CASDON Toy Washing Machine Review – 18650 upgraded

There was this CASDON washer that i tweeted about a little while ago. I bought the washer guys.. And i show it to you. Also, alkaline batteries are for wimps. Lithium ion all the way!

my twitter:

Buy it on amazon below. You can also find these at walmart and target, maybe. Online you can for sure.


John Smith says:

I like that they have a boy on the box. How progressive of them

Writer B.L. Alley says:

When I was little the kid versions were scaled-down but functioning versions of the real thing. I had mini tools including a drill, cookware, and an iron and board that really ironed clothes.

Alex Venz says:

*Tide Pods not included.

DarkMirria1 says:

I was at WalMart once and found a toy toilet…no joke.

Hotpoint2005 says:

Based on a 1998 Hotpoint WM75

alex tworkowski says:

Bought one a while back. Cost me $25. Total piece of junk. Clothes come out basically the way they went in. Also, no water supply. Adding 1 cup of water in the front is tiresome. Would not recommend.

Oofy Noob says:

Hey! I’ve been ordering that Casdon washer!

vmcougar in TN says:

LOL You are too much~ Hot Point used to be a very good brand of major appliance (China ended this one too.)If you have nothing else to do with your money than waste it on this I suggest you buy some bit coins with it instead. The kid will appreciate the latter a whole lot more.
Then when you kid is old enough to see into a top loading machine, teach them how to do laundry for real!

TRY to HELP you says:

Can you tell which PRO was supposed to be a CON?

Jamie Goodliff says:

Drawer is the British Spelling 😉

gasdorfic muncher says:

those cartoon captions funny hotbot ? wtf were they thinking

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