s not a matter of “if”) buy a Speed Queen! It’s the last washer you’ll ever need!

sleepingwiththedog says:

My wife and I did our Samsung after 8 years, little piece of corrosion broke off and found it’s way to the water pump. Am so happy it took out the pump, gave us an inkling to the condition of the spider. After four weeks of no washing machine, finally got back together. Bought new bearings and seal from The Yellow Van Handyman, out of Washington State. Putting back together I wasn’t careful and backed out a bolt behind the stator electric connection, tightening up and snap! What was that, looking, looking and wife pointed to bolt that I never tightened up, which wouldn’t let stator sit flush….
I was so upset with myself for over looking that mistake…$165 later and new stator. Washer working like new again. That’s another thing we will look into, how to do the specific cleaning cycle you guys are describing.

msiddi01 says:

I have a relatively new Samsung washer. It’s steel drum is rubbing against the front rubber seal by the door during spin cycle. The rubbing is so forceful that the rubber seal get’s extremely hot, and starts smoking. This is the third Samsung top of the line appliance (washer was $1150) that has broken down within 5-7 years of normal use in my home. The other two being a refrigerator ($1875) and dishwasher ($800 plus). I would strongly recommend would be buyers to stay away from Samsung and LG appliances because searches on the web I find LG owners with similar issues. They are not made bad but are poorly engineered. They have major design flaws which start showing up after 2 to 3 years of use. Stay away from Samsung. My home owner’s warranty company (American Home Shield) won’t cover any Samsung refrigerators and also denied my claim for the washer.


Lol don’t buy the dryer either …I had the drum go out and crack 3 times which is $120 fix each time,did I mention I bought it brand new!an had maybe 3 yrs.

Simone Martini says:

That washer was abised. Lots of bleach cold washers and liquid detergents. I have the same one in my restaurant 6 washes at day with powder detergent , and only sanitize cycle not at single issue going on 7 years

Rudy Joseph says:

Dang, bet ya nvr use the clean cycle and kept the lid closed all the time without airing it. My mum samsung front load lasted till today 9 years.

T.M.P MÜZİK - TimesMusicProduction says:

*Washer Machine ?*

Harold Fannin says:

Just when I thought appliances couldn’t get more lousy, they do! What junk!!

Jonathan Zarazua says:

And for people looking for frontloaders make sure to run hot empty cycles

Brian heyoson says:

i know this video is old but why don’t you just send the video to Samsung and tell them what there doing wrong..

Kim Ga-young says:

Well that happens to ALL KIND OF BRANDS. Washing machine also needs to be cleaned every 1 year.


Any Korean/ Chinese Brand will find such ways to do cost cuttings. That is one reason why Japanese and German products are usually costlier than these. Brands that I avoid: Samsung, LG(Both Korean) any Chinese Brand. Brands I trust: All Japanese Brands, Bosch, Siemens, Indesit, Braun, US Brands as well. This is my opinion, might not be right for everyone though.

Miguel D. Ortiz says:

This is exactly what happened to my Samsung washer also bought in 2011. Too expensive to repair but you’ve covered exactly what the problem was. Now i am looking to buy either a maytag 4.5 or whirpool. I guess eventually either one will also fail, also will probably be too expensive to repair. and the pricing is only around 60-70 apart but if any the 10 year warranty on the basket (whirpool) gives me some sort of extra confidence vs the maytag. but other parts will also be more expensive in the maytag so i wonder if the Maytag will last longer vs the whirpool and if really worth the extra $$ or simply go for the cheaper whirpool? thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!

David Worley says:


raykrv6a says:

I ended up have to replace the inner tub with spindle assembly. The failing bearings ruined the surface where the seal rides. Didn’t want to take a chance on the seal failing again. City provides clean water, but it’s relatively hard at 25-30 grains. They remove the iron. So I use a water softener and HE soap at 1/2 recommended rate. I didn’t have any corrosion after 12 years of use, just bad bearings. I still saved $450 bucks over buying a new LG washer. With new inner tub, bearings, and dampeners, it runs like new.

Emanny Jacob says:

The older top loader is the very best machine to do washing GUARENTEED!!!
All these newer washers they are all money making crap if you ask me! The don’t wash well and most of the time you have to wash 2 and 3 times for you clothes to get clean where as the older washers did the job in 1 wash did you hear me I said in one wash the clothes are clean.
Forget the looks i rather find a older machine I will use it anyday for clothes period!!!

Mario D'Agostini says:

Galvanic corrosion is what is happening

Mikayel Jamalyan says:

Washer is from 2012 so don’t you think they have fixed that

Ravi Chavda says:

jorr darr

Julian Gedzierski says:

Samsung products apart from phones are all poorly made with substandard parts. Example their TV’s fail all the time because they used cheap poor quality capacitors.Most of there electronics range use these cheap Caps as well.

rachel hudson says:

The problem is that the bearings have worn.

Ryan Slemmer says:

Looks like planned obsolescence to me. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Vicky Latorre says:

Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing.

Steve Smith says:

I purchased a Samsung washer in 2012 and just had the same problem. Took out the drum and this is what it looked like. The medal holding the spindle was toast.

Mathew Joseph says:

My Sister was complaining a lot about a bad smell with her LG front loader. She did everything by the book and everything LGUSA told her to do to clean it. She finally had enough and her and her husband bought a top loader. Her husband disassembled the LG and it has very similar mold!

Dustin Haugh says:

He’s absolutely right about dissimilar metals. Thank you for this review.

optimistichorizon says:

Great video. Saltwater pools need a sacrificial zinc bar to protect the other metal objects the salt water comes into contact with.

carlos mendoza says:

He knows his stuff I’m an appliance tech and Samsung along with G.e is the same thing that happens to all front load washer

elenatamuk1 says:

Thank you for this information. My dad served his time and returned to the Navy and is still working for them to this day. But during the time that I was growing up he would work on the airplanes that were sent to fight. The military does really well in making sure those employed are knowledgeable in what they do because I remember he would make cars out of nothing and rebuild motors because of his military work. To make a long story short, my husband and I were looking for a new dryer and were thinking about getting a Samsung or LG front loader, and this information could not have come at a better time brought by a well informed person as yourself. So thank you and please key posting info like this to help others like me.

Rob P says:

I got over 15 years out of my Samsung front load washer. samsung dv316les. Just bought another one to match my dryer, and I love it!

healthyamerican says:

are there any front load washers that do not use this low grade spider bracket?

Parrot Lover says:

I had a samsung front loader and the steel drum cracked…never again

Srikanth Kn says:

My Samsung front load washer has malfunctioned which is only six years old. I got it exchanged for a LG front load washer. Seems almost every Samsung FL washer has the same problem.

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