Cheap $289 Amana Washing Machine Review

This is a review of a cheap washing machine made by Amana The Amana NTW4605EW0 washing machine is a good cheap low water consumption washing machine that saves water and does a good job of getting clothes clean. This Amana top loading washing machine is the cheapest washing machine in the store, and it this video review you will see how loud it is, and how simple it is to wash clothes with it. If you are looking for the best cheap washing machine, this Amana might be it. I like it a lot, and the clothes come out clean, but it is too early to tell how many years this washing machine will last.


Thobias Marandu says:

Do not buy this Machine, It is the most useless thing I have ever purchased, I bought one and in less than 7 Days It was not Washing, it just add water and go straight to drain. I could not return it, cause home depot get your money and if you dont return it within 48hrs, then They tell you to contact the Vender. My phone call to the vender became a 360 degrees turn!What a reap off!

catkicked says:

sound like you need a speedqueen top load washer

HowsaBowsaYowsa says:

Who would want their fabric hard?

thebranman says:

Still has a computer board inside

Rusty Spires says:


jasonmushersee says:

Yeah directions are the key. These last 3 months in a dairy parlor, the motor craps out if the machine is overloaded everyday & the sand bedding gets jammed up in the pump. Biggest thing with front load machines is to follow the directions to the very last letter or the computer wont let it come back on, not even unlock the door when the machine is unplugged.

CosmicUnicorn2 says:

thanks for the review and the laugh!

Joshua Cruz says:

How is this holding up since this upload? Thinking of getting one soon.

George H. says:

is this washer supposed to sound weird when it’s washing

mike mcnicholas says:

I have the same 1 & I have the dryer..good buy

Kawi bunga636 says:

Haha I have the same washer but with the fabric softener hole in the center… good for the money I work outside and get pretty dirty always cleans my clothes like new… o I never even read the manual haha

Dum Barton says:

I was a Sears tech for over 10 years and have serviced plenty of these machines. If I were in the market, I would probably buy one of these, and buying the less expensive model is a good idea.
Whirlpool called this design their “VM” (vertical modular) washer and it was sold under several brand names and features levels. You could buy a fancy version of this machine, but mechanically they were all the same VM design.
I serviced lots of these machines, and had seen many of them needing major repairs after only a couple of years depending on the usage. I rebuilt a ton of them, and yes, it does have a computerized controller- saw alot of those fail as well. Bottom line: It aint going to last nearly as long as Grandma’s old Maytag.

Joshua Ginnish says:

The washer will turn into a whirlpool vantage very soon

MCTeck says:

Nice Review . Two weeks ago, My 30 Year + Whirlpool Washer ..Well garage was full of water..Was the Drain not machine. I looked at the same Machine You purchased. Good to know a Inexpensive Replacement for my Old One! I like that you can purchase a “Simple Machine ” With Dials.. My Dishwasher is a simple ‘Dial’ control..Still works. P.S. My water bill is $15.00 a Month…

Donald RockJr says:

I have the one with the fabric softener dispenser. Really like it and it cleans the clothes really well!! No complaints here.

Glen Bly says:

Is this machine portable

MamaNeedsAGrande says:

I’ve had my Amana washer and dryer for a little under 6 years. It’s been through two cross country moves and still going strong! Love it!

Cj Iscool says:

I don’t see why you would need a more expensive washer machine..they all do the same thing right?

jesse solis says:

bro i got this washer if fucken sucks

Luis Alvarez says:

my mom has this washer and the matching dryer. i gave her pointers on how to work it because she had a kenmore that still washes..mind u she has had it for over 10 yrs already and its a direct drive washer…but she wanted a new set. they are not the best at super dirty soils but they do there job on regular soils and if u use them right. the main issue is that people dont know how to load them properly amd the machine doesnt turn the clothes the propper way

AC Guevara says:

Did you just say that the government will never lie to you? Lol….the government doesn’t just lie to you every day but will also bent you down and f…. you up the a….

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